Toshiba NB300 boasts 11 hours battery

Toshiba NB300 boasts 11 hours battery

Toshiba did a refresh of the NB series with the NB300/305 now sporting a 3.5G SIM slot and promising up to 11 hours of battery life on the 6-cell model.

Toshiba NB300/305
10.1″ display screen @ 1024×600
Intel Atom N450 1.66GHz
Intel GMA 3150 Express 250MB
WiFi 802.11 b/g
HSDPA/3.5G SIM slot
Bluetooth 2.1 EDR
3 USB 2.0 ports
2-in-1 card reader
Windows 7 Starter


Toshiba claims up to 11 hours of battery life on the 6-cell model. That has yet to be tested but even if it can only do 8 hours, it should already be a good number. Units available in red, blue, white, black and brown.

Toshiba did not say the exact date but it hints it will be out very soon. Same with the retail price.

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40 Responses

  1. Buknoy says:

    wow… sana mura lang…

    yahoo 1st ako nagcomment hahaha

  2. chris says:

    wow.. amazing battery life

  3. daddy joey says:

    what brand has the longest battery life? :)

  4. L.R. says:

    nice… i want this!

  5. cands says:

    Any chance this will retail for less than 25k?

  6. xpactor says:

    27990php daw srp tapos pwede makuha ng 26500php.
    di ko lang alam san shop nakita lang kanina ng sis ko. nb305 un exact model.

  7. erikjames says:

    toshiba brand talagang subok na matibay. talagang matitigas ung plastics niya. mahal lang. pero sulit ung perang pinambili. ive been waiting for this one to come out. hindi niyo ba napapansin halos lahat ng computer paraphernalia/components tatak toshiba. even apple products are using it. kahit tingnan niyo pa. correct me if im wrong.

  8. they retain the design factor of Toshiba NB205. just like how the HP Mini 5102 retained the design of the HP Mini 5101.

  9. bxo says:

    to xpactor: can you please ask your sister where or what mall she saw the nb305 unit? please, please? i’ve been waiting for this model and i badly need a new netbook. thank you for your help!

  10. xpactor says:

    sa megamall daw di lang matandaan store.

  11. rcsaint says:

    mag-inquire ka na lang sa local toshiba distributor:

    Tricom Dynamics, Inc.
    G/F, Metro House,
    345 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue Makati City, 1200

    Telephone : (632) 890 6525
    Facsimile : (632) 890 0698

  12. Tammy David says:

    Crap I just bought the NB205 last November. Oh well I got the onyx black 250GB windows starter for $330 but still…cue song: “I should have waiteddd”

  13. rotron says:

    The Toshiba NB300 series will be available locally this January ranging from 22k to 27k. Several new model series will also be coming out this month.

    As for those who have seen or bought a Toshiba notebook that has a 5 in their model series number (ie. NB305, L305, M505, T105, T135), those are Toshiba modelling numbers for North America and other continents, hence, they are imported. Official Toshiba modelling numbers in Asia always ends in 0 (ie. NB200/300, L300, L310, M500, T100, T130).

  14. hubes says:

    saw this in sm north complink store. just delivered by supplier. no price yet.

  15. bxo says:

    electroworld trinoma texted and informed me that they now have stock of nb305, but they don’t have white; even the local supplier said that no white units came in with the shipment. darn.

  16. Charmaine says:

    Hello bxo, can you please send me the mobile number of the staff in electroworld who texted you? I’m planning to buy this weekend eh. Thanks in advance.

  17. rotron says:

    The Toshiba NB305-A101 is already available at several shops in Megamall. I’ve tried one and it’s speedier than the previous NB200-A103 and has a more slanted front and still the keyboard is the best among other netbooks. It now comes in red too. No white though. Sells for Php27,990.

    They also said that new Toshibas will be coming out this January equipped with an Intel Core i3 and models with a touchscreen that were previously only available stateside as an option.

