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ZTE T72 & Light Tab 2 Android Tablets

ZTE’s line up of tablets are both 7-inchers and supports both GSM and CDMA networks, with one looker much better than the other. The ZTE Light Tab 2 is for GSM network while the ZTE T72 is for CDMA.

The ZTE T72 (photo shown above) doesn’t look really nice up close and feels a bit chunky for a 7-inch tablet. We didn’t get the complete specs but the label beside it says it runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread (actually, the specs sheet is really lacking on this one).

7-inch WQVGA display
16GB internal storage
EVDO, HSPA 800Mhz/1900Mhz
2MP camera
Android 2.3 Gingerbread


They didn’t say any pricing information nor have a more complete brochure I could refer to.

However, this other one — the ZTE Light Tab 2 — has a more simple design. I think of it as a lighter and much thinner version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000.

The specs are also lacking but what little details I got showed it’s got some promise (which will really depend on the price point.)

ZTE Light Tab 2 / V9+
7-inch capacitive display @ 1024×600 resolution
1GHz processor
HSDPA 14.4Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
3.2MP camera
VGA 2nd front-facing camera
Android 2.3 Gingerbread
389 grams

We’ve had initial contacts will local distributors of ZTE last week (as they were offering it for YugaDeals) so there’s a possibility this Light Tab 2 could be it.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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23 Responses

  1. 2toyzki says:


    WQVGA for a 7” tablet?! WTF!?

    is that a typo? Maybe you meant wvga sir abe or i may be wrong,.

    By the way, please update us the price of the light tab 2 :) thanks!

  2. Kenth says:

    2nd the motion. Please post price or at least the indicative price.

    Also post detailed review please specially performance in terms of battery life.


  3. jb says:

    can do call and text? same gtab p1000

  4. this one is a mobile phone too? it must be better to galaxy tab. lol!

  5. mike says:

    please post all the available tabs now as I badly need something around the 7 to 9 inch vicinity.

  6. konqueror7 says:

    i think i saw one of thos light tabs 2. it was bought in shenzen.

    was bought around ~6k i think. this would definitely be a cheap ebook reader option!

  7. konqueror7 says:

    i think i saw one of those light tabs 2. it was bought in shenzen.

    was bought around ~6k i think. this would definitely be a cheap ebook reader option!

  8. benchmark says:

    Say that again?! It might be offered in YugaDeals? WOW! I hope this is a Tab/Phone type…I’ve been saving for Samsung Tab…but if the PRICE and SPECS are right…I have a winner! :-)

  9. Steve Jobs says:

    Ano ba yan.. lahat nalang nakikigaya sa Apple.

    Noong naglabas ng iPhone is Apple = Lahat gumaya din, naglabas din ng smartphone na kamukha ng iPhone.

    Noong naglabas ng iPad is Apple = Lahat gumaya din, naglabas din katulad ng iPad.

    Kung maglalabas siguro si Apple ng iCar, iBike, iRef, iFan, for sure lahat makikigaya din.

    Nag aantay lang sila ng product idea galing sa Apple. They are not capable of developing their own products.

  10. ado says:

    @steve for a change gumaya si apple sa cloud…matagal na meron cloud si google. if im not mistaken.

  11. Austin says:

    @Steve ganun talaga ang business, copy business lang. kung businessman ka alam mo dapat yung mga yan. like what mr.ado said, gumaya lang rin ang Apple. Kung Apple nga ang nauna syempre ung mga competitors nla hindi gagawa ng prod. na d angat sa product ng Apple. kahit na nauna pa e, e kung mas maganda naman ang quality, features at affordable. Strategy lang. hindi brand ang basehan.

    On topic: thanks for this news sir abe!

  12. konqueror7 says:

    @Steve these ideas already existed already. what apple did is market and somewhat innovate these devices for use of the consumers. anything steve jobs says will make you buy it, eventually, other competitors will join in in the craze.

  13. gudz says:

    can flash the system if its go down?

  14. hayyy dami ng tablet na naglabasan… di ko na alam kung ano bibilin ko.hahaha!

  15. xeon says:

    kahit maganda pa ang feature, at cheaper ang price nyan…Hindi mo maalis ang bad image ng ZTE sa mga pinoy…lol

  16. Austin says:

    @xeon Apple po ang topic ni Steve, ung sa akin naman inexplain ko lang ung about business kung bakit ganun ang nangyayari.. at yung sa inyo po ata naliligaw im referring to other brands too like Samsung atbp. not only ZTE.LOL d ko inaalis ung bad image natawa naman ako dito.haha peace!

  17. kimoy says:

    sa dami ng tablet na lumalabas.. sumasakit ang ulo ko.. isang tablet lang ang kailangan ko.. biogesic. Ingat!

  18. lapis00 says:

    did you know po kung gaano katagal ang battery life nito?

  19. rotero says:

    kahit anong sabihin natin na ZTE had bad image….malaki ang market for tablet… alam nyo ba na were still looking for a tablet for our upgraded apps ? we cant settle in samsung due to its high cost and our alternative is huawei and zte.. both this products has no stock available here.. si zte parang hot cake lang na madaling maubos… at hindi individual users lang ang market puro corporate according to the distributor

  20. saz says:

    Supported ba ng ZTE Light Tab ang Flash Player?

  21. Name: jay says:

    meron ako zte v9 light (1)
    ok nman ang performance basta ma maintain mo lng ang running apps
    and for Me mas maganda ang touchpal keyboard ng v9 mas madaling mag type compare sa sam galaxy tab ni misis,mas mbagal nga lng ang v9 cyempre 99AUS DOL lng bli ko sa zte v9 light dito sa new guinea.
    wala naman msama kung zte ang tablet,matibay nman kc plage ko ginagamit sa work ko as cellsite engr, accurate to 3meters ang gps at accurate din ang compass. nkaka pg view and edit dn ng excel,word,pdf.
    for me its a good buy, hnd ako gno manghihinayang kung magasgasan dhil mura.plage ko gmit sa outdoor at mdalas dala ko pa sa taas ng tower.

  22. charrie says:

    i have a problem with my zte v9 liht tab. i was just uploading photos to my fb account when my tablet hanged up. i turned it off and opened it after a few minutes but still it hanged up. what should i do? will you please help me…..

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