Microsoft announces Surface RT 2

Microsoft announces Surface RT 2

Apart from the Surface Pro 2, Microsoft has also announced another tablet, the Surface 2; a follow-up to the last year’s Surface RT.

MS Surface 2

Now coming in a silver color variant, the Surface 2 packs a much improved 10.6-inch 1080p ClearType HD display. Windows RT 8.1 runs on top of everything as you’d expect, and of course, Microsoft also says that it’s thinner, lighter & faster.

Also, just like the Surface Pro 2, the Surface 2 looks the same on the outside; the Windows logo on the back is now gone, and the word ‘Surface‘ takes its place. The kickstand also goes farther as well, aiming to be able to go over your lap.


Apps have always been a problem for the RT platform, so MS highlights it during the event. They showed off Skype, Xbox Music, Office & SkyDrive – in which you get a lot of those when you purchase a Surface 2 (200GB SkyDrive storage for 2 years, Best Of Skype for 1 year & etc).

The accessories available on the Surface Pro 2 are also available for the Surface 2 as you’d expect. There’s a Power Cover that adds a 30wh battery to the device, a docking station that adds a load of USB ports, ethernet & such, a Type Cover 2 & Touch Cover 2 which are the same ones from last year but thinner, with more colors & now backlit, and there’s a Music Cover.

The Surface 2 will retail for $449 (Php19,500 converted), and along with the Surface Pro 2, it will be available on October 22 in the US. No word on local availability yet.

We will update this article once we get more info on the specs.

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14 Responses

  1. abuzalzal says:

    Langya, colossal flop na nga yung RT 1, heto gumawa na naman ng RT 2…haaaaayyyyss….I’m beginning to think mas may business sense ako kesa kay Ballmer xd

    • bigdick says:

      Bobo! Hindi porket ceo si steve ballmer ay may kontrol na siya sa mga products ng Microsoft. ang kapal din ng mukha mong magsalita na may “business sense” ka eh hindi mo naman talaga alam kung anong responsibility at duties ng isang CEO ng company.

      STFU please. Your blabbering mouth makes me want to puke.

      P.S. Your presence in the world does not make sense. Please kill your self…it’s never too late to join in the latest “Darwin Awards”!

    • ballmer says:

      Just like what they did with look where xbox is now?

    • terminator says:

      Microsoft hater/hardcore Android fanboy detected!
      Go kill him, boys…Dead or Alive: which means DEAD!

    • edwaine says:

      abuzalzal = iRetard

  2. abuzalzal says:

    Lol isa ka pa…gusto mo bigyan kita ng 20 IQ points?

    CEO’s always have the final nod of approval when / when not to release a product. He was ”solely” blamed as the idiot who screwed Windows 8 and the $900million RT loss

    Kung ikaw ang financier ng isang produkto or pelikula, at may previous history ng lukewarm reception or flop or whatever you may want to call it, are you willing to take the risk , again?

    sige na nga, heto pa + 10 IQ points, hahaha…mukhang kinukulang ka eh

    • bigdick says:

      Oho, really? Do you even have the concrete proof that Ballmer is the one responsible for this? I bet you don’t even know that there is a certain division responsible for every product created at Microsoft: Xbox Division, Windows Division, MacBU (Macintosh Business Unit), Devices Division and much more. If Ballmer’s the one responsible for this new Surface, we should have seen him in yesterday’s launch event. It’s his habit to make an appearance in product releases where he’s involved to.

      And if there’s someone to blame about Windows 8 and RT’s flop it’s Steven Sinofsky. Your pointing your finger to the wrong man.

      Heh, please don’t give your remaining IQ to me. I’m afraid that you’ll run out of it. I’ve got plenty here and there’s no need for you to give your remaining 30 IQ to me, you dumbass.

      Next time, do your homework before saying something else here. You’re getting your so-called “facts” at the wrong place. Wonder where you got it…ah, I remember you got your facts from that brain of yours that you accidentally flushed in the toilet. Go fetch it!

    • ulupong says:

      hahaha, supalpal ka na naman parekoy @abuzalzal, ah? kulang sa jakol? lol

      siguro hindi mo talaga alam na hindi palagi ang ceo ang gumagawa ng decision sa isang company.

      kung meron talagang gumagawa ng decision sa company, yung mga “board of directors” ang gumagawa nun. tapos, dinidiktahan lang ng board of directors yung ceo kung hanggang saan lang yung pwede nyang gawin. for short, mas mataas ang position ng board of directors kaysa sa ceo kasi sila ang nagsisilbing judge kung tama ang ginagawa ng ceo, kung anong dapat nyang gawin at kung kailangan na syang palitan. basa-basa rin pag may time:

      at please, sabi nga ni @bigdick, wag mo nang ipamigay yang IQ mo. ayan na nga lang natitira sa iyo, tapos ipapamigay mo pa? isip-isip rin pag may time.

    • edwiane says:

      abuzalzal didnt reply hehehe.

      Your just a trash talker that has a one sided mind (like the one part of your is working, the right part didnt).

      Play your so called hd games on your outdated junk tablet.

    • wew says:

      anu ka ngaun abuzalzal?hahahaha

    • zarne says:

      So you put your foot again in your mouth Abuzalzal. Tsk tsk

      Anything coming your mosquito size brain would be useless, so you should be disqualified for donating your brain.

  3. Mark14 says:

    ok, I’ll keep this comment as unbiased as possible, nakakatkot maflame dito, grbe burnt to a crisp..

    anyway.. the idea behind continuing the rt platform, is that nakkta ng microsoft na meron talagang market , which is kind of unique sa rt. I mean, not everyone needs an rt tablet, but some wants it, and a few prefers it over other platforms.

    Personally, I think it’s a very convincing move from microsoft, despite ung OEMs is hindi sold sa concept ng RT, this makes it more unique (aside from msoft, asus lang ata may device na may windows rt.)

    Anyway. to sum it up, RT wasn’t a “flop”. Surely the mass market might have not accepted it (kasi walang apple logo sa likod) , pero i think it wasn’t intended for the “mass” market so to say. It was for people with different needs, and use for the tech.

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  5. GenMan says:

    saan ba yung stores na pwede mabilhan nito (referring to Surface 2)? kung sakali man na available na here in Philippines? and also at what date it would be available?

    need some updates…

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