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Get free e-Load from Auction.ph’s Barkada Txt

Free e-LoadYesterday, Auction.ph launched the 3rd installation of their popular Barkada Txt Promo. This SMS event allow users to get free e-Load credits (Globe, Touch Mobile, Smart, Talk ‘N Text, Addict Mobile, and Sun Cellular) or Auction.ph e-Money. Essentially, you get Php30 e-Load by referring new friends to join Auction.ph (up first 20 referrals only or Php600 of e-Load or e-Money for post-paid). Your friend also gets the free e-Load too.

Still interested? More after the jump.

Barkada Txt 3To join in the Barkada Txt 3 promo, just register as a member at Auction.ph (skip this part if you’re a member already), then go to this page and put your mobile number as well as your friends mobile number. Your friend will receive an invite to be a member of Auction.ph. Once they’ve become a member, they’d need to enter some verification to complete the process. Both you and your friend will then receive the free e-Load (for pre-paid subscriber) or e-Money (if you’re on post-paid).

To learn more about the mechanics, you may visit this page.

As usual, there will be restrictions for this promo:

1. Current members and newly registered members may invite as many friends as they want through the Auction.ph “Barkada Text 3” promo. However, you may only get Free Load or E-Money for the first twenty (20) successful referrals. All referrals you make above the initial twenty (20) may still get their Load or E-Money.

2. The PIN code should be entered and confirmed within a period of five (5) days upon receipt of the PIN. Otherwise, the Load Credits or E-Money will automatically be forfeited.

* E-Money or Electronic Money may be accumulated in your Auction.ph account and may be used to purchase items in the www.auction.ph site. However, the E-Money is not convertible to cash and non-transferable.

Note: I’m an official endorser of AdAuction and Auction.ph.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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477 Responses

  1. MiGs says:


    Please allow me to share my experience with this “promo”

    Without doing anything, i was banned from their system:

    “Your account is temporarily suspended. If you have joined the Barkada Text promo, the possible causes are: creating multiple accounts or invalid accounts for the purpose of generating mobile credits. If you did not do any of this, one of your referrals may have created an invalid account or fictitious account. If your referral gets suspended, you will be affected as well.”

    And they said, to resolve this, i should send them documents to prove that i’m (alive) real.

    its posted in my blog: http://migs.wordpress.com/2007/03/29/problem-with-auctionph/

  2. yuga says:

    Migs, forwarded this to them. :)

  3. Jones says:

    I recieved the PIN yesterday but I dont know how to put it in there site.

    My sister also got banned. I dont know why. pls help… tnx

  4. zmakland says:

    qng need nyo referal try nyo po # ko 06063824147

    ty po

  5. maykie says:

    ok..zmak ano email add mo pra invite kita okies

  6. hector says:

    pls kelangan ko ng referral mobile no… Cno pwede?? ung hndi p banned ha….

  7. jam says:

    ngekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk pangit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. ryan says:

    ako hindi banned mobile ko ito referal nyo 09206317429 thanks

  9. mitch says:

    bkit eto sbi:
    Sorry, but your request cannot be processed at this time.

  10. apple says:

    092684245443…try nyo gawing referrer, di pa po ako banned..

  11. cath says:

    ako po hindi pa banned..new member palang….gawin nyo kong refferal ha…..my # is 09064008284 thanks!

  12. ashley says:

    ako hindi pa baned new member rin poh ako…ds s my # 09283299473…

  13. nancy says:

    nakarecive ako load

  14. bobong says:

    mong referal ANG CEL KO. IM NOT BANNED 09215218452

  15. anthoney says:

    wow naka recieved ako ng load dito sa auctions.ph 30php mag sign up narin kayo kagaya ko may load pang txt at pang unli pa…thanks for my friend refer this site and all staff of the site more power hola back

  16. elwin says:

    bakit na banned number ko? e wala pa naman akong natatanggap na load

  17. junjun says:

    salamat sa auctio.ph barkada txt, nakarecieve ako ng load dito, the best talaga ang website na ito, godbless po sa lahat ng stuff dito, salamat po

  18. junjun says:

    ako po hindi ako banned bago pa ako, 09216372629

  19. sarah says:

    try nio to saya hehehe

  20. maykie says:

    damngood, it hurts u know… hi panga!!!!

