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The “Ozaki Nuke 28” Review

After installing the new WP-ShortStat plugin, I noticed several Google search results pointing back to my blog about an item in my Digital Wish List, the Ozaki Nuke28.


speakers I thought I’d share my first hand experience with everyone about it. Well, after weeks of searching for the 5.1 speakers, I finally found a set on stock at Villman, Makati Cinema Square. I asked the technician to open the box and test the speakers for me so I can check it for audio quality. The technician hesitated, asking if I were to buy it before he opens the box, but I said I just wanted to check out if the sound is okay. He proceeded to setting up the speaker to one of their demo PCs and apologized that the sound card does not support 5.1 channels. I replied back insisting that at least I could hear how the bass of the subwoofer would fare.

Ten agonizing minutes later, I was staring blank at the floor almost not believing how awefull the sound was. The volume and bass power wasn’t even close to what I imagined it to be. Well, I got really used to my Altec Lansing 321 at 70 watts rms, but this Ozaki Nuke 28 is nowhere near half as good as my 3 year old speakers. The verdict — I left the store hastily, no Ozaki speakers. This one’s definitely off my Digital Wish List.

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8 Responses

  1. rain says:

    Good call. Did a search for 2.1 speakers before (dont need 5.1, since I got a 5.1 speaker’d Pioneer 5 disc changer already :)), and without depending on the online reviews I swear to, got this instead. Pretty happy with choice, nice form factor pa :)

  2. yuga says:

    Cool speakers. For desktops right? How many watts? I often use my Altec 321 with my TV when watching DVDs and it’s kicking in some juice.

  3. retzwerx says:

    What I did was I got myself a Sony Component with 5.1 surround DVD-MP3 component plugged it on my SB sound card. I’m building a cylinder sub (speaker from my old kenwood compo, a scrap MWSI 6″diameter Pipe[nawasa!] and an AMP from my co-DJ). If I’d be able to finish it by July I’ll post it on my blog.

  4. rain says:

    Yes, desktops lang. 60 watts lang yata, pero ok naman :) Better than my old Boka. Hahaha :mrgreen:

  5. donds says:

    ala kasi syang volume for bass adjustment..

  6. Okoi says:

    Ok. Haha! To think I even considered buying one a long time ago. I guess, I’ll go with Logitech’s Z-640’s. Thanks for the review

  7. Zac says:

    Its not the speakers fault.
    The sound depends alot on the settings you use and the hardware.
    I use Nuke 28 and it works perfect and give good quality.
    You still havent listened to the system in surround mode.

  8. Exceptional blog post you have here. I hadn’t pondered aforementioned.

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