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O+ Duo Review

O+ USA has tablet (with a dock) that can run both Android Lollipop and Windows 10 aptly called the Duo, and could be yours for Php6,995. Is it worth the price it’s asking? Here’s a quick review of the device.

oplus-duo-review (13)

Design and Construction

For starters, the O+ Duo is an eight-inch device that has thick bezels on the sides despite having a 70% screen-to-body ratio. On the front, looking at it in a portrait orientation, is the display, its front-facing camera and the Windows logo down below. At its right side come the power/lock button and volume rockers, while the microHDMI, microUSB, and 3.5mm audio ports are located at the top.

The left side has its dedicated microSD card slot, two holes and a 4-pin contact for the device’s dock. Flipping the device over, and we have polycarbonate back, the 2MP rear camera tucked at one side, and a small speaker grille.

The device isn’t hard to grip with one hand. The back is also a fingerprint and smudge magnet despite having a matte finish, so you might find yourself wiping it every now and then.

Along with the tablet, there is a dedicated dock for this device should you wish to type with a physical keyboard instead of relying on touch functions. Attaching the tab to the dock isn’t hard, as it relies on magnets and its dedicated holes to stay on its lone fixed viewing angle. To say the least, the keyboard buttons were the ones sacrificed given the size, as there are a lot of important ones missing (Where’s that Escape button?) or tucked beneath the fn key.

oplus-duo-review (5)

While it takes awhile to get accustomed to the new layout, typing generally is good. The keys are soft enough for comfortable typing, and I’ve seen myself use it for writing a few documents and some parts of this review. When you’re done doing your stuff, you can just eject your tab and enclose it within the dock’s corners. Overall, it’s a lightweight device to carry around, and it can fit on most regular-sized bags.

Display and Multimedia

The Duo has a WXGA IPS display, which amounts to a rather respectable 189ppi. It’s not the best display we’ve seen in terms of resolution, but colors and viewing angles are generally good. The device isn’t a friend on bright sunlight, though, as we’ve hard a hard time navigating through the screen when we’re outdoors. It’s generally okay for viewing multimedia content if you’re not that nitpicky viewing your videos in not-so-HD.

oplus-duo-review (8)

Sound content is on the average as well. Its loudspeaker may be small, but it can fill up sound on a small, quiet room, and quality isn’t far behind other smartphones. Listening to it isn’t a problem as well, even when you use the earphones included in the package.


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13 Responses

  1. A so so dual boot tablet with a not that good built quality. Bought it 2 months ago and ended up with a cracked screen which accidentally dropped by my son. It should have been working until now if not for the cheap lcd glass protection, sana man lang gorilla glass or dragon trail nadulas lang sa kamay about a foot then ayun basag agad?. In fairness the tablet performs well both in android and win10 mode, but the problem when switching from android to windows the external sdcard reader has to be reset or it won’t be detected, you have to manually turn off the tablet and boot natively to windows10 for it to work properly. Antoher thing the micro hdmi is not working I’ve used several cables for compatibility and none of them worked. The hardware keyboard is also disappointing because of the missing escape key…DUHHH!!! you can’t use it in recovery boot mode or better yet connect a usb keyboard. The battery on paper is rated at 8000mah but it is good for only 2to3hours what the???. Overheating problems(mainit sa kamay) in gaming and the red led keeps on blinking and I have to stop playing. I won’t recommend this tablet for entertainment but only for reading email, editing documents and web surfing if you have the patience. Design and hardware flaws and that is the O+ duos. Spend your money on a better and reliable one sayang lang pera ko dyan.

  2. Easy E says:

    That is the bottom line: “SAYANG LANG PERA KO DYAN.”

  3. paushin says:

    Apparently puro negative feedbacks, I on my part satisfied sa O+ duo

  4. Louie says:

    Not satisfied and daming negative na hindi ko ililist. simply dont buy this sayang lang pera sabi nga ni easy e.

  5. Nakakainis pa di mo maayos. when i tried to switch it to tablet mode tapos may biglang lumabas “Enterind DnX mode
    Waiting for fastboot command” putragis yan tapos yung iba ko pang videos at files nagkawala wala sayang talaga pera

  6. Nobody says:

    Saan pwd makabili nito wag lang online shop.

  7. Ceclio says:

    The HDMI is its most important feature, unfortunately it is not working. I bought one and I regret it.

  8. Redjon says:

    Very substandard built. Yung battery nia parang pang 4 y/o na device. May HTC ako at 2120 Mah tapos eto mauuna pang mamatay sa standby. SUSME! RAM is @ 2GB daw pero mas fluid pa yung 3y/o na HTC na 1GB ram lang and it really hangs a lot kahit dalawang app lang dinownload ko. at grabe maginit!!!!

    Kelangan palitan ng kernel to kaso I wonder kung pareho lang kernel ng windows at android. Sayang talaga pera! wala pang 1k difference naka Samsung Tab nalng sana ako.

  9. Yashohero vann says:

    Can u assist me. Why it can’t connect my o+duo. I accedintaly restore my device. Then the Wlan connection lost. Almost 4days used only. Hard to send this item back to o+ services. Plz give me some tips..

    It’s Christmas can document my life with duo plz plz asap

  10. Yashohero vann says:

    Can u assist me. Why it can’t connect my o+duo. I accedintaly restore my device. Then the Wlan connection lost. Almost 4days used only. Hard to send this item back to o+ services. Plz give me some tips..

    It’s Christmas can’t document my life with duo plz plz asap

  11. yanie says:

    may stock room ba para s oplus duo usa stock logo kc ung skin wala nmn mag gawa s store ng oplus s mga mall at need daw dalhin s manila malaki p magagastos q s pamasahe.

  12. Myraflor Diano says:

    Mine just suddenly doesn’t want to turn on. It started when i often switch android to windows. It still charging but still doesn’t want to turn on. Hoping someone could help me with this problem.

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