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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 P7500 Review

We’ve got a short week with the upcoming Galaxy Tab 10.1 and so far it’s been an interesting one. This is also our first time to do a full review of an Android Honeycomb tablet. See the full review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab P7500 after the jump.

The Galaxy Tab P7500 is the second-generation tablet that the Korean company has introduced to the market. They started out with a 7-inch tablet last year and the upcoming one is a 10.1-incher.

Here’s a short familiarization video of the Galaxy Tab 10.1:

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is as thin and as light as you can get for its size. At 8.6mm thick, it’s actually thinner than the iPad 2 (it’s actually the thinnest tablet we’ve seen, even surpassing many other Android smartphones around).

Since the body is made up of a thin sheet of glass and plastic, it’s also very light at 595grams. As such, even for the huge 10.1″ screen, you will find the Galaxy Tab P7500 easy to bring and carry around.

Still, I often have that nagging feeling that it might break inside my laptop bag whenever I take it around with me. That, on top of the fear that the display might crack. I guess it’s due to the fact that the plastic and glass construction is more prone to damage.

I’d recommend getting a protective case or sleeve once you get yours. I’m sure there will be lots of those once the tablet is officially released in the Philippines in a couple of weeks.

The back-panel of the tablet is made up of glossy, white piece of plastic with a silver accent on the lining around the device, including the top area where the camera and flash is located. The back panel looks neat but is also prone to scratches (I’m sure those who owned the 7″ Galaxy Tab P1000 are familiar with this).

The power button is positioned on top, along with the 3.5mm audio port, the volume controls and the sot for the 3G SIM card. At the back, there’s the 3MP camera and flash while the bottom end is the proprietary USB port for power and data connection. Aside from the small speaker grilles on both sides, that’s all the physical buttons and ports you get from this tablet — sorry, no microSD slot for storage expansion.

The screen is bright and crisp with very nice and vivid colors thanks to the PLS TFT display. We would only hope for a Super AMOLED Plus screen like the one on the Galaxy S2 but that one’s more expensive and in very short supply.

The display on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is actually as great as the iPad 2 although not as bright on the brightest settings. And yes, the glossy finish makes the screen almost un-usable in the outdoors and against bright light.

Samsung created a tablet-friendly TouchWiz UI into the Galaxy Tab, including the Social Hub which consolidates all your social networking account into one huge widget.

Honeycomb gives Android tablets a nice interface and usability that fits a large form factor. The Home Screens, Widgets, UI and shortcuts are more intuitive although one would take some time to familiarize themselves with how some of it works even if you’re already a long-time Android user.

From left to right: TouchWiz UI Home Screen, Widgets, Social Hub

The main Android functions (Back, Home, Running Apps) are all found in a menu bar that’s consistently on top of the screen (even when you’re playing movies in full screen). There’s even the screen capture function that’s integrated into the UI.

Tablets that are not yet on HoneyComb will really miss a lot of the functionalities and UI improvements that maximizes the huge screen real estate.

Performance on the Galaxy Tab is very good. We got a score of 1406 on Quadrant, almost within vicinity of the other Honeycomb tablets around. CF-Benchmark gives it an over-all score of 4565 while it got 2526 with SmartBench (these are numbers we’d like to take note so we can compare and revisit in future reviews).

It’s interesting to note that the Quadrant score is way lower compared to the Samsung Galaxy S2 (the display resolution might have heavily affected the score). Also interesting to note that the Optimus 2X, which sports a similar dual-core chip, scored 2647 in Quadrant.


It plays HD videos smoothly, THD games is enjoyable, the built-in browser renders web pages quickly (including Flash objects) and over-all performance is impressive.

The apps in the Android Market for Honeycomb are still very limited and nowhere near the numbers when compared to the HD versions in the iTunes App Store. However, the essential ones are already there and apps for smaller screens easily adjust to the large screen of tablets so it’s not a big issue.

Since the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is powered by an NVidia Tegra 2 chip, the Tegra Zone game store should be available to offer HD or console quality games on the tablet.

I think this is one of the best case use of the Galaxy Tab — THD games. I just hope more game developers create or port games to Honeycomb.

Despite the lack of dedicated connectivity ports on the Galaxy Tab P7500, there are options for HDMI TV-out and USB Host functions via an adapter. It’s a little odd but probably necessary so Samsung can make the tablet as thin as it can get.

The rear camera of the tablet is only rated at 3.15MP and takes good to decent pictures. They’re a bit grainy but usable when you have ample lighting (doesn’t work quite well in low light environments). The 2MP front-facing camera is actually as good as the rear camera.