  21. lovely_bhe says:

    hehehehe…. naka recieve me ng load… salamatsa auction.ph or barkadahantext… sana parating ganito… tnx…

  22. junjun says:

    ito ang number ko 09216372629 try nyo to para referral

  23. joy says:

    bakit ganun, may sinend na sa cel.ko na PIN pero di ko alam kung san ko icoconfirm ung pin wala kasing confirmation button dun sa events page ng barkada text.
    dun sa events page INVITE MY FRIENDS lang ung nklgy

  24. zmakland says:

    eto try nu 09179201016

  25. dong says:


  26. ryan murro says:

    referall nyo n# ko hindi ako banned 09206317429

  27. glenix says:

    watta nyc website! ds s so cool matagal q nang eneresearch ang bagay na to sa web..kso wla aq na hanap un lang sa chika…but thx to my frend kc ininform nya ako sa barkada txt auction,,cool in jst a minute may instant load nko…im a new member and not banned..you can use 09104132393 as ur referral…thnx cool dude…………

  28. ryan says:

    referall nyo n# ko 09206317429 thanks

  29. junjun says:

    09216372629 bago pa ito, para referall niyo

  30. nhie says:


  31. nhie says:

    uhmmm 09284432303

  32. nhie says:

    09185183893 referal lng powh

  33. shne bucayo says:

    referal lng po 09265434334

  34. nice says:

    hi how can i join

  35. WAzuKE says:

    hey pano yun?

  36. pun says:

    eto po 09156909458

  37. junjun says:

    sana bumalik na ang barkada txt, open nyo na please, ito ksi ang favorite website ko

  38. alvin says:

    09194357138 referal lng po!!haha

  39. i recieved already my load…ahehe here is my nmbr
    TM – 09068762183
    Globe – 09158518107
    Smart – 09198687265

  40. ryan says:

    new cel n# po ako now ito n# ko 09285697399 nag iba na pala promo auction good luck to auction owner……..

  41. just says:

    how to join po? her my # for referal, 09104949097

  42. cutie says:

    heheeheheh.hini pa ko ng load

  43. Jay says:

    Git me some eload pls 09284906550

  44. mark says:

    i like to be tahe auction is number 1

  45. Dave says:

    Git me some eload pls 09092114840

  46. dondon says:

    panu b? d q lam eh

  47. hello guys sinong gustong makagkaroon ng more than 30 pesos or 150 load..just beep my cp……ill tell you where to find some..in the internet heres my no. theres no joke..09092501942

  48. aiza says:

    pwede po pngi ng lod dz #09284997933 tnx more power……

  49. aiza says:

    pingi ng lod 09284997933 smart tnx

  50. jayson says:

    pls..load me now…at this number 09263506330

  51. jayson says:

    di po ako banned bago po ako..pls refer to this number TM #09263506330

    thanks in advance

  52. winz says:

    plz load nyu me @ diz # 09234019163

  53. ryan says:

    i have received 30 load on popquiz of auction thanks i hope new event will come my n# is 09293755903

  54. chengay says:

    thank for the auction because of them all stu get some free load!!!

  55. diane says:

    ui…bkit d ko mkta kung san lalagay ung number ko at number ng friend ko??…nkapagsignup na ako…pls help…

  56. diane says:

    to number ko…refer nlng kau sa number ko tnx…^^


  57. ryan says:

    i hope barkada txt 3 will be back soon!

  58. ryan says:

    i hope barkada text 3 will back soon!

  59. joanne says:

    panget ng add nyu!!! free load nga… pru nag stop nman…tseh?!!

  60. lhukaret says:

    help need load!!!!

  61. Edu says:

    Hallow poh! Newbie lang poh.. 09065089839 here my n0. For refferal… Thankz :)

  62. krisha says:

    elow poh.
    im a newbie here.
    09283751504 # ko po.

  63. klaire says:

    hello, i’m newbie here and heres my #09053175722., pls load me 300 or 500 pesos…tnx..

