Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2 Unwrapped

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2 Unwrapped

Lenovo’s next generation netbook is now slimmer and lighter — the IdeaPad S10-2. I got an engineering unit for a quick review so some aspects might differ from the ones sold commercially.

lenovo ideapad s10-2

Lenovo did some major revamps in the design and style of the IdeaPad S10. While the earlier S9 and S10 models looked business-like, the S10-2 looked more stylish with some glossy, wallpaper-pattern finish on the lid.

lenovo s10-2 lenovo s10-2 lenovo s10-2>


lenovo s10-2 lenovo-ideapad-s11-009 lenovo-ideapad-s11-009

The IdeaPad S10-2 also has a Quick Start menu powered by SplashTop, an Instant-On Linux platform that provides quick access to most common applications such as a browser, chat , etc.


Biggest upgrade from the previous model is the inclusion of a SIM card slot (found at the back of the battery compartment) for 3G connection.

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15 Responses

  1. looks a bit girly! hopefully they have a guy version! :P

  2. eMz says:

    ugh, it looks so much cooler than my original s10! (bitter)

    why can’t we trade in our old laptops for the new models like they do with cars, huh? *sniff*

  3. Albert Kaw says:

    Can’t trade in laptops like cars.
    Think this :
    20 years old car can do the same thing as the new one.
    20 years old laptop??? Their place is in the trash bin

  4. eithan says:

    sir yuga you know what is the price range of this?

  5. there os no 20 yr old laptop around.. =) (wink!)

  6. Jam. says:

    Nice, when i borrowed my friend’s s10 i think its a bit heavy. Good thing it is now lighter and slimmer. I wish i could do some reviews like this too in my blog =P.

  7. We are planning to acquire also the Ideapad but the G series only

  8. Jhay says:

    If ever I’m going to buy a netbook, it will be a Lenovo. :D

  9. neo says:

    hmmm… no fun, I’m still waiting for S12.

  10. calvin says:

    na-test mo na yung Ion nyan abe?

  11. chiemartin says:

    Shinrai of NetBooks Philippines also has posted YouTube videos with the S10-2 running Mac OSX.


    He also has S10 and S10-2 comparison pictures. I hope he uploads bigger images. Ahehehehe.


  12. Patrick says:

    @Jhay: Me too! I hate fanboys but becoming one for Lenovo is just perfectly sensible with me. =)

  13. That’s a quiet impressive netbook. Nice features and nice design. Will surely buy one.

  14. Alexis ledesma says:

    It looks great. so far ive had it for 2 weeks and ive had no issues with it.. too early perhaps? maybe… but consider this, I originaly bought a neo b1230 but had to exchange it for the lenovo because the neo will not power on after owning it for (get this) ONE DAY!

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