Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2 Review

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2 Review

Lenovo’s IdeaPad S series has evolved with the 2nd generation S10 model gets a make-over. The improvements are more cosmetic rather than performance related. Check out my quick review of the Lenovo S10-2 below.

What made the S10-2 different from its older S10 sibling is has mostly got to do with the design and construction of the netbook. Under the hood, everything looks the same in terms of CPU, RAM and storage.

lenovo s10-2 netbook

Unlike the previous IdeaPad S series, the S10-2 is thinner (about 20%) and lighter (about 15%). The design is also rounded compared to the previous one which squarish which gives the S10-2 a much slimmer look. The lid cover is also glossy (from matte) and has some sort of wallpaper design painted on top (similar to the HP Mini 1100).

The display screen is glossy giving it a bright crisp resolution (1024 x 600pixels). There’s no NVidia Ion here but the usual Mobile Intel GMA 945 chipset.

lenovo s10-2 netbook

As seen here on the photo above, the S10-2 is way thinner than the Acer Aspire One D150. Although the S10-2 review unit  I have only had a 3-cell battery (instead of a 6-cell), it’s still lighter than the AOD150 without it’s battery latched on. On regular use, the 3-cell battery gives me an improved 3.5 hours battery life.


lenovo s10-2 netbook lenovo s10-2 netbook lenovo s10-2 netbook

There’s a WiFi switch on the right side of the netbook beside the two USB ports although a function key (Fn+F5) can also enable/disable WiFi connection. Inside the battery compartment is a SIM card slot for 3G connectivity. This is one of the main features not found in previous models (and very rare in netbooks available locally). Lenovo could have just named this model as S10 3G instead of S10-2.

The problem with the 3G modem is that it doesn’t come with a utility software/driver so if you plug-in your Globe/Smart/Sun SIM, they won’t work unless the telcos provide a custom software for these. I guess they’re not actively doing so because it could eat up on their own USB dongle sales.

lenovo s10-2 netbook

The S10-2 also features a one-touch restore button (just beside the power button on the left) as well as a QuickStart button on the right side (pictured above). The Lenovo OneKey Rescue backs up system files and applications to a second partition or an external drive which can later on be used to restore in case of virus infection or system crashes.

The QuickStart is a Linux platform (SplashTop by DeviceVM) that allows you to boot the S10 in seconds to gain access to chat, IM, email and video without booting up Windows XP.

The Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2 has a suggested retail price of Php23,300 and available in grey, pink black and white.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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52 Responses

  1. Miguel says:

    Globe/Smart/Sun don’t make their own software, they just rebrand the manufacturer (e.g. ZTE)’s. Therefore, Lenovo should have done the same.

  2. Jhay says:

    Maybe the software is available as a torrent? ;)

    Still, this is a good improvement over the previous generation.

  3. @Jhay

    Maybe not even a torrent right? I’m sure there’s an installer out there somewhere for this! hehe!

  4. Live Dito says:

    its getting cheaper and cheaper

  5. I love this one, and considering the price, its not bad. I’ll look for this one this week :D

  6. Paul Pisig says:

    FINALLY! before I go ahead and buy one, will you please tell us, Abe, how to resolve the software part for the sim card slot?

  7. Karl Mac says:

    Looks like the wind…

  8. Dinah says:

    i think this is bundled with Sun Broadband with a 30-month holding period. or is it the S10? hmm, let me check again.

  9. cris says:

    hope they release a sort of 12″ model just like Acer

  10. ricojake says:

    nice and neat design, not much of an improvement though. Well you didn’t mention the price..

  11. jojovill says:

    Sir Abe, in case we can successfully find the 3G modem software/driver for this model, is it possible to acquire the 3G sim alone from globe tattoo, smart or sun sbw without their USB stick-type modem? tnx alot

  12. ralph says:

    nka xp ba yan sir abe?

    madali lang naman mag connect thru globe3g / smart 3g
    kahit wala nang software

  13. Calvin says:

    i like the quick start button. pero hindi ba kasama browsing sa list of things you can do in splashtop mode?

  14. Ronald says:

    They also changed the shift key to follow the typical keyboard placement.

  15. Patrick says:

    Dear Lenovo,

    How long would I have to wait before you release a netbook with a trackpoint? The wait is killing me!

    Yours forever,
    A Lenovo fanboy =)

  16. genriq says:

    Although the S10-2 has a SIM slot, I’m not so sure if the hardware is installed.

    the splashtop can do browsing.

  17. ASUS EEE PC 1005HA??? says:

    where can i buy an asus eee pc 1005HA? i can’t find it in stores?

  18. FPS says:

    I am presently using Lenovo S10 and am interested in the S10-2 considering that it is lighter, thinner, and looks better :-)

    Do you think it is worth upgrading to the Lenovo S10-2? Any advice out there?