  18. cherry says:

    jus bought scarlet red.ho2…;))

  19. thaobum says:

    oh Ghost, I love this NB300 but I m in Vietnam now. Just wanna keep one. I found some in Vietnam but just it looks not really like this. Anybody can help or give me an address where can ship to Vietnam, of course, with a nice price! Thanks!

  20. dos says:

    @cherry: hi can you share with us your experience with NB305 running windows 7? is it powerful enough?

  21. Jervis says:

    Just got this unit over the weekend. Great buy, at it’s price, you’ll get 80GB more and extra processor power versus its competitors’ current line up.

    I’ll test it later with Win7 performance and if it can perform well with Photoshop =)

  22. maeco says:

    hi jervis! i’m also planning to buy this one. what’s your experience with it, running win7? thanks.

  23. rbrt says:

    26990 ang NB305
    22990 ang NB300
    the only difference is that NB300 has no Bluetooth and is only available at color black

  24. echoes_of_my_silence says:

    got this toshiba nb300 and whew!! its been my 12th netbook/laptop in 9 months!! upgraded ram to 2gb pc6400 and dual bootin to winxp, win 7 enterprise and ubuntu 9.10 without a prob. next project is dual bootin with mac osx ideneb. hope theres someone done that….
    with the new n450 atom integrated graphics, kinda increase on its graphics performance. But im waiting for that dell alienware m11x to be out.
    works fine with win 7 ent. tried installing the 64bit version but lacks the hardware drivers.(maybe they have updates now)
    Real value for your money.

  25. zel says:

    “@rbrt replied on Feb 23rd, 2010 at 9:10 pm (23)

    26990 ang NB305
    22990 ang NB300
    the only difference is that NB300 has no Bluetooth and is only available at color black”

    bakit po yung kapatid ko sabi nya may bluetooth daw yung NB300 nya…

    nalilito ako… kasi nabasa ko rin sa ibang site sabi nga wla daw bluetooth yung NB300

  26. zel says:

    toshiba NB305 -11hr battery life.
    toshiba Nb300 – 11hr or 4hr/(nakita ko kasi sa isang site n 4hr lang yung NB300… alin po ba ang totoo0

  27. mbah tris says:

    toshiba wah keren bnget…????

  28. jpzante says:

    i haven’t seen the nb305 here in cebu, only the black nb300. retails around 22,900, pwede 12 months to pay. very simple yung nb300, monochrome, not so stylish like the 305’s.

  29. zed says:

    meron na bang available niyan sa cebu?…im planning to buy it this summer…hopefully…

  30. jpzante says:

    at Zed, I saw the NB300 in Silicon Valley and Toshiba concept store in SM cyberzone. I’m not sure about the 305s.

  31. zed says:

    thanks for the info jp..
    if ever you find one the NB305..kindly inform me..thanks..God bless…

  32. zed says:

    by the way..who has a Lenovo laptop here?
    how do you find the product, is it good?

  33. zed says:

    by the way..who has a Lenovo ideapad here?
    how do you find the product, is it good?

  34. jpzante says:

    @zed: i wanted to get the lenovo s10-3, but saw a review from liliputing that the keyboard area (spec. between g and h keys) nears to 100 deg farenheit, medyo mainit talaga, how much more if hindi aircon ang lugar mo? The battery even more gets toasty daw. when i saw the s10-3, yun na yun na talga gusto ko, but when I saw the review, i felt the toshiba n300 is a better buy, a thousand pesos less plus twice the s10-3’s battery life. the x100e, lenovo’s entry level for the ultraportable is also a heater, though quiet, but had significant heat handling issues, baka di na-anticipate, AMD kasi gamit na processor.

  35. jenn says:

    sana magkaroon dn ako nyan…..

  36. Geo77 says:

    Hey guys, I’m selling a bnew Toshiba Mini NB305 for 23K.. contact me if ur interested 0918-9123980

  37. jse says:

    it has a sim card slot.
    does that mean i can use my smart bro sim for this notebook?

    can anyone please enlighten me?


  38. Lanzsantos says:

    Im selling one. cheaper 2nd hand PM me @09335112477

  39. 11 hours sounds great…

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