MSI unveils XSlim X600 & X340 Line-Up

MSI unveils XSlim X600 & X340 Line-Up

MSI unveiled two new slim notebooks — a 13.4″ XSlim X340 and another 15.6″ XSlim X600, obviously looking more like a Macbook Air.

We first saw the MSI XSlim X320 back in January just before CES 2009. The newer XSlims will be full revealed at CEBIT 2009.



They won’t be running an Atom processor but a Centrino 2 platform. The 15.6″ model will weigh about 2kg so that’s not really close to the Mac Air though the form factor is strikingly similar. There will be several specs for each model with the X340 ranging between $699 and $999.

{source: SlashGear}

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12 Responses

  1. cool & sexy laptop with a powerful proc.

    beauty and brains. naks.

    I wonder how long is its battery life.

  2. Jhay says:

    Is it just me or they look a lot like the new MacBooks? ;)

  3. Darren says:

    looks like a 15.6″ MBA !!!
    but good to hear it’s centrino 2
    and it should be more expensive than $1000 …

  4. TechPinas says:

    I’ve always thought these notebooks look hot.
    Definitely top tier, looks-wise.

    Again, kudos to MSI.

  5. eMz says:

    looks flashy! XD

  6. Obed says:

    It’s like macbook from the inside

  7. Gene says:

    Jhay: i think it’s just you.
    eMz: you look flashier!
    Obed: you always put the dumbest opinion.

    Me: Oh look at you!

  8. lexx says:

    i was hoping i could see the full specs right away :(

  9. Jerome says:

    I hope that its video card is not Intel’s 4500MHD.


    I am very eager to buy this one but hold me a bit when I saw this review. Any thoughts about it? I also found Lenovo Ultra thin notebook u350, Acer Timeline and Dell Adamo which are on same category ultra thin and CULV. I wonder if there is a review for those pc head to head?

  11. Is there a new series now for msi X series with Core2duo? before all thin laptops are core2solo..

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