Is that a 160GB Flash Drive?

Is that a 160GB Flash Drive?

Adtron Corporation recently announced a whooping 160GB Solid State Flash Disk. “The products in this announcement include the industry’s highest capacity 2.5″ SLC NAND flash disk drives at 160 GBytes.” Wow, as in wow!

160GB Flash Disk


And I thought Apple iPod’s 4GB & 8GB were the current industry sizes with the 16GB & 32GB being introduced by Samsung as a laptop’s HDD replacement.

This seems to be a huge leap from the existing capacities that we see now. Are we looking at laptops running on flash drives by the end of the year?

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4 Responses

  1. karla says:

    let’s hope that it the flash disk won’t fail easily :D
    a handle with care sign will do :D

  2. ChrisH says:

    and possibly with a free tether so that it will not get lost easily… :D

  3. Carlo says:

    Haha.. yeah… Now that 160GB huh.. i remember wayback when my HD is just 15GB and now Flash Drives have that capacity… woaaah!

  4. Cocobabs says:

    Isn’t flash more reliable than the magnetic disc-based HD that PC’s have had for the last 20 years?…


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