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Toshiba Libretto drops to 48k, anybody buying?

Around June last year, Toshiba released the dual-screen tablet called the Libretto W100 to commemorate their 25 years in the computer business. It ran on Windows 7 and it was expensive.

Toshiba Libretto W100
7-inch display @ 1024×600 pixels
Intel Pentium U5400 CPU @ at 1.2 GHz
Intel HD Graphics
1 x USB port
Windows 7 Home Premium

The suggested retail price then was over Php70,000 and that was 1 4 months ago. It’s now down to Php47,990 but that’s still expensive considering the specs.

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13 Responses

  1. Jay Quing says:

    very expensive…

  2. emman says:

    Actually last week ko pa nakita ung brochure ng toshiba indicating this product at Php49,990
    Its an odd gadget for me… but at that price point, i’ll prefer the 2011 macbookair 11”

  3. Filipinos can’t afford to buy that.It’s too expensive.Mauubusan ng pambili ng load para sa cellphone,lol.

  4. Arthur J says:

    Akala ko libre to. Libretto pala at ang mahal.

  5. Edwin C says:

    Old tech na iyan, eh. Puede babaan pa sa P20k ang price drop? Buy ako.

  6. wreek888 says:

    mahal pa, by the time bumaba price nito out of spec na siya

  7. Conrad says:

    Touchscreen is very frustrating to use in a Win7 system. I have the acer iconia and navigation is sheer hell. the virtual keyboard causes the system to hang or stall every time. the libretto is even older tech so i dread to think how even worse the user experience will be

  8. ammiel says:

    lahat naman ng toshiba products super expensive considering you can get the same specs on other brands on half the price

  9. leeto says:

    sus!!! nanay ko, ang mahal!!!!

  10. jego says:

    If typing on a touch screen isn’t hard enough, why would I need two screens again??

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