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Red Fox WizBook laptops

Red Fox and AMD teamed up to develop their own Eee PC competitor and launched the WizBook this week with a much disappointing 400MHz AMD Geode processor. Hate to say the obvious but this is most certainly going to be a bust.

See price and specs below:

redfox wizbook

Processor: AMD LX800 500MHz (10-inch model) and AMD LX700 400MHz (8-inch model)
Operating System: Linux
Screen Size: 8 and 10.2 inch (1024×600, 16:9)
Storage: 20GB and 60GB HDD
Memory: 256MB and 512MB RAM
802.11b/g WiFi
SD/MMC/MS card reader
2 USB port
2200mAh and 2200mAh (3.5 & 4.5 battery hours, respectively)
Under 1.2kg

Price for the two models are Php16,000 and Php20,000 respectively. Tip to RedFox and other future UMPC players — if you want to offer a better product, offer “better” specs.

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Avatar for Abe Olandres

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of blogging in the country and considered by many as the Father of Tech Blogging in the Philippines. He is also a technology consultant, a tech columnist with several national publications, resource speaker and mentor/advisor to several start-up companies.

36 Responses

  1. Avatar for jeanette jeanette says:

    bumili ako ng wizbook 101h, 1st day palang, di na gumagana ung keyboard dock at nawala na ung icon for switching to android so i was stuck with windows. punta daw ako sa service center pero mukhang pangit dn ang service sa mga comments. hayy, nagsayang lang ng pera. please dont buy redfox anymore

  2. Avatar for adora faustino adora faustino says:

    ndi mganda ang audio nyo,nakakapang hinayang at redfox na wizbook binili ko..ung 1st unit na binli ko eh pinalitan ang unit at ayaw gumana ng mic.but etong bgo unit na pinalit eh gumagana nga kso mhirapan p dn sa mic sobra hina ndi madinig ng kausap mo..sayang tlga.im not happy..

  3. Avatar for Shit Ass Shit Ass says:

    Shit where the hell is Red Fox made from? is it made from China??? where? please answer the hell shit

  4. Avatar for nimo23 nimo23 says:

    Sir Abe RedFox Wizbook 890i could run on windows 7 or XP as far as I know…



  5. Avatar for meg beitia meg beitia says:

    may i know where i can buy the charger adapter of red fox 12v-3a?

    im just using universal charger, im not satisfied. please let me know asap.


  6. Avatar for yra yra says:

    i lost my drivers.now that i have to reformat my notebook, everything was back to zero. now i need a speaker driver for my redfox wizbook 1020i, so that i can use skype again.pls help me.

  7. Avatar for mhel mhel says:

    yes its true that the wizbook laptop is a waste book and waste of money. Poor porduct as well as poor customer service!!!

  8. Avatar for mike mike says:

    i have installed xp in my friend’s redfox800LX and it works very well. its even faster to boot than the pre-installed linux os.

  9. Avatar for atlon atlon says:

    where can i find the driver of wizbook 1020i? please help.

  10. Avatar for botsok botsok says:

    Hi. I am an asus eeepc laptop user before, i purchased a redfox 10″ wizbook, but was disaapointed bcause of of this product because it cannot detect wifi. dfective pala yung wisbook. so i went to thier customer service. wow.. what a service.. very poor..
    low quality na yung product, poor customer service pa.. it took months para mabigyan ako ng feedback about my laptop.. wastebook is a waste of money.

  11. Avatar for Baker Baker says:

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  12. Avatar for welca_f welca_f says:

    hi, could anybody help my problem?i have a wisbook loptop, and i can’t install windows xp.i hve rather install windows vista but i don’t have driver pls reply asap

  13. Avatar for benj benj says:

    i bought the 10 inch model and installed xp home from my flash drive. believe it or not, it boots up to desktop in less than one minute. it’s much more responsive than the pre-installed linux. this is no joke, i’ll try making a video…

  14. Avatar for Erwin Sala Erwin Sala says:

    Pls send me the drivers of my laptop

    Red fox wizbook800.Thank you

  15. Avatar for Raffy Mananghaya Raffy Mananghaya says:

    I have been using a Geode GX400 that runs at 333 mhz and it does all my daily work, even running flash video while I do file management and browsing.

    It’s the software that makes the difference.

    Surprise – I use Puppy Linux! I built a special Puppy for these small laptops and called it “breeezy” (a breeze to install and easy to use).

  16. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    Yes, Redfox is a Taiwan-based company. Same as MSI, Acer, HTC and Asus.