  19. ASUS EEE PC 1005HA??? says:

    PC Corner is selling S10-2 for 19995pesos

    Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2: slimmer + better features !!!


    Intel® Atom™ N280
    1.0Gb DDR2-667MHz
    160Gb SATA
    6-cell battery

  20. Evan says:

    Saw the HP Mini 110 Xp at Cooltoyz and it looks like the best deal.
    1. 6-Cell Battery / 6Hour battery life
    2. Genuine XP-Home
    3. Matte display
    4. Large keyboard
    5. Only P22,940

    unfortunately could not find a review at this site to guide the decision making.

  21. FPS says:

    Any feedback or review on the Fujitsu M2010 and the Toshiba netbook NB200?

    Thanks for any inputs you may have.

  22. Also looking for 1005HA says:

    I’m also looking for a store (Gilmore?!) that sells 1005HA..

    I would also like a comparison of 1005HA vs S10-2


  23. ASUS EEE PC 1005HA??? says:

    I still can’t find any store that has 1005HA. I’d like to buy this one because it is CNET Editor’s Choice June 2009. Sir Yuga, I hope you feature Asus 1005HA and tell where we could buy it.

  24. Jay Rosas says:

    Someone just added a 3G modem on his lenovo s10-2! check it out http://www.netbooks.ph/forums/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=1756

  25. Alex says:

    Too bad. I thought the SIM slot meant that all S10-2s already had the modem/antenna installed. No wonder sticking in a SIM didn’t do anything. I guess I’ll just wait for the “real” 3G version. :-(

    @jojovill Sun has a SIM-only unlimited plan (2Mbps max) for P799/mo.

  26. Vince says:

    Very neat… I like the looks and the system backup. But I love Linux more than Windows for my laptop.

    If I have this kind of notebook, I would probably install Linux as the main OS.

    If Lenovo have gone out for the first time to have a look as neat as this, I would probably get one.


  27. pepper says:

    Hi everyone. I’m really interested to buy this S10-2 pink series. I’m choosing between the HP mini 110-1013TU and this. I don’t know much abt computers and its technical stuffs that’s why I’m having a hard time canvassing and talking to the sales people coz I feel they just do their “salestalk”. Anyway basically I’ll use it for internet browsing, save some pesonal files. Not so much for work–as of the moment. I’m really after internet browsing and the unit’s handyness. Can you give me any suggestions where to buy the cheaper units and inclisions if any and what internet provider is ok? I’m really not satisfied with PLDT. Thanks thanks. =)

  28. kenni says:

    yes, the S10-2 does not come with a 3G modem.

    about using Linux, I received a package from Ubuntu (free order including delivery) and it allows installation inside Windows. other Lenovo forums show that resizing partitions or installing Linux as the main OS removes the one key recovery and quick start functions. did not try repartitioning though. what’s good is that Ubuntu inside Windows allows users to access files in the second partition (the S10-2 is pre-partitioned to c: 103GB, d: 30GB and the remaining storage is used for recovery). the Windows OS is licensed but the Norton and Office bundled are trial versions.

    Now, I can using the laptop with three choice boots (quick start for non-extensive internet, sound, and video use; Ubuntu to enjoy using Linux; and Windows XP Home for mobile computing since my phone’s PC Suite only works in Windows)

    I used the one key recovery and the trials were reset. hehehe but I have downloaded open office just in case.

    this laptop is neat. under windows, it has face recognition login. its power management software allows users 4 settings (performance-high power computing, balance-between performance and battery life, low power-to extend the 6-cell battery life to about 6 hours, and super saver-disables all wireless and sound devices)

  29. Chad says:

    I would like to format my S10-2 and replace with windows profession editon. My question is how can I put back the quick start and the one key recovery does my back up/quick start will not be lost if I format it. If yes how can I put it back

    I hope somebody can answer my question


  30. myke says:

    @Chad as long as you dont mess with the hidden partition about 10GB if memory serves me right you can always use the one key recovery.

    about the upgrade I’m not sure if this will work. what you can do is place a copy of the installer to your 2nd partition then run, then do a fresh install you can also format or delete the primary partition if this fails you can always use the one key recovery. :p

  31. the “wifi” switch you are talking about on the right side with the 2 USB port is actually a bluetooth switch not a wifi on/off switch, also for the Fn+F5 buttons.

    Am I right?

  32. Also pwede naman tayo makakuha nang software sa kakilala nating mayroong SUN/Tatoo/Bro sticks kasi nandoon sa USB/3G stick ang software installers.

  33. Promdi says:

    @pepper: With so many choices of cheap netbooks, i can’t even decide which one to get for my self.My choices are Asus eeePC, this Lenovo Idea Pad S10-2 or Acer One D150.

  34. myrna says:

    My question is:

    1. how to upgrade the resolution of my lenovo s2-10 to 1024 x 768…
    2. how can i improve the sound of my lenovo?
    3. Is it ok that my lenovo is always plug, esp. if im in the house..not using the battery so often…is the battery don’t overcharge?

