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Sony Tablet S and Tablet P debuts in IFA

So many tablets have been unveiled this week in IFA Germany including the ones from Sony, the Tablet S and Tablet P.

The Sony Tablet S has an odd form factor, not the usual flat-pancake style of many other tablets.

It’s got a 9.4-inch display, 16GB and 32GB storage, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth, 5MP camera running on an Android Honeycomb 3.1 OS. It’s supposed to use a Tegra 2 chip as well.

Here’s some unboxing videos of the Tablet S:

Price starts at $499.

The Sony Tablet P, on the other hand, is a smaller 5.5″ dual-screen tablet. It follows the same form factor as the Vaio P. The Tablet P runs on Honeycomb 3.2.

Video via UberGizmo.

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9 Responses

  1. If the picture posted looks like the actual, then i like it.

  2. H says:

    crash bandicoot, how i miss playing that game? masisira sa kin ang touchscreen pag yan ginamit ko paglaro.

  3. Robertson says:

    mas gusto ko to kumpara sa ibang tablet sa market. yung iba kasi muka ding iPad ang design

  4. berto says:

    for a moment nakalimutan ko bigla ang samsung tablets!!!

    ang ganda!

    sana bumaba pa ang mga prices nang mga tablets this year!

  5. yo says:

    I want a phone not a tablet from Sony. I’m a big fan of their products.

  6. Edwin C says:

    Kakatuwa talaga ang mga comments dito. Kada labas ng bagong tablet sasabihin nila, “ito ang gusto ko”. Hay, nako, kailan ba kakatigil ang labas ng labas ng mga bagong tablet para makapag-decide tayo.

  7. miong says:

    The sony tablet p could have been more functional had they made it in such a way that when you fold it, it becomes a mobile phone. But then, it’s the sony ericsson division that’s handling the mobile phone business.

    The two tablets are good in design, but i don’t see the logic of sony making them so pricey, considering the tablet market is already flooded with so many competitively priced android tablets. I see DOA for these tablets.

  8. Edwin C says:

    $499 is Php21,000. Pero pagdating dito magiging Php30 – Php35k iyan dahil sa mga kurakot dito!

  9. Mark says:

    499 plus TAX and also the effort of bring the unit here… so given 30k is just enough.. unless Sony already release the unit here in phils.

    Pero maganda sa Sony you can plug in HDD :) there’s a mini-USB slot.. plus probably end of october mabubuksan na yung PSONE for Tab which you can play PS1 games and PSP games too… So far wala pang donwloadable games for gameloft and also yung ps1 at psp… hehehe

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