Sony Vaio W drops to Php29k with Pine Trail

Sony Philippines introduced several new models in their line of laptops, including a CULV line (Vaio Y), a high-end Vaio Z and a refresh of their Vaio W netbook.

Sony’s Vaio W netbook got a 25% price drop from Php39k+ to just Php29k+ with a fresh upgrade of the Intel Atom N450 with GMA3150.

They also introduced a new model, the Vaio Y, which uses low-powered Intel processors for the thin and light category at 13.3 inches. The Vaio Y gets a price range of around Php55,000.

Expect an Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300 in here.

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On the top of the heap is the Php150,000 Sony Vaio Z.

Sony also introduced their most powerful laptop running Intel Core i7.

Sony Vaio Z
Intel Core i5-540M 2.53GHz (up to 3.06GHz with Turbo Boost)
nVidia GeForce GT 330M GPU with CUDA
13.1″ display @ 1600×900
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Up to 5.5 hours battery life
Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
Price: Php149,999

Sony Vaio Y
Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300 1.3GHz
Intel GMA 4500 MHD
13.3″ display @ 1366×768
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
up to 6 hours battery life
Price: Php54,999

Sony Vaio W
10.1″ display @ 1366×768
Intel Atom N450 1.66GHz
1GB / 2GB DDR2
Intel GMA 3150
250GB / 320GB HDD
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Price: Php29,999 / Php39,999

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17 Responses

  1. Yeyie Mingote says:

    VAIO Y is good for me..i’m using it right now… everything is good… I’m running Windows 7 O.S… Japan Price 69,000 yen…. in Peso around 29,588… Thumbs Up!!! for VAIO Y…. ^_^ !

  2. Yung Sony Vaio W po sa Electroworld sa Trinoma 10% off pa yung 29k, so nasa 26k na lang po. Yan sana bibilhin ko kaso naisip ko baka mamuti mata ko sa 10″ na screen with 1366 x 768 resolution kaya I ended up with Asus 1201T.

  3. limuel says:

    sayang dapat nag vaio y nalang aq kesa sa acer 3935

  4. Nice one Sony for introducing cheaper netbook models because there is plethora of netbooks these days in marketplace wl latest pine trail chip at competitive prices. Even Core i5 notebooks priced below US$1,000. For instance, here in Saudi Core i5 notebook from Packard Bell priced at SR 3,000. or Php37,000. I’m really surprised!!!

  5. Miguel says:

    Looks like Vaio prices are becoming rational.

  6. pricey naman ng vaio y. if i have to buy now i’d go for the base model ngmacbook. almost same price pero with better processor, same amount of ram at di lang ako sure pero mukhang mas better 9400m ng macbook sa 4500mhd ng vaio y. halos same din pala claimed battery life 6 hrs for vaio y while 7 hrs for macbook di lang ako sure regarding sa weight comparison.

    happy weekend everyone. going home now

  7. simplynice93 says:

    Ganda! But Macbook Pro is better!

  8. lolipown says:

    The Macbook Pro compared to which vaio model? Vaio Y or Vaio Z?

  9. ganda sana kung i7 ang motherboard… :D

  10. Bench says:

    Ok nko sa ibook old model man mAs ok padin performance kesa typical netbooks

  11. val says:

    I would still prefer a Macbook Pro with much more cleaner design, but that’s just me. ^_^

  12. carloxy says:

    tagal na kayang 29k ang Sony W.. yun nga yung nabili ng sis ko e

  13. zirdaj says:

    That Vaio Z had me drooling! Parang nahiya tuloy laptop ko. xD

  14. conrflakes says:

    Php 150k? wow.

    Just buy a Macbook and get yourself a 7 hour battery life.

  15. hubes says:

    saw a review in

    battery still protrudes from the bottom.

  16. hubes says:

    what are the specs of the pine trail sony?

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