The camera functions are pretty comprehensive actually (allows for Macro or Autofocus, White Balance, Metering, GPS tags, Exposure, Shooting Mode, Timer and Flash).

Quality of video recording at 720p isn’t bad at all. It gets into trouble with exposure when you shift between well-lit to dark subjects but that’s pretty much understandable.

It’s not the best in terms of clarity and crispness among all the other tablets we’ve tried before yet we can say it does a good job as it is.

The SIM slot at the top end pops out pretty easily and though it doesn’t have the ability to make phone calls, there’s actually a messaging (SMS) app pre-installed in the tablet. Setting up the APN is very easy (it recognizes local carriers so the settings are basically plugged-in automatically).

There’s also the ability to tether the device via USB, WiFi and even Bluetooth so you can share the tablet’s 3G internet connection with other WiFi devices. Unfortunately, the Galaxy Tab P7500 is not an HSPA+ device, unlike the Galaxy S2, so it can’t benefit from the faster 3.5G network Globe and Smart are rolling out.

As for battery life, our test got us between 8 to 9 hours of movie playback (with WiFi off) and just a little under 7 hours when WiFi is on (this is at 50% brightness settings). The 6850mAh internal Li-Ion battery does a good job though I find charging it to full bar a bit slow.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-P7500 specs:
10.1″ display @ 1280×800 WXGA screen
Dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor
ULP GeForce GPU, NVidia Tegra 2 chipset
1GB RAM (724MB actual)
16GB/32GB/64GB internal storage
3.2 megapixel camera with LED flash
720p video recording
2MP front-facing camera
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 3.0 HS
FM radio
3G, HSDPA 21Mbps, HSUPA 5.76Mbps
6850 mAh battery
GPS w/ aGPS support
Android 3.1 Honeycomb

We’re fairly impressed with the Galaxy Tab 10.1. It’s by far the most noteworthy Android Honeycomb tablet we’ve encountered. The thin and light form factor is its biggest advantage against all other tablets in the 10-inch category.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is set to be released in the Philippines in the middle of August 2011 with an expected retail price of Php33,999 (not final) for the 16GB. Not bad considering the 16GB iPad 2 3G is in the Php31k range and the 1st-gen Galaxy Tab P1000 went for Php35k when it came out last year.

Update: The Galaxy Tab 10.1 being shown on display in Rockwell has a microSD card slot on top. The Galaxy Tab 8.9 does not have one. It looks like our device is an engineering unit and not the final product.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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115 Responses

  1. Benchmark says:

    still didn’t bought myself a tablet… but this is promising! it may not have a built in call features, perhaps soon, there would be an application that you can use it as phone call.

  2. Alex says:

    I sure wish to have one

  3. pong says:

    Nice tablet but Im going to buy next year when apple, andriod, and microsoft will go compete with each other. By then I will choose which one will be for me and I think It will be cheaper

  4. Nolram says:

    After reading your review, i was really disappointed. i was planning to buy one, but i have to stick with my ipad 2.

    I thought the Galaxy Tab will be better but after using my Ipad 2 for months now and after reading your review, iPad 2 is still the better tablet for me..

    Thanks yuga…

    • ARL says:

      same sentiments, im planning to have an android tab specifically this one! but after what ive read here, parang nag alinlangan na ako, hehehe better to save my extra penny for smartcover, nice sleeve for my ipad2 and wait for the next gen…

  5. Lloyd says:

    Sir yuga do you have any reviews about asus transformers? Thinking what tablet to buy

  6. Mike says:

    Why don’t they make 250gb hdd like archos..

  7. Messie says:

    Hi Boss Yuga, I asked Calvin to do this already, but I am still waiting for his feedback, may I ask for you to test the galaxy tab 10.1 with a PS One Emulator? This will really make or break it in my “To Buy” list, since it is something I cannot do on an iPad.


    • yuga says:

      @messie – sorry, I already returned the review unit.

    • EdwinC says:

      I think you should wait for the Sony Playstation tablets. It is a very interesting pair of devices called the S1 and S2. The tablets will be sporting Android 3.1+ Honey Comb depending on the time-frame of release. These are Playstation certified devices and include the Playstation logo on the back. Both models come preloaded with the vintage Crash Bandicoot and Pinball Hero as well as Crackle. Because of Sony’s vast network of entertainment properties you have an extensive array of entertainment and services including games from Playstation PS1 and PSP titles. Release date is Fall 2011. In North America that means sometimes before the Winter months begin. And Fall this year starts September 23 and ends Dec 21. Sa atin, October to November. Iyoooon.

