WePad vs. iPad, the Battle of the Tablets

WePad vs. iPad, the Battle of the Tablets

A German company is touting their very own tablet which, based on paper, is way faster than Apple’s upcoming iPad. They call it the WePad and it’s powered by an Atom N450 and Android OS.

Of course, they’ll highlight some stuff that are absent in the iPad, i.e. Flash support and Adobe AIR.


Check out the side by side comparison in the specs sheet:

No word on pricing though so we can’t really say which one is a clear winner.

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43 Responses

  1. ryan says:

    the spec sheet misspelled applications (applictions)

  2. The fact that it runs Flash… is already a clear winner to me. Imagine all the .flv video and all that the iPad can play is MP4 and probably mov. And Flash is just too good to leave out.

  3. The company is obviously riding the iPad wave/tablet wave. Since we still haven’t seen the finish product of iPad… we still cannot see which is the real winner… also… other company will start bringing out their own slate and claiming more features that the iPad. If I were.. I would be smiling ear to ear… it’s like using your own product as a measure stick and see which is the best. If you put it this way.. its like

    “Apple vs all Manufacturer”

    Be it on computers (iMac, Macbook, etc), phones (iphones), players (iPod, Nanos, shuffles) and of course the Apps store. Mentioning any apple product on any demo/release it promotion itself.

    Let’s just wait and see…. once it’s out there.. there’ll be no stopping it!!!

  4. Jon says:

    ANDROID!! I love Android OS. Plus, it is supposedly faster, does multi-tasking, USB ports, 3G connectivity. In paper, this surely beats iPad in almost all aspects. Maybe size /weight may be a little issue to others.

    For me, I’d rather have a more complete tablet than a enlarged iPhone/Ipod touch.

  5. there are lots of iphone clones too out there

    anyway this is good for the market

    now how do i cut a sim card..

  6. Sanctuarian06 says:

    Nah. The price is great factor. If the price is ranging 2k higher/lower.

  7. Sanctuarian06 says:

    Starting 2k and higher I mean. :)

  8. rye says:

    may wifi po ba yung wepad sir abe?

  9. boowee says:

    how about PDFs?

  10. laptoper says:

    @rye yes it has. its labeled in the comparison as wlan under connectivity category

  11. jan says:

    hey guys, have ever had a transaction with wowmobile.com.ph? is this site reliable? ok ba ung after sales service nila? orig ba ung mga unit nila? tnx i hope u guys magreply kung may alam kau. tnx just email me. [email protected]

  12. Nice! Go WePad. Gusto ko nyan.

  13. noel says:

    Nice! Go WePad. Gusto ko nyan

  14. jepz says:

    Ganda naman ng wePad. Specification wise compared to iPad. Flash integration and addition of webcam in wePad is nice.

    But Apple appstore has more applications than android marketplace.

    We’ll never know… baka may jalbreak na iPad in the future.

    Let’s wait about their price difference. Baka naman 5k++ and mahal ng wePad kaysa sa iPad.

  15. Erin says:

    The display size and the peripherals are going to jack up the price. Maswerte na if its only going to be 30% more expensive than the iPad.

    One reason the iPad has that low price point ay dahil tinanggal nila karamihan ng features. WePad looks good in paper pero I am still waiting for the other contenders (Asus, MSI, Acer, etc.).

    If it will allow me to read a book at a prolonged period of time (>5 hours) on a single charge then Im sold.


  16. Jhay says:

    Hopefully, it’s much more affordable than the iPad. Then again, why not just a netbook? :P

  17. markmarcelo0210 says:


  18. kumagpoko says:

    panalo specs ng WePad. tignan na lang natin price.=)

  19. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    Really found WePad’s specs > the ipad in terms of flexibility. Really hate being slaved to itunes, omitting simple flash support & those non-replaceable parts (batteries, etc).

  20. booo! iPad booo! No flash support… ur X.
    Going for 5″ smart phone would be better like the Dell Mini 5.

  21. giogagz says:

    I go with WePad. HP slate is also better than iPad.