  64. aiza says:

    pls give me a lod 500 or 300 pls,,, this is my first tym,, heres my # 09072342773 talk ang txt yan,,, tnx

  65. ky says:

    hi pls give me a load..unlimited 30 days..tnx here’s my no. 09239627353

  66. Jhonnie says:

    Hi gud high nun to all,,, I’m Jhonnie pls load me for what you like… I’m new here

  67. Jhonnie says:

    Hi gud high nun to all,,, I’m Jhonnie pls load me for what you like… I’m new here… this is my # 09104641332

  68. stephanie says:

    pls. give me a load 100 pls. im new here

  69. ate says:

    hi im newbie here
    my number 09293391425

  70. dyan says:

    load plS>.


  71. jean says:

    hello load po please

    09157916988 GLOBE

  72. rhodz says:

    elow send me load naman hehehehhehe

  73. Ryan says:

    09293755903 give me load kahit 30 lang kasi wala na auction sms event thanks

  74. jan says:

    send me load naman..09195182902..tnx!

  75. jean says:

    load naman po pls..
    092967262885 TM po

  76. ralph says:

    plz give me load globe..
    send to this my number; 09158253521

  77. lobat says:

    pls…load me.. diz is my #09154899557 tnx..in advance:)

  78. xhien says:

    ..referral poh pwede aku,.,,newbie plang aku..ahehehe

  79. xhien says:

    pwde ba Ung ako globe user tpos Ung ReferrAl Ko sMart user Nmn???daPAt ba Same network???

  80. mary kris says:

    referral ? eto 09298080290

  81. mary kris says:

    pano poh maka avail ng fre lod?
    Eto # ko 09298080290

  82. Edison says:

    bigyan nyo po ako load 115 lang please..ito po number ko 09094966219..please wait ako..

  83. doneza says:

    pwede po pahinge ng load?

    e2 po # ko…”09095781430…..tnx po!…


  84. ROVIE says:

    pwede po pahinge ng load?

    toh poh # koh…”09285633848…..tnx poh!…


  85. pipez says:

    pahingi rin ng load..09192666031.pless.. tskk222

  86. lena says:

    ako din paload,Hehehehe, tnxs

  87. trisha says:

    pwede pahingi ng load pamsko regalo lang any amount…here’s my number 639103883341…

    waiting for a little love….thanks

  88. jeffrey says:

    ..` enge load please? bago lng ako d2 pamasko nyo na un sken .. 09236975310 thanks pfo

  89. jenny says:

    bakit palagi nalang sinasabi sa auction.ph na Watch out for the next wave of POP QUIZ soon!?
    ano ba ang ibig sabihin nito?

    The event has now ended. Please await further announcements for the continuation of this event. We guarantee more fun and excitement to come!

  90. kenz07 says:

    ako po hindi ako banned bago pa ako, 09265119491

  91. Lourence kate says:

    ako po hndi banned,,,

  92. Lourence kate says:

    hindi yan banned,,bago lng po ako…

  93. Lourence kate says:

    pls lang load nman jan oh,kahit 100 pababa lng,,pls,,,,regalo lng para sa b-day ko,,tnx,,muwaah!!!

  94. load me pls. 100 or 200 my number 09286559254

  95. Favor naman po says:

    favor naman po sa inyong lahat,.penge naman po ako load…pls..e2 po no ko..09266761474..hope u understand my situation..tnx poh..more powers…tulungan nyo naman po ako

  96. jhea says:

    its still working pb????????

  97. bhenaj says:

    elo0w p0h!!..panu p0h ba t0h!!newbie p0h kc ac0h eh..penge nmn ng load jan ohh khit 100 pababa lng sa mga may alam nit0..0r khit na gwin ny0 nlng bilang referral n0.c0h!!..plzzzz..!!

    hirz muh n0..09264658031

    tNx n advance..!!

  98. bhenaj says:

    elo0w p0h!!..panu p0h ba t0h??di c0h po kc alam kung panu mgload d2 eh..penge nmn ng load jan ohh khit 100 lng sa mga may alam nit0..0r khit na gwin ny0 nlng bilang referral n0.c0h!!..plzzzz..!!

    hirz muh n0..09264658031

    tNx n advance..!!