  17. Avatar for xenonn xenonn says:

    I saw it at megamall yesterday when I was strolling, and I found out that it was made in Taiwan.

  18. Avatar for xenonn xenonn says:

    i think it suits market who is looking for an economical yet functional laptop.

  19. Avatar for Wan Wan says:

    Hi there,

    Anyone know where this is made in?

    Thks :)

  20. Avatar for jowelduke jowelduke says:

    i forgot to ask for opinions if P18,500 for this gadget is cheap, just fair, unfair, or expensive.

  21. Avatar for jowelduke jowelduke says:

    i am considering the 10″ one for school work, web browsing, and some typing. hope you or anybody could help me with my questions. is this adequate for viewing pdf files and powerpoint presentation? is this responsive (enough RAM)? for my specific purpose? how many seconds is the startup time with the default OS? what would be the boot time if i use windows xp on it? is this sturdy? does this confer less eye strain compared to staring on a 14″ CRT monitor for hours? thanks!

  22. Avatar for pugad pc pugad pc says:

    linux is quite slow though. try to install win xp pro..

  23. Avatar for cookie cookie says:

    too costly for cheap specs. people nowadays, are looking for great deal of laptops. you don’t spend 20k just for the “cute” looks. but most importantly, what’s “inside” it. yeah, for the manufacturers offer something better, and worth the money or else don’t make one. not pretty competitive though.

  24. Avatar for hk5xybvxxt hk5xybvxxt says:

    h9g8dkloaus5 dpn6r429rjen80 6hmrijup65jia1q

  25. Avatar for hk5xybvxxt hk5xybvxxt says:

    h9g8dkloaus5 http://www.532878.com/954545.html 6hmrijup65jia1q

  26. Avatar for Lucien Tiojanco Lucien Tiojanco says:

    Hey Deb,

    I really want the HP Mini-note 2133 however they still have VIA C7M on it. How’s it going for you? I’ll wait for their refresh with the VIA Nano processor and see how it goes. I honestly think HP has the best designed ULPC… Minus the location of the mouse buttons.

  27. Avatar for spidamang spidamang says:

    I wonder how it performs if it runs Damn Small Linux or Puppy Linux.



  28. Avatar for Deb Deb says:

    A bit slow and specs low. Seen the Wizbooks (8 and 10 in screens)last night when i was shopping for an ultraportable, Lucien is correct, they look less like toys than the eeepc in the market.
    I ended up with HP 2133 though…

  29. Avatar for Lucien Tiojanco Lucien Tiojanco says:

    I tried the 10″ version and aside from the slow operating system boot up, it felt quite snappy. It has Neo Shine 3.0 installed on it which has Neo Shine Office, GAIM, Mozilla Fire Fox, etc. The 10″ version is being sold for only PhP 18,500 at Compex Megamall which is pretty good considering they upped the battery to 4800mAh and it has web-friendly resolution. It also looks less like a toy than the EEE PC does… Very cool looking actually.

  30. Avatar for BrianB BrianB says:

    If they market it properly, it could sell. Problem is that Linux lacks marketing support, even though some versions are very straightforward and virus free, making them ideal for low-budget users: writers, students, school teachers, etc. If it also comes with Open Office pre-loaded it’s very sulit.

  31. Avatar for Andre Andre says:

    benchmarks? I know RAM makes a difference

  32. Avatar for pugad pc pugad pc says:

    Basically the AMD Geode LX processor was target for low-power embedded
    markets. With a decent performance and in many cases this will be more
    than sufficient for web based or client base applications. The main
    selling point is for the Geode LX is the reliability and much lower
    power then Eee PC.

    Even if performance is the same, the battery life will be longer. The
    FACT is that Geode LX is made for low-power application. Intel is just
    using their current Celeron M processor (plus 2 chipsets) and fitting
    this into a UMPC thus not exactly optimize for UMPC market. Geode LX is
    the 3rd generation Geode family of low-power processor.

  33. Avatar for Andre Andre says:

    I think my IPhone is much faster.

  34. Avatar for Pinoy Apostolic Pinoy Apostolic says:

    Ouch! Last time I heard of a 500Mb processor was way back 2002 I think… Even ordinary Flash based games today requires at least an 800MB processor.

    Hey, I still got my Windows 98 SE installer disc and MS Office 2000. With a thousand scratches of course… Great!

  35. Avatar for Kenneth Kenneth says:

    Nice, I have a comparison between the two WizBook’s at my personal blog.

  36. Avatar for Andre Andre says:

    I’ve always had the feeling redbox was ‘cheap’

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