MSI Wind U100 with Atom N280

MSI Wind U100 with Atom N280

Now this is an upgrade that I should have seen earlier. PC Corner is offering a new batch of MSI Wind U100 with a 1.66GHz Intel Atom N280, at a price that will certainly leave the Acer Aspire One D150 in the dust.

Aside from the Atom N280, these new batch of MSI Winds will have 6-cell batteries and a 2GB memory installed. See their prices below:


MSI Wind U100 N280
Intel Atom N280 1.66GHz
6-cell battery
Windows XP SP3
Php20,995 (spcecial TPC intro price)
Php21,995 (regular cash price)
Php23,995 (12 months zero-percent price)

msi wind

A similarly priced Acer Aspire One D150 (Php23,990) only has 1GB of RAM and 160GB of HDD. You can call PC Corner at (02) 723-1718 & 37 to confirm if their nearest branch has the new batch of MSI Wind netbooks.

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14 Responses

  1. mike says:

    tempting… too bad it still ain’t a dual core atom

  2. John Ray Cabrera says:

    given the 6cell battery, do we have any number of hours on battery life usage on this one?

  3. I think I saw one shop in Megamall Cyberzone selling the MSI Wind U100 with the same specs…but at a price lower down 20K…Tempting indeed…I’m about to purchase my next netbook having sold my Eee PC 701. I’m contemplating on the following choices:

    Eee PC 1000H – Because of
    MSI Wind U100 – Because of the 2GB RAM
    HP Mini 2140 – Because of its looks

    These three are the current best netbook available in the Philippines today which are priced affordably.

  4. Looks like the Wind’s still the top dog when it comes to bang per buck.

  5. Erin says:

    this is the time when being one of the early adopters suck. i paid around 4o% more for the original U100 and am still with a 3-cell battery. :(

    pero all in all, the wind has served me well.


  6. John Ray Cabrera says:

    i am contemplating of selling my mini 1000 too. and i am teteering in buying a new one with the following factors expedient to my decision:

    1) keyboard: i used netbooks primary for my daily regimen, having to unfurl one like a breeze when the need arises for me to churn out articles for my freelance endeavors

    2) higher capacity battery: 6-cell is the acceptable standard nowadays so i might settle for one

    3) higher capacity hard drive: the 80Gb of the mini served me well, so one that sports 120 to 160 to 250 would make my heart flutter even more

    4) looks: have you ever wished your device is slapped with gloss and elegance, that would magnetize a woman right beside your coffee table? ok, am just exaggerating. having an elegantly designed netbook with oustanding craftsmanship is enough. for me, in terms with the looks department, the asus Eee PC S101 tops them all.

    5) resolution: this is also essential because of my high refractive error. i want colors to be crisp and bright but can still be readable/viewable in direct sunlight.

  7. shucks! i just bought an msi wind u100 a month ago for the same price! i know i should have waited for awhile!

    does this u100 still have the touted overclock feature? using my wind and turning it on makes a lot of difference when browsing with a lot of opened tabs.

  8. Darren says:

    what’s wrong with these PC vendors? targeting the street price at so low the level then makes the profit less and less. speechless indeed.

  9. John Ray Cabrera says:

    and if asus will release the 1004DN, an eepc with an optical drive, what sets different one netbook from a full grown laptop might just be the processor, screen size, and the price(hopefully).

  10. I am salivating. Gotta save more.

  11. Wind Boi says:

    waaaah!!!!!!!!!! wala na! sa pc corner out of stock na daw… huhu im planning to purchase this on my bday.. tsk wala na ba kayo ibang lam na mabibilhan nito? whapak!

  12. erikjames says:

    -msi wind u100 lxp8 (black);
    -intel atom n280;
    -2gb ram/250gb hdd/6-cell battery
    -no bluetooth (but you can buy bluetooth dongle for only Php250 at cdrking branches;
    -pre-installed w/ windows xp home edition w/recovery disc and drivers.

    yes, pc corner sells it for about Php20,500 or Php20,995 today. if you want to upgrade from 250gb hdd to 500gb hdd, just add Php3,800. i don’t know if there’s a service fee for installing the new hard disk and its operating system. you can also buy there an ibm thinkpad usb external dvd writer for only Php2,990. cdrking has it too.

  13. bryan_belkens says:

    i have this netbook and still using this for my work.. unfortunately ive encountered a keyboard defect in my wind previous months and it has been fixed coz of its warranty…

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