  22. lolipown says:

    Erm… Flash on an Android? On an Atom? I hope Adobe has released the patch that allows GPU acceleration for linux before this is released because boy that’s going to crawl.

  23. Magneto says:

    agree ba kayo dito sir abe? :)

    Why It’s Impossible to Compete with the Apple IPad

    Why IPad Competitors Always Fall Flat on Their Faces
    By Millionaire Hoy

    Since Apple’s iPad announcement, competitors have come out of the woodworks claiming to be competition to the iPad, but all of them have come up short. With the greatest minds working to overthrow the iPad, why is it that no one can compete?

    Limited Functionality

    The iPad is the super tablet and does the same functions as laptops, netbooks, ebook readers, and other gadgets and is just too hard to compete with when it comes to functionality. All competition thus far have failed to compete with the iPad because what they offer is just too limited. The Kindle and Sony Reader see themselves as competitors, but can only compete against iPad’s iBooks app, JooJoo is just a portable web viewer, and the HP Slate just doesn’t have what it takes be big competition for the iPad.

    The iPad is not tied down to one title like its competitors and offers a wide range of usability that the competition just can’t compete with.

    Apple is always ahead of the game and it’s hard for competitors to play catch-up once the iPad has already set itself as the trendy tablet to own. In short, would be competitors can’t compete with Apple products because Apple is its own biggest competition.

    They Lack the Apple Seal of Approval

    When Apple releases a product like the iPad, it’s already met with anticipation. The smell of a new Apple release in the air gets the internet buzzing with rumors, leaks, assumptions and anticipation for what the next big Apple product will be.
    Competitors just can’t compete with the word-of-mouth marketing and buzz an Apple product inherits automatically. What’s even worse for competitors is the pre-established Apple market that will buy anything Apple releases. If the iPad was a see-through plastic bag with rocks and glass and an Apple logo on its sides, the competition would still have a hard time trying to compete with customers that would be running over each other to buy the iPlasticBag

    There Is No Achilles ‘ Heel

    The best any would-be competition for the iPad can do is try to pinpoint a problem with the iPad and tackle it with full force. Features lacking from the Apple iPad like no Adobe Flash Player support, lack of multitasking, battery life, and price are selling point for competitors like the Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, Fusion Garage JooJoo, Notion Ink Adam Tablet, HP Slate and others.
    iPad competitors might do one function exceptionally well, but overall, would-be iPad buyers just don’t care about that one missing feature more than the entire package. To compete the competitors will point at the lacking feature and say “Looky there. The iPad lacks (fill in the blank)” and the public will promptly respond by saying “Well, you can only do (fill in the blank).”

    taken from here >> http://bit.ly/bTHzLd

    sabi naman ni Stephen Fry
    (taken from Gizmodo)

    Listing the reasons to buy one, he admits the Apple badge is reason enough:

    “2. It is made by Apple. I’m not being cute here. If it was made by Hewlett Packard, they wouldn’t have global control over the OS or the online retail outlets. If it was made by Google, they would have tendered out the hardware manufacture to HTC. Apple – and it is one of the reasons some people distrust or dislike them – control it all. They’ve designed the silicon, the A4 chip that runs it all, they’ve designed the batteries, they’ve overseen every detail of the commercial, technological, design and software elements. No other company on earth does that. And being Apple it hasn’t been released without (you can be sure) Steve Jobs being wholly convinced that it was ready. “Not good enough, start again. Not good enough. Not good enough. Not good enough.” How many other CEOs say until their employees want to murder them? That’s the difference.”

  24. Giogagz says:

    @magneto: wala pa sa market ang iPad as well as WePad or HP Slate. Tingnan na lang natin pag nasa market na qng cno ang kakagatin ng marami. Sa features pa lang panalo na ang wepad compare to iPad. Pero hihintayin q pa rin ang review ng iPad wePad and HP slate. Karamihan kasi sa mga bagong gadget overpromise e underdeliver naman.