  8. Mat says:

    When using Quadrant, you might want to try getting the average rather than relying on a single score.

    • yuga says:

      @mat – i actually did several runs and picked the highest score, not the average.

    • Mat says:

      Thats good to know, Yuga. However, I think an average would be more telling of the overall “Performance Measure”.

      But, seeing as thats as high as the Gtab 10.1 scored, I wonder if you’ve encountered any issues with playing those HQ games and movies. On a related note, have you noticed some lag/problems/issues with the keypad as mentioned on a number of forums?

  9. Does this mean that this model does not have a GSM module ie make cellphone calls?

    • Messie says:

      From what I’ve heard, GSM calls and texts are not activated in the current Honeycomb OS. However, this will be up as the OS gets updated (for the galaxy tab 10.1 3g at least).

  10. It was a nice gadget and review, i like Samsung.

  11. Nold says:

    No expandable slot :( awwww!

  12. Anonymous says:

    nice review yuga. Quadrant isn’t really a benchmark for dual-core phones/tablets so why bother? Also you failed to mention Nvidia Tegra’s biggest fail, its failure to play HD mkv video files, which is why i’m holding back on buying this amazing tablet. Why o why did Samsung jump on the Tegra bandwagon whereas it would have performed exceedingly better with their Exynos processor on it

  13. ICesteam says:

    Hmm a little bit disappointing no sd expandable.. puno na kagad yan sa gameloft games pa lang.

    Acer iconia will be releasing thier 3G lineup this august around 26 – 28k for 16/32GB model

  14. mm2jc2 says:

    Sir Yuga, I’ve been to the Rockwell’s area where the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was on display. How come the unit in Rockwell has a SD Slot w/ Sim Slot while your review unit does not?

  15. Apache says:

    Right now i pissed in a good way to Samsung and Asus right now i already got Samsung Galaxy P7500 and score of 1 but then more people starting to review and say ASUS Eee Pad Transformer is kind awesome for some people but i like to have more Juice in my Device as possible right now i am still waiting for sir abe to get a hand of ASUS Eee Pad Transformer.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab P7500 – Great Tablet choice but not to great for my every day life kinda a preference choice in the matter.

    Asus Eee Pad Transformer – Common i really like what Asus think a Tablet that has a Docking of a Netbook like that kind of awesome and the reviews and videos i seen battery last to 12-14Hrs thats like when you wake up use the Tablet and before you sleep its still on. and the 2 Ports of USB 2.0 and SD Card Slot and HDMI its kinda a winner for me don’t tell with the size and the wight ill go with this for now still waiting for a Final Review in Yugatech for Asus Eee Pad Transformer.

  16. Anonymous says:

    any chance of having a model with microSD slot?

  17. Prinz says:

    I was in Powerplant a while ago and they were showing actual 10.1 units. I double checked and it had an SD card slot. Why does this review say it doesn’t?

  18. Apache says:

    Sir Abe please review ASUS Eee Pad Transformer. I am going to die to that Tablet :D.

    • yuga says:

      @apache – coming soon

    • EdwinC says:

      You mean, “to die for that tablet”. Kakahiya naman english mo.

    • @EdwinC says:

      There’s nothing shameful about committing mistakes in speaking English. Pinoy lang naman ang may issue sa pagdating sa simple grammatical errors. One needs practice to be fluent, hindi instant yun :P

      @Apache: Asus Transformer is really worth it! :)

    • Edwin C says:

      You’re right he has nothing to be ashamed of his English grammatical errors because in the first place he’s not using his real name and, secondly, I effing don’t know him. But, really, just because you are Pinoy doesn’t mean you’re exempted from grammatical errors of such a simple language like English. At this point of you’re life you are probably a corporate man – working in a nice office in a clean environment surrounded by other employees dressed in fine clothes. At least do something about your English aside from your good looks. Saan ka ba nag-aral, kakahiya english mo.

    • Lupita says:

      magkaiba po ang gamit ng your at you’re. :)

      “At this point of you’re life.. ”

      *ui sasabihin niya typo yan lols c”,)

    • bastard says:

      @Edwin C

      Yan ang napapala ng pagmamagaling mo. LOL. Bago ka tumalak at sitahin ang grammar ng iba, make “effing” sure na wala ring mali sa grammar mo. Patawa ka masyado!

