Sony Vaio P launched and priced

Sony Vaio P launched and priced

Sony Philippines today launched their much-anticipated flagship ultraportable — the Sony Vaio P pocket-style PC. And when they said it’s a pocket-style PC, it really does fit in your pocket. We got the official specs, price and release date after the jump.

The Sony Vaio P comes in two models – a 1.33GHz and 1.6 Ghz Intel Atom Z processors. Specs and price are as follows:

sony vaio p laptop

Intel Atom Z520 1.33 GHz HT
2GB on-board RAM
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 500
8″ ultrawide display (1600×768 pixel resolution)
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.0
Price: Php49,999

sony pocket pc sony vaio sony vaio iphone


Intel Atom Z530 1.60 GHz HT
2GB on-board RAM
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 500
8″ ultrawide display (1600×768 pixel resolution)
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.0
Price: Php69,999

sony vaio p sony vaio p sony vaio p

The SSD model is lighter (594 grams) than the HDD model (620 grams) by about 26 grams but both has a battery capacity of 3 hours (an extended battery lasts 6 hours). Memory card slots available for SD/MMC/SDHC and Memory Stick Duo as well as a webcam, 2 USB ports and an I/O connector for display and LAN adaptor. The VGN-P15G also comes with a noise-canceling headphones.

Sony also equipped the Vaio P with a hardware encoder that allows for smooth playback of HD videos (AVCHD).

sony vaio p sony vaio philippines tj manotoc

The Vaio P will be available to the Philippine market by February 25, 2009. Pre-orders can be made online ( starting Friday.

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40 Responses

  1. StrangerWithCandies says:

    What?! VGN-P13H only running on 1.33GHz? Bad.

  2. dewd says:

    Hahaha, 50 and 70K for a netbook? No thanks Sony, no matter how you call them, that thing still acts and looks like a netbook to us.

  3. Jerome says:

    Sony VAIOs are really expensive

  4. boinks says:

    man i want those T_T

  5. BrianB says:

    Hope it comes with a trauma insurance.

  6. calvin says:

    gotta hand it to Sony for making very nice-looking devices that are sooo expensive. They think they’re Apple. :P

  7. edieboy says:

    too expensive computers but it is great..

  8. taksan says:

    Ouch! Why the hell are they expensive? Comparing it to MSI WIND with almost half the price of Sony VAIO P,I would get MSI WIND with more feature and better screen. Sigh, this is the problem with japanese companies, they make practical things look impractical and unnecessary.

  9. I think it’s rightly priced. They dont have to think they’re Apple, they obviously are better than Apple.

  10. marvin says:

    masisira lang mata ko jan, sobra liit!

  11. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    yes someone please stick this in their back pocket, it will be stolen in no time.

  12. seoulbox says:


    60 K? bili na lang ako ng macbook yung white. ahehe.
    si Sony talaga. mahal.

  13. Num Lock says:

    It should be priced at 30T only so it can be a competitive product. Those netbooks that priced at 24t and higher are not affordable. I will just buy a standard laptop.

  14. edge says:

    that’s ridiculously expensive. I can’t even consider that a true computer. A toy for Php 50,000?? I’m so not going to buy that. I don’t understand why companies keep on making these worthless and almost non-functional computers that can’t even handle office 2007.

  15. Dewd says:

    Coz they’re Sony. They have this stupid mentality that if you build it, they will buy it. Honestly with that price point, Sony’s just being downright offensive, especially with the economic crises hitting us dead in the face.

  16. I used to be such a big fan of Sony Vaio. My last laptop was a SV but it didn’t last long :( and I am such a careful owner. Will see how long my MacPro lasts.

  17. crestfallen says:

    for the very rich only… =(

  18. TechPinas says:

    70k for an Atom powered laptop?

    That is a bit too much. Even for a lifestyle-line unit. Too much.

    I think it defeats Sony’s purpose in releasing this — nah ah, I highly doubt P will save the company.

  19. Unknown Soldier says:

    NAKU! 70K?! Kamahal na calculator naman yan!

  20. ride says:

    all sony products are overpriced here in the philippines. really. i assume you can get one of those in sg at 10-15k less than the ph price.

  21. velodyne says:

    acer aspire one, asus eepc and hp mini are less than half the price. all are running with 1.6Ghz Atom N270 Processor with 160Gb hard disks.

  22. dee says:

    anyone tried the red fox wizbook? those things are priced at a third of what sony’s offering and they pretty much have the same specs.

    i will have to agree though the sony vaio p is VERY PRETTY. that i gotta give them…

  23. @Unknown Soldier – hahahaa! you made me laugh! :D really, times 2 sa pinas, w8 lang natin e release sa abroad ma bibili natin yan ng half the price thru ebay.. hehehe

    like my T200 dati, its SRP is 30,000+ pero nabili ko ng 15k. Matagal na yun, ngayon mas mura na. :D

    We just need to be patient and wait. Mabilis naman mag mura mga sony gadgets. yay!

  24. Roy says:

    Recent survey have shown that is just beauty and n nothing else
    This item is just a fashion item for ladies and not worth for a computer savvy person to acquire…

  25. Dubios buyer says:

    I am a proud user of the Sony VaiO laptop, as I have 17 inch desktop replacement system which had given me already 4 years of good service and still doing well!
    But these new offering such as Sony VaiO p is like blond woman, a beauty but a dumbass..
    I have discovered this page while surfing for laptop reviews
    Uggghh,,,,, what a sheer waste of money in these hard times…

  26. jm says:

    pls akin n lng yan mag-aaral ko ng mabuti at saka kailangan ko yan tlga pls!!!!! i want that at saka magaling ako mag tugtog ng instrument pangako papakta mo sayo ang muka ko may talento pa nman ako

  27. vintoy says:

    di praktikal na bumili ng mga ganyang bagay hehehe…

  28. E says:

    i like the vgnz series… very robust among all sony vaio series… this P series needs the dpi settings to be adjusted to its smallest settings just for you to click on large installer application… all vaio notebook are really expensive… thats why sony came here in the philippines late than other country… i really want the vgnz…

  29. empoyduck says:

    for those who said it can’t even use Office 2007, better put a plunger to your mouth first, it can even run hi-end development applications.

  30. the beauty of the laptop will surely conflict with the beauty of my budget

  31. WISEMAN says:


  32. ipsism says:


    i guess you’re the type who saves food until it is on expiry date.

  33. It’s Really informative Article and you are doing very finicky work and thanks for sharing this.

  34. rsgoldjw says:

    very good, it’s very useful to me, thank you very much!

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