Mac vs. PC, Transformers Edition

Mac vs. PC, Transformers Edition

People will never ran out of Mac vs. PC spoof ideas. This one is a short video of a PC and a Mac fighting ala-Transformers style. See clip after the jump.

Mac vs. PC: Transformers Edition


They missed showing that Allspark Cube in the beginning of the scene, just before the laptops transformed.

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25 Responses

  1. dj_demonyito says:

    one word – COOL! ;-)

  2. JIRO YAN says:

    I love my iMac and iPhone.

  3. keiko says:

    Mac Rocks….

  4. keiko says:

    What happened? after minutes… video is no longer available?

  5. Victor says:

    Marketing Strategy with Creativity. No wonder the world is in recession. Many Companies are doing a lot to boost up sales.

  6. Paul says:

    That is so COOOOOOL! PC domination… SCARY! wahahaha

  7. Its cool but I was expecting a BSOD when windows rebooted.

  8. VinS says:

    Nice vid! haha Mac looks like optimus prime

  9. aldrin says:

    wow. this is cool. astig.

  10. cargen says:

    hello. can I get your email add?

  11. ok….. ayos…. parang gusto ko 2loy ng macbook…
    weeee…. GIFT anyone for me tis holiday season? ;0

  12. bluewire says:

    Nice!!! MAC still REIGNS!!!!!!!

  13. BrianB says:

    Mac will lose for sure. XPS, Alienware, Falcon Northwest…

  14. I have just thought on this. On what side a hackintosh would belong?

  15. edz says:

    wow super astig naman..pinaghirapan talaga..

  16. hahahha… natalo ang PC… nice video

  17. j4s0n says:

    I think it sucks.

  18. parotdestroyer says:

    that is pure awesomenesss !!!

  19. aiffen says:

    ang imba. kelan ang part 2? post mo dpat agad dito ung abe hehe!

  20. Erik says:

    Cool but it was a short movie.

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