iPod Vendo

iPod Vendo

ipod vending machine

From Boingboing.net’s Flckr account — the iPod Vending Machine in an Atlanta Airport.


Just swipe your credit card, punch the right buttons and off you go with you new iPod.

Coolness. :)

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7 Responses

  1. AnP says:

    natalo ang vending machine ng Japan! hehe

  2. joeyboy says:

    para daw vendo ng coke yan, pag labas, bagsak ipod :D

  3. Sidney says:

    …and now that you got all those fancy creditcards you can buy them all :-)

  4. yuga says:

    I already have one! A 2-month old iPod Photo 40GB. :)

  5. bugsybee says:

    Hi. Di yan pwede dito. If they try to kick open just a machine dispensing coffee or softdrinks, can you imagine what they will do to one dispensing an iPod?
    Am still thinking about what my “basic” web will be. Will get in touch with you soon. Salamat gid.

  6. Zebedee says:

    Pag labas ng Ipod bumaksak pirapirasong parts kung mura nga papa-ayos mo rin. but i want Ipod but vendo machine is not allowed to Philippines susungkitin lang poh yan ng magnanakaw…… sayang naman. If they try to send that vendo to Philippines……. mababaliw ako!kawawang Ipod

    From, Zebedee only 10 yrs old

  7. quezacolt says:

    basagin pa yan ng magnanakaw

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