      ROFL. Panalo ka jan. :)

    • Eman says:

      @Edwin C


  19. iPud says:

    How i wish it costs 7500 pesos since u kept saying 7500P

  20. six says:

    Guys got news from samsung…
    Galaxy 8.9 will be showing its face here in the phil by august (end) . and its the same price as p1000 , also p1000 will be 5000 less by the end of august

    reserved na ako haha

    • bastard says:

      So, what you’re saying is Galaxy Tab 8.9 would roughly be around 20-22k? If that were true then I’m buying one right away! Hahaha

  21. jo says:

    @six, where mo nakita yung news bout dyan? if so, I gotta hold off buying the p1000 now, i plan to this week but after reading your news, i will wait, heheheheeh

  22. fr0stbyte says:

    There should be a note for the SD slot. Dapat i-confirm muna ‘yan. Dumedepende ang mga tao sa online reviews eh.

  23. Red Denal says:

    Cool Samsung Tab saken, apple ipad pa rin. :)

  24. Red Denal says:

    Lupit. I like. :)

  25. Apache says:

    Its official that i am going to Buy ASUS Eee Pad Transformer. Hehe but wish Samsung the best going to change brands for now :D.


  26. apm says:

    wait apache. theres a lot of accesories that the galaxy tab offers. visit engadget.

  27. Alejandro says:

    We are offering the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 P7500 in stock for sale.

    Selling price is just 500USD.

    Interested buyers should please contact us on: [email protected]

    • rain says:

      e sino po kayo? coz im looking to buy this if the asus slate ep121 doesn’t become available in the country soon. but really interested in dealing only with reliable vendors.

    • Booblet says:

      the 500 USD worth of the samsung galaxy tab 10.1, is that wifi only or it also has phone features? coz what i heard from the retailer here in Pinas is it costs almost 34,000 PhP!

    • mark jerwin says:

      sir,, free delivery po ba yan?? pwede C.O.D??

    • aya says:

      is your stock for samsung galaxy 10.1 are still available?. if yes kindly email me on [email protected] bec im out of the country and am interested to buy.


    • ken says:

      free delivery po ba?. here in pampanga?… thank you… and, do you have any contact numbers?

  28. Apache says:

    I know that Samsung Offers different ways so that you can have USB HDMI and SD CARDS but in ASUS there all there in one package nothing to hide theirs even an extra battery heh but still i might buy Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 not the 10.1 ill just look for ASUS Transformer with Dock in Manila this month and coming months need to find it first and look for the cheapest one

  29. mr. bogus says:

    samsung is the best android tablet as of now

  30. jake says:

    basta ako, ayaw ko na ng samsung brand! nadala na ko sa bad quality ng hardware nila.. TV man or cellphone. wala pang 1 year sira na agad. hay,.. di na ko bibili ng samsung products, ever!!

    • Kean says:

      Weh? Eh yung Corby ko, 2 years na eh, wala pang sira. Nasa pag-alaga lang yan.

    • WizKid says:

      weh?? phone ko galing japan, samsung.. daily routig nya everyday atleast 1-2x nalalaglag… minsan pagnag aaway kami ng gf ko hinahagis ko.. e2 mahigit 2 yrs ko ng ginagamit buhay parin,. di pa ako nakapagchange ng battery kahit once.. hahahha

  31. jake says:

    basta ako, ayaw ko na ng Samsung products! Nadala na ko sa bad quality ng hardware nila. TV or cellphone. Wala pang 1 year, sira na agad. Di na talaga ako bibili ng samsung products, ever!!

  32. apple estuye says:

    ayaw ko na bumili ng galaxy tab!! khit 10.1 pa yan.. ung galaxy tab ko, kabibili pa lng naghahung na agad! tapos sakit nia laging namamatay at ang tagal na ulit bago ma open. hinihintay ko pa malobat sya bago ko mabuksan ulit!! at ngayon nsa pagawaan xa, dhil ayaw na mag switch on! grabe 8 months p lang sira agad. ang kinis kinis pa ng labas ung software naman ang may problema!! i hate samsung product!!!!

    • apple and eve @ S2 says:

      don’t you know that even apple products hungs too?
      yep..it’s true.. kaya hindi lang samsung. it’s unfair for them.they worked so hard in it.
      pero double ingat kasi ang gadget kung hindi iingatan mabuti, madali tlga masira..
      i am not in favor of samsung nor apple. it’s just that there’s nothing perfect gadget, if so, then no one could ever afford to buy one…:-) don’t make hard on yourself.. buy want you really need today..:-) takecare.thanks.

