Redfox WizPad WP1020i Windows 7 tablet

Redfox WizPad WP1020i Windows 7 tablet

Almost forgot about this until I returned to the Galaxy Note to delete photos when I saw photos of RedFox’s newest Windows 7 tablet. Dubbed the RedFox WizPad WP1020i, this Intel Atom-powered tablet sports a kick-stand.

Never really got the full specs of this one since this was during the Christmas Party hosted by Microsoft Philippines (blame the 6 glasses of mojitos).

Form the photo of the tablet’s description, the WizPad WP1080i has a 10.1-inch screen, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB 2.0 ports, micro-SD card reader and a 1.3MP webcam. Not sure about the storage but if I remember correctly, it’s got around 32GB of SSD storage with 2GB RAM and Atom Z-series processor.


When you turn the kick-stand out, you’ll also see the VGA display port so you can connect it to an external display. There’s a variant with built-in 3G modem as well.

The device could still be an engineering unit as RedFox has not officially announced it yet nor it’s available in the market. I reckon that this can support Windows 8 when it comes out as well. Just hope it’s not as expensive as the Php30k as the first WizPad tablet before.

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7 Responses

  1. Ice says:

    nice one, hope to have a dual core cpu or a quadcore and a decent graphix for games (APU)

  2. paolo says:

    Damn, another Windows 7 tablet.

    A rarity nowadays, esp. when GALAXY Tabs and iPads are everywhere. :D

    Give it a USB keyboard, a USB mouse, pede na ito for DotA. :D (Assuming that you do not max out the graphics settings of the game in the process.)

    Footnote: I saw this tablet just this day at the Microsoft stand at SM Megamall they made for the promo they are running now. If my eyes saw it correctly, they listed this as “Coming Soon.” :D

  3. daniel says:

    nakita ko to kanina sa SM north… haha astig parang desktop talaga… kaso di ko alam kung pano mag right click. ung keyboard kelangan mo iclick ung icon bago lumabas… lumalabas lng ung keyboard icon kapagka active ung app na kelangan ng keyboard input

  4. steelicon says:

    To right click, touch and long press until right click context menu appears. Choose desired action by touching the drop down context menu.

  5. Star says:

    what’s the battery life for this.. 1 hours? definitely not 5 to 8 hours like other tablets in the market..

  6. Ani_Kimchi says:

    Just what I WANTED! More virus and win baloney!

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