NVIDIA unveils new GTX 1080 Ti

NVIDIA unveils new GTX 1080 Ti

Remember the beastly GTX 1080 that was released last year? Well, it’s no longer the top of the line graphics card from NVIDIA as the company has just unveiled its new GTX 1080 Ti with improved performance.

The new card promises around 35% in performance jump from its predecessor which the company says is the greatest upgrade for a Ti product yet. It’s equipped with 11GB of GDDR5X memory with a boost clock of 11Gbps. The card brings to the table 11.5TFLOPS of performance, 3584 CUDA cores and altogether, NVIDIA claims that the 1080 Ti is faster than the Titan X that was introduced towards the end of last year.


The GTX 1080 Ti will first be offered as a Founder’s Edition model and will later on be available in custom designs from partner companies.

It will be available during the first week of March for $699. On the other hand, last year’s GTX 1080 gets a price cut to start at $500. More details on NVIDIA’s page.


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