  33. rose says:

    ano pong magandang phone na bilhin na worth 8000php? thanks!

    • Jake says:

      consider blackberry curve 8520..nasa Php 7-8k na lang sya ngayon. and u can maximize the use of this phone if u subscribe to blackberry internet service (Smart or Globe).

  34. We have stocks of Galaxy Tab 10.1 32gb Wifi already. Sold several units na. :)

  35. Wala pong microSD slot ang mga Galaxy Tab 10.1 :)

  36. francisangeles says:

    I was like waiting for the sammy 10.1 for like decades. my god if 2 weeks and I could not still find one, I may have no choice but to buy ipad 2. but I really love that 10.1 of samsung that has more pogi points than ipads got.

  37. Lupita says:

    kung tama po ang pagkakaintindi ko pede gamitin dito ung mga 3G na USB para sa net connection???

  38. yolanda says:

    I am very interested in this model of Samsung
    Who knows where is buy in Budapest?tks a lot in advance.

    • thess santos says:

      I have a new one i am willing to sell it for a low price. if you’re interested please contact me at 09392346233 or 9032478

  39. Thess Santos says:

    Hey guys! i have new samsung galaxy tab 10.1. Anyone who is interested please call me at 029032478 or text me 09392346233. Im willing to sell it for a low price. Its original.

  40. Sammie says:

    Upgrade to Life 2.0 now with Samsung Galaxy Tabs! http://on.fb.me/SamsungLife2

  41. russell lee says:

    is it possible to use a cellphone in lieu of a landline?

  42. eric says:

    i sell my samsung tab p1000 wifi/3g/16g
    with screen protector,leather case,globe broadband, 6 months pa lang i need cash lng
    kaya gusto kong ibenta if you interested just text me at 09339668745.


  43. iceman says:

    how does one run ussd on the p7500? I am on prepaid data plan on my sim and often need to run ussd to check balance or recharge or convert airtime to data.

  44. Jheng says:

    Is this Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 P7500 still available?

  45. Francis Velasco says:

    Hey guys. Galaxy Tab 10.1 sale! 16Gb wifi BLACK. Imported from states. Less than 2 weeks old. Nothing wrong, I just got extra one. With screen protector, sleeve, and USB ADAPTER. 27,000. Im here in baguio. Text me: 09155939823

    • Francis Velasco says:

      All original. I just have an extra one, sayang. So benta ko na. i’ll sell to my highest buyer. kc, marami nagkakagusto. tska kc may USB adapter orig. N black xa. Panget ung white. lol.

  46. simon says:

    me i have samsung galaxy tab 10.1 16gb wifi p7510 for only 20k text me 09996836535 meetups only metro manila

  47. jane says:

    hi.. i’m planning to buy 10.1 tab samsung kaso mabilis namn bumaba ang presyo ng samsung..hindi ba lugi? tsaka un nag sabi na di maganda un white, diba mas mabilis ang white na tab 10.1. i have 19000 Galaxy s amoled maganda namn, pero ngyon mababa na nakakapang hinayang nmn..tsk tsk tsk.. any suggestions? what if ipad2 nalng bilhin ko? ang apple namn ehh mahal at mahirap gamitin, kelangn pa i jailbreak para makuha ang gusto kong apps. at minsan lock pa sa globe.. hayy.. struggling…:-?

  48. CeeJay says:

    “HOw much it cost for Galaxy Tab 10.1 32G?”
    and any seller here have contact numbers?


  49. lovely says:

    tanong ko lang kung gagana ba internet nito or makakasurf ba sa net via 2G network? wala kasing 3G samin dito.. i bought nokia n900 last year kasi nakakasurf sya via 2G. at ngayon nagsasawa nako, gusto ko ng palitan. yon lang concern ko kung gagana ang internet nia sa 2G connection..

  50. Habib says:

    HELP! My galaxy tab 10.1 is asking for SIM NETWORK UNLOCK CODE. Where can I get this code? I’m using globe tatoo prepaid sim. I’ve been using it for a month and suddenly just locked up.

    • jon says:

      just asking about the galaxy tab 10.1,about you using a globe tatoo sim card..does the tablet,sends and recieves messages and calls? pls answer

    • Carlos says:

      Have you already fixed the locked up issue ?

      My galaxy tab 10.1 is also now asking for SIM NETWORK UNLOCK PIN.I was using it for a month and suddenly locked up.

      I appreciate a lot your comments. Thanks in advance.

  51. Prince says:

    Just contact Samsung and/or your network provider customer service for your issues and concern. As simple as that.