  25. Doodles says:

    What’s good about Apple products is that models are upgraded yearly and old models still in stock are sold at bargain prices just to dispose them. Before, I used to buy apple products as soon as they come out. Now, I know better when to buy them. I get quality products at lower prices.

  26. Justine says:

    Kailan naman susulpot si YouPad? XD


  27. fr0stbyte says:

    If this WePad isn’t going to offer more bang for the back, I think I may those China Tablets with Android OSes. Same specs halos. Wala nga lang standards USB ports. Meron mini-USB. Pero still, that’s the only disadvantage I saw with.. Ayun naalala ko na yung name. ZenPad. Six (6) hours din ang battery life and the price starts $150. Additional features like 3G, Wifi and other useful add-ons will cost the end user $50 more. Total cost? $215! If the makers of WePad don’t make adjustments to their pricing then those China Tablets are looking pretty good for most of us who can’t afford the iPad, WePad and Slate.

  28. Adrian says:

    @Magneto: Agree po ako sa post mo. mahirap talaga magcompete sa company na magaling at maayos ang product. Ang mga Apple products nagiging standard. Like the first APPLE II, ginaya ng microsoft yung features kaya nagkaroon ng WIndows OS. iPod ginagaya ng ibang company like Microsoft (Zune), iPhone almost lahat ng mobile phones ngayon kamukha na ng iPhone ginaya na nila(pati Apps). Ngayon iPad, ginagaya ulit. Panay gaya lang yung ibang company kaya wala kang mapapala sa features na nila. Dahil walang originality.

    For me Apple is the best. (Simple, Original, Elegance, Creative and Innovative.)

  29. Magneto says:

    @Giogagz and Doodles,
    yup, true agree ako sa mga comments ninyo..

    hindi na din masama yang Zenpad ah, i think ideal din yung size niya, hindi masyado agaw pansin ang size gaya ng iPad hehe, pwede to, since mahilig ako manood lang ng TV shows sa iPod Touch eh, i go with Zenpad pag kinapos sa iPad hehe, ang problema lang with china products (mostly but not all), matapus mong bilhin…ayun na tapus kana iiwan kana sa ere, mahirap ang tech support, mahirap i-updates, pag binenta mo- mababa na presyohan nila, kasi basura na ang tingin ng iba eh, parang disposable products ika nga, ganun ang nangyari sa MP5 player ko hehe, until na bumili ako ng iPod Touch (sulit) pede pang i-JB :)

    yup tama, i couldn’t agree more.. the 2nd part articles came from Stephen Fry – the British wit and tech maestro according to Gizmodo, hindi ko lang alam kung isa syang Apple fanboy… :D

  30. lito says:

    sa aking palagay walang puedeng ihambing sa mga product ng apple. maski ipod touch lang ang nakaya kong bilhin dahil competative ang price talo lahat ang mga product ng ibang company. anyway good luck nalang sa mga mangagaya. the originality of a gadget is the no. 1 to consider.

  31. wepad is a hoax!

    Is that why this table is full of typos? Technologie? Applictions? Proprietares? If the company was serious I think it would at least do a proper translation of the leaked infos.

  32. cowhorn says:

    i think basic package for ipad is around $499 and for wepad is at $600. but specs wise wepad is a sure winner

  33. Golden ISA says:

    netbooks, ebook readers, and opposite gadgets and is retributory too steely to vie with when it comes to functionality. All competition thusly far screw unsuccessful to compete with the iPad because what they bid is just too specific. The Kindle and Sony Printer see themselves as competitors, but can only contend against iPad’s iBooks app, JooJoo is just a takeout web viewer, and the HP List honourable doesn’t screw what it takes be big rivalry for the iPad.

    The iPad is not equal hair to one heading equivalent its competitors and offers a full arrange of usability that the contention upright can’t vie with.

    Apple is ever high of the job and it’s stonelike for competitors to recreation catch-up formerly the iPad has already set itself as the fashionable tablet to own. In momentary, would be competitors can’t compete with Apple products because Apple is its own greatest rivalry.

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