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Say it out loud — HP TouchPad is the best tablet, at $99

When HP dropped the price of the TouchPad to $99, most online retail stores saw huge number of orders putting them out of stock in less than 24 hours. The HP TouchPad became a huge hit overnight as an internet device at $99.

For a 9.7″ IPS screen with dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor and 1GB RAM, the HP TouchPad is a great surfing device for $99. The abandoned OS and the lack of apps isn’t an issue when you have the internet/browser as the killer app.

When we heard the news last Thursday that HP is discontinuing production of webOS devices, our excitement over the purchase of the HP tablet somewhat fizzled (I also got word that my TouchPad arrived that same day).

So when I un-boxed it yesterday, I had mixed emotions — this is going to be a rare tablet very soon, a collector’s item but with no or little prospects for support or updates. However, since this is a pretty capable device, I’m very sure folks will have a way to port Android Honeycomb into it very soon.

Nobody was buying the TouchPad when it was released in July. Best Buy had over 200,000 stuck in their inventory that wasn’t moving. Then HP dropped the price to just $99. We saw it being put up in Amazon first, then Target, Office Depot and even the HP Online Store itself. In a matter of hours, all the stocks were sold with the remaining ones still selling for the un-adjusted $399 price.

Buyer’s remorse? Well, yeah. So what I did was buy another 32GB model for $125. That’s $399 for the 16GB and $125 for the 32GB for 2 TouchPads at $525 or $260+ each. Not bad, right? Will keep the 16GB in my little gadget museum at home (along with the other legacy devices) and use the 32GB for a possible Honeycomb port later on.

Fortunately, for those who bought the device earlier, they will still have the chance to get it at the discounted price. Details of the rebate is said to be put up very soon.

My first impression of the HP TouchPad is actually good — great OS, good specs, awesome sounds by Beats (best in any tablet I’ve used), a bit lacking in apps and a little bulky.

My problem now is that the price points will definitely affect the conclusion of my final review — it’s an okay tablet at $399 (16GB) but becomes the best tablet ever — for $99.

Watch out for our full review of the HP TouchPad next week.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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58 Responses

  1. jon dela paz says:

    sir yuga, sale din ba yan sa canada?

  2. adam says:

    San po pwede makabili sa manila.

  3. spbx says:

    stop teasing us! :D

  4. For the price, i also think it is the best tablet ever!

  5. Tingin ko pwede ‘tong ireflash to Android.

  6. Jhoms says:

    Sir abe meron din bang discounted price dito sa SG yan?

  7. dancirayos says:

    sarap naman nan!

  8. rolibalicas says:

    Do they sell it here in manila?

  9. Eingild says:

    Sir yuga san ka nakabili? Baka namn puwede magpabili sa’yo. Kung okay lang. :D

  10. Name: Sushi says:

    Sir Yuga, how will they ship this if I buy from Amazon or from the site where you bought one? Thanks!

  11. Nerbie says:

    My sisters in US and in UK told me that a lot of buyers waited for the drop of the prices. Marami talaga ang naging out of stocks na.

  12. FreelanceU says:

    When will this be featured on YugaDeals??!

  13. jonas says:

    woah…it sells like hotcakes when the price dropped.

  14. icesteam says:

    Sir Abe any more links kung saan pede avail puro out of stock na heheh

  15. Mai says:

    Anywhere else we can buy this cheap? The HP site, Amazon, Target, and Office Depot are all out of stock…

  16. Dk Sandimas says:

    Abe! Help! how to buy it online? Pano po b ung shipping!? Any tips? People?

    • jess says:

      if you have paypal. go to hopshopgo.com. login using your paypal credentials. bibigyan ka nila ng US shipping address. You can use that address to buy items in the US

  17. DK says:

    Im willing to buy this! Conatct me! :D

  18. mike says:

    my girlfriend got 3, one for me, one for her, and one for her brothers. a total of $279. that’s $200 less the price of 1 iPad2. can’t wait to get my fingers on my tpad.

  19. aira says:

    diba ang samsung tablet 10.1 free din sya sa bestbuy if you buy 55″ inch LED TV na Samsung…

  20. Miguel Paraz says:

    di ko napansin, ko naman maiuuwi yung mga TV!

  21. Ederic says:

    Abe, benta mo na lang sa akin yung isa. Hehe.