  52. ayzel says:

    hello? I just wanna know which tablet is the best? best for a student? and for playing games? IPAD 2, BB PLAYBOOK or THIS GALAXY TAB? my dad gonna buy me for my birthday this november, and i’m uhm already in “panic” state, ‘coz those gadgets are all very nice! please help.

  53. lovanne says:

    can you send me price
    galaxy tab 10.1
    asap thanks
    ill wait

    09326177030 my no

  54. Nhoel says:

    @ayzel -swerte mo naman =)
    though i didnt have any tablet myself but i recommend getting an android tablet, and galaxy tab is the *best* android tablet.
    matagal na kong naglalaway dyan =)

  55. kenken says:

    correct me if i am wrong. galaxy tab is a hspa+ device. check out the back of its package. hspa+ dual core edge/gprs pls i need your feedback regarding this matter.


  56. tech2crave says:

    The Galaxy Tab 10.1 has a very sleek design.

  57. Charis says:

    Looking at the makeup of the upcoming tablet from Amazon i believe that we are seeing the dawn of a new era in the tablet market. Having an established distribution network as well as a content platform available only to you seems to be the new way to go.I would not be surprised to see a 10″ tablet from Amazon next year.

  58. william says:

    i have purchase the TV Out Cable (RCA plug type) for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, but it doesn’t work.

    A friend of mine tested it on his 7″ Tab and it works.

    is the 10.1 missing a software?

    i have been looking forward to use the cable to connect to a projector for office presentation

  59. ade says:

    May wifi version ba to? Bakit puro 3G lang ata nakikita ko.

  60. edz says:

    laki ng problema ng tablet na to… 2 weeks palang ung tablet sakin sira na agad. hindi nila alam kng anong problem. 1 week na syang nasa service center.

  61. guest says:

    yung user ang may sira dyan.

  62. ang mahal naman 5.5k lang yan d2 sa samsung center pah. tapoz if smart ka may points ka 1000 bale 1k off po un tablet. 4.5k na lang di bah :) check mu points mu para maka tipid ka po

  63. Ipadrox says:

    Ipad pa rin ako, korni apps sa android ska samsung lang yan wala panama sa apple. Mas mura pa. Saka pag binenta mo sa second hand yun ipad mataas pa rin ang value ( technology yan kailangan mag upgrade, so dun tayo sa mataas ang resale value ). So investment, fun, functionality and prestige – ipad ftw.

  64. It sometimes lags when I tested it on Jump Media Center.

  65. I am an owner of this new galaxy tab too! I really like its features. It is also nicer than the old version as it has a large screen and it has more innovative features. It looks like an iPad. It is also thinner than the old one.

  66. Dennies says:

    We just bought one last Friday. What the correct SIM card for this tab? The salesman said that we need a micro sim. However we just inseeted a micro sim but it’s now stuck inside thw slot. It’s too big for a micro size. Any idea? We’re thinking of bringing the device to a service center asap.

  67. Dennies says:

    We just bought one last Friday. What is the correct SIM card for this tab? The salesman said that we need a micro sim. However we just inserted a micro sim but it’s now stuck inside the slot. It’s too big for a micro size. Any idea? We’re thinking of bringing the device to a service center asap.

  68. candy0142 says:

    other people say the asus eepad transformer is better. :D

  69. itipiddotcom says:

    I have 8.9 too bad it can do call but can do sms. Waiting for ics upgrade or hack so that it can do gsm call

  70. Erkos says:

    How to use ussd in my galaxy tab 10.1? Where I can find it?

  71. hazel says:

    how much is the samsung galaxy?

  72. jhoechelle says:

    Good day, how can i purchase samsung galaxy tab for only 7,500?? pls. reply me asap.. thnx

  73. jom says:

    P7500 doesnt mean Php 7,500.00
    P7500 is the model# of the product.

    I am selling my Galaxy Tab 10.1 for Php 25k with box 16gb 3G. Ill give a free case. very presentable, with screen protectors on front and back

    price at samsung is around Php33900

    0921 853 63 60

  74. raymund says:

    sobrang ganda ng tablet samsung p7500…

  75. raymund says:

    @jom mahal nmn yang tablet mo 16gb lang 25k..

  76. Grace says:

    How much is the price of samsung galaxy tab 10.1 in the Philippines as of April 15, 2012? Please answer. thank you.

  77. sheena chiong says:

    where can i find the smart menu on my galaxy tab p7500?? I’ve been looking for it all week… Please assist me…

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