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Intel and Samsung reveals a 17-inch Slidable Display for PCs

Intel and Samsung Display are currently collaborating on slidable PCs. It was during Intel’s Innovation Keynote yesterday that Samsung Display CEO JS Choi showed off the prototype of the PC that is sliding from a 13-inch size tablet into a full-size 17-inch display.

Slidable Display made by Intel and Samsung Display

Intel Samsung Display Slidable Pc (2)

“We’re announcing the world’s first 17-inch slidable display for PCs,” said Choi. “This device will satisfy various needs for a larger screen and portability as well.”

With the collaboration of the two brands, it was chosen by Samsung Display implemented the sliding technology instead of the foldable one for the incoming flexible PC displays. Choi also said during the Keynote that the “foldable is gone” on PCs.

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Intel Samsung Display Slidable Pc

Before Microsoft abandoned its ambitions for Windows 10X on foldable, Intel had been experimenting with new PC form factors for years and was initially getting ready for a dual-screen and foldable future. It’s not yet obvious how Intel will make slidable PCs a reality, but these types of revolutionary form factors urgently require the software and apps to make them shine.

With a flexible display and a sliding mechanism, the prototype device that Samsung Display and Intel unveiled today essentially transforms a 13-inch tablet into a 17-inch monitor. On one display, Intel was keen to show off its new Unison software, which seeks to link computers powered by Intel to smartphones, including iPhones.

The slidable PC itself is currently just a concept, and neither Intel nor Samsung Display has provided a timeline for when it’ll become a reality.

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