  35. Nate says:

    @promdi and @pepper: don’t miss the negative reviews on Amazon from people who’ve had trouble with the eee PC’s power supply and customer service. check the one-star and two-star reviews. Those convinced me to go with the Lenovo S10-2. I haven’t gotten it yet so I can’t speak to it’s performance or anything, but thought I’d drop my bit of input.

  36. gem says:

    hello, i just been to sm marikina cyberzone, planning to buy etiher asus eeepc 1005ha or a Lenovo s10-2 model, since they are the two brands of almost the same price and of the same specs, minus the battery comparison, asus claims a longer battery life and a better keyboard, while lonovo claims a better features that other brand dont have, sales persons in one or two stores said that they have a big trouble in asus, there are lots of after sales complaint, specifically with the “supposed” to be specs that asus should have, on the other hand, they prefer lenovo for it doesnt have any after sales complaint so far…what im after for is the battery life, asus claims more than 10 hours life and lenovo about 6 hours.. by the way, i have my asus 4G SURF, and as fas as today its functioning well as i used this in its first day… can you give me an insight? please, my heart tells me an asus, but the sales agent tells me a lenovo.. help pls

  37. neil says:

    the s10-2 really looks neat and fashionable…the features are fairly enough and as a novice buyer, i think this can already satisfy my needs as a technical support engineer… this is cheaper i think if bought in macau… Now, i need to check my ATM card if it has enough money to buy me this thing…

  38. ces says:

    I just bought my s10-2. tried to install office but was unsuccessful. Now when I open my notebook it leads to os menu. I have to chose from 1 the original os and 2 from the failed installer and choosing it leads to disk error.I want to go back to normal booting. What shld I do. Can I use the one key recovery o tlagang reformat n..its so irritating i have to watch it booting to choose the correct os..

  39. roland says:

    you’re just installing office and after boot-up you came up with 2 0s??? hmmmm…

    but you can remove the other option… by..
    1. boot with the working OS option
    2. Right Click My computer then Properties
    3. Goto Advanced Tab
    4. in Startup and recovery, click settings. Check default operating system if it has 2 systems.
    5. Click Edit and remove the 2nd entry (if 2nd option is the OS that not working)

  40. ces says:

    to roland. I followed your advice.It did boot on the correct os. only this time the os menu list 2 windows xp home edition. nawala ung perofessional setup. pumalit ung home edition. anyway thanks.

  41. kas says:

    I just got my lenovo s10-2 and I want to reformat the unit due to the reason that it’s wireless connection isn’t functioning..I brought it to where I bought the unit but they want me to pay 2000+ php just for a reformat and I don’t even know if they’ll use original OSon the system….when I tried using my windows7 OS it just says that the unit will shut-down..I don’t know how will I reformat the unit..and..do XP SP2 work? I haven’t tried my winXP SP2 cd yet..

  42. erethz says:

    pls post a comparison of the ff (in terms of OS compatibility):
    HP Mini 110
    Lenovo S10-2
    Neo B1230
    Olive x107

    Need ur input asap coz i’m planning to avail SUN’s Laptop + BB package.

    Tenchu so much!

  43. Zerobytez says:


    Windows 7 Alternate driver section

    S9 / S10 / S10-2 …take care its on your own risk !…–>Get It from here<– modified for usage allowing to set the internal display resolution 1024×768 or 1152×844.

  44. tricia says:

    Hi! would my warranty be void if I have my unit’s memory upgraded to 2gb? Do you know of any authorized lenovo dealer/shop that can upgrade memory without sacrificing warranty? Thanks!

  45. suplado says:

    I called up Lenovo’s tech support for Ideapad, sim slot is just an added feature with no purpose or functionality as of the moment(decoration), but try to ask the salesman (“sasabihin sayu na the sim slot d muna kailangan ng globe, smart and sun plug in all you just need is the sim..)price of Lenovo S10 3 months ago in the US is only $154 USD.

  46. Ian Orford says:

    great performance,capable of handling the basic everyday surfing,streaming,computing,and a lot more. its one of my favorite!

    I would also like Thinkpad x100e

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  48. Jp Cunanan says:

    Sir i have a problem on my S10-2… I started using PDproxy. Then suddenly i encountered a problem on the internet, it says Error 619.

  49. Eli Lilly says:

    Hello, That was a great post, I really enjoyed reading your blog. I am going to bookmark it and will make sure to check weekly.

  50. dhessa says:

    just bought my lenovo S110 and actually i don’t have ideas on brands of different netbooks. samsung and acer are actually my options but the salesman explained to me different features of lenovo that made me chose it. hope i made a right choice. does anyone here already had a bad experience in lenovo S110? Thanks..;)

  51. grace dela rosa says:

    hello. may i where can i replace the battery here in the philippines coz it is no longer working?

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