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MSI Wind Top AE1900 spotted!

During the X340 launch the other day, MSI also put on display their refreshed nettop PC which has totally been redesigned from the ground up. The old Wind PC is now MSI Wind Top AE1900 WT.

MSI never really launched that original Wind PC which was just a miniaturized desktop workstation. The MSI Wind Top is now a touchscreen all-in-one PC.

msi wind top ae1900


Specs include an 18.5″ touch panel (1366×768 pixels), an Intel Atom 230 @ 1.6GHz, 160GB HDD, 1GB RAM running Windows XP.

msi wind top ae1900

There’s no official pricing for this yet but representatives promise it will all be under Php30,000 when it comes out. At least, that’s bigger but cheaper than the Asus Eee Top and the closer to the Gateway ZX2300 nettop.

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18 Responses

  1. Wind Boi says:


  2. Ardz says:

    I wanna buy one!

  3. william says:


  4. LX says:

    Atom and no option for a more powerful processor = FAIL.

  5. wow!!! a nice touch screen desk top pc.. great…

  6. this is rather neat for a computer that costs below P30,000 :D

  7. Unknown Soldier says:

    much better if keyboard and mouse is not wired…

    if i bought this pc… i’ll put it away from my bratinella niece! wahaha!

  8. Unknown Soldier says:

    much better if keyboard and mouse are not wired…

    if i bought this pc… i’ll put it away from my bratinella niece! wahaha!

  9. wow! that’s sleek and pretty cheap! i want one!

  10. Joel says:

    160GB HDD.. is there an option for us to make the HDD a little bigger?

  11. looking good. a all in one with touch screen for less than 30k, that’s great.

  12. mac carlos says:

    msi? it a good brand..?
    which do you prefer in choosing netbooks?.
    MSI, Acer, Asus or HP?

  13. Chris says:

    wow parang cam..hehehe nice review!..

  14. louie santiago says:

    hi. just got my own unit.

    hk just started selling it at around 32,000 pesos.

    loving it!

  15. Pink says:

    Wow! I’m considering this. where do I buy yugger?

  16. louie santiago says:

    they have not released it in the philippines. but here in hk, its already available.

    get it…its so nice!!!

  17. erikjames says:

    what’s the use of your mouse if you do only the touching? masisira lang ung lcd screen mo sa kapipindot pindot, just like pos terminals in fastfood stores, (parang ung ginagamit ng cashier sa jollibee na touch screen) it didn’t impress me. maybe this is only intended for those who have big businesses. not for personal use. gets…

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