  22. Lakay77 says:

    Sa wakas nakaorder din ako hirap maghanap online napuyat ako kakahanap. Buti na lang tumawag ako sa bestbuy nakahabol.
    Cant wait

  23. fr0stbyte says:

    I was able to buy three kanina dito sa Harvey Norman Australia. Limit of two per person per model. Tig $99 yung 16GB model at yung isang 32GB model was $149. The weird thing is they were given to us in brown boxes. No labeling of any sort. Firesale talaga.

  24. jess says:

    naka bili ako sa Barnes and Noble ng 2 16gb model. how much kaya shipping nito sa pinas?

  25. jonas says:

    Mura na ito. tapos pwede nang ilagagy kung sakali ang android sa touch pad: http://www.technobolt.com/2011/08/22/android-will-soon-be-running-on-hp-touchpad/

  26. Mark says:

    Sir Abe.. san ka naka order? thanks!! pwede ba ako magpa order? hehehehe thanks!!!

  27. fr0stbyte says:

    Sa Pilipinas, maliban sa shipping eh may custom fees din. Check mo muna.

  28. lyka says:

    sir..san nakakabili neto?i want to purchase;)

  29. lyka says:

    i want to purchase;)san ba meron nito d2 sa manila?

  30. aaron says:

    sir abe, pabili din, i’ll pay kahit patungan mo ng reasonable increase…

  31. nag.aabang.ng.gracia says:

    Abe.. Thanks for the info last Saturday about the HP cut-off price down to $100, I thought Abe is joking so in a blink of an eye I ordered online at http://www.shopping.hp.com/product/FB355UA%2523ABA

    I received my unit this morning.. Again, Thanks Dude! More Power!


  32. donald says:

    i just have one question, sir. Are there still stocks available or is it really sold out? lahat na lang po e out of stock, magrerestock pa po kaya sila?

  33. Rmil Chua says:

    in production pa ba ito o totally discontinued na? sayang nman…

  34. daniel says:

    MR. YUGATECH!!! pwede pabili naman ng touchpad na yan! 6k pa babayad ko sayo! please please po estudyante pa lng ako! pero super worth it to! please pabili naman po! babayaran ko!

  35. Rmil Chua says:

    @abe, why not order some then feature it in yugadeals…XD

  36. Je says:

    Waaa I’m so late with this! Just gone for a long weekend vacation, I came back to the online world this Tuesday only to find out that I’m late for this awesome deal. I can’t find any store selling this tablet at a slashed price :(

  37. Les says:

    Well all HP needs to do is to sell the touchpad at $99 regularly. Tatalunin nya sa sales ang ibang brand hehehe. Sold out na nga eh in less than 4 days haha.

  38. nix says:

    pwede pa kaya umorder? :D

  39. kriz says:

    gusto ko!!!!! saan naman makakabili nyan dito sa pinas? out of stock na talaga kasi lahat. T_T

  40. Jef says:

    Yes, this is the DEAL OF THE YEAR! Luckily, nakakuha kami ng unit last Saturday (we’re based in N. America). At this price, di ka na makakapagreklamo. Also, lahat ng accessories, bagsak presyo na din ngayon. As of now, lahat ng tech store dito ay OUT OF STOCK na…

  41. Navinuz says:

    Wow!~ what an amazing offer by HP! New Tablet in the Market and features an affordable budget plan. Tinalo pa nito ang Cheery Mobile “Superion” super sulit!~

  42. Otakore says:

    I want it. I want to Androidify it!

  43. ronald says:

    I bought one from a sulit seller that was sealed brand new last monday. We met in coffebean trinoma. The unit needed to have an internet connection to boot up. I love using it especially for youtube because it’s faster in loading videos compared to my ipads and galaxy tab 10.1

  44. lyka says:

    Sir how much mo nabili.,naghahanap din ksi ako ng seller.,can you give me the info about the seller?thnks in advance

  45. Ron says:

    Hi saan nakakabili ng HP touchpad dito sa manila? ang hirap mag hanap… salamat. :))

  46. rhon says:

    I just to know kung saan makakabili nito

  47. rhon says:

    *I just want to know kung saan po makakabili nito dito sa manila…..Thanks

  48. dolly says:

    Hi,how much for 32g. tnx

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