  99. Jacel says:

    How can i get a load?

  100. emily says:

    load pohh…..here is the no. 09078078581

  101. Nicole says:

    hi poeh…. loadan nio nmn aqoueh… 0927446830 kh8 20 lng…. thnxz

  102. bugrit says:

    oy mga pangit!!!!

  103. xhaira says:

    enge pho ng free load ito pho number coh kng pede pho 500…09278742079..tnx pho..

  104. xhaira says:

    load 9278742079..tnx

  105. JeiEm says:

    Penge po load plzz….

    Ito po number ko…


  106. Jenina says:

    _..how to join poh?,how can i get my free load?.

  107. Jenina says:

    _..give me 500 load pls.i am new member here.,my number is +639162621484

  108. Jenina says:

    _..hi poh.,gawin niyo naman pong refferal number koh.,penge po ako ng load pls.?.
    Eto number koh-

  109. Jenina says:

    _..bakit di ko pa po narerecieve yung load ko?.and yung pin code?,kanina pa po ako nakapagregister.,help naman poh pls.?.
    Eto po number koh..

  110. Jenina says:

    _..bakit di ko pa po narerecieve yung load ko?.and yung pin code?,kanina pa po ako nakapagregister.,help naman poh pls.?.
    Eto po number koh..
    tnx p0h.

  111. jack pogi says:

    penge po ng LOAD! hirs my number.. 09159508432.. tnx poh..

  112. ,.,>jeAn says:

    ,.,.,.,;.d aku banned panuh makakuha free load ..

    e2 na un # qoh .\


  113. ryan says:

    yap totoo yan naka recieved rin ako load dito dati kasi pag hindi kayo fallow instruction hindi talaga kayo makakuha ng free load bigyan nyo ako ulit load i balik nyo promo my n#09078667007

  114. Lazyboy says:

    E2 # q! Gmitin nyong referal 09054735454

  115. bryan says:

    plz lOad me 09063427205 I WAIT NoW

  116. Lyna says:

    Hi ito yung # ko 09053484296

  117. ROMZIEK says:




  118. cheng says:

    please load mo here is my no.. 09129784202

  119. Ad says:

    pano po ba magkaroon ng free load na yan? hehe

  120. lei says:

    pano maload ng free load d ko kc alam eh..pls or kyo nlng maload skin e2 number ko 09084084340…tnx

  121. Mike says:

    please paload nman here is my no.. 09185089259 tnx

  122. judy says:

    loadan nyo nmn po ako pls

  123. Lymwell P. Suico says:

    hi!!! load nyo daw ako… pwedi??? ito number ko 09297325204.. thanks…

  124. jesah says:

    dko getz,, bka pwd ako plz? 09351345777

  125. jahraztah says:

    mrun b d2ng sun?load me nman oh plz

  126. Lymwell P. Suico says:

    hi!!! check ko lang ‘tong site na ito,i’m just curius on how to get a free load here… is this a spam??? or not? but i do trust that this is not a spam promo. try to load me daw… ito # ko 09297325204… thanks and more more power to this site…


  127. Jesileen says:

    paamo po magregister dito?totoo ba yung free load?please answer me back thank you:)

  128. jude says:

    load po sakin..plzzzzzzzzzzz

  129. jude says:


  130. edner says:

    hi!!! check ko lang ‘tong site na ito,i’m just curius on how to get a free load here… is this a spam??? or not? but i do trust that this is not a spam promo. try to load me daw… ito # ko 09087748941… thanks and more more power to this site…


  131. edner says:

    please load me 09087748941 love u thanks po

  132. edner says:

    elo0w p0h!!..panu p0h ba t0h!!newbie p0h kc ac0h eh..penge nmn ng load jan ohh khit 100 pababa lng sa mga may alam nit0..0r khit na gwin ny0 nlng bilang referral n0.c0h!!..plzzzz..!!

    hirz muh n0..09087748941

    tNx n advance..!!

  133. aian says:




    tnx .. ^^

  134. James says:

    Auction.ph didn’t work for me either. I had much better luck getting free load from Aryty. Here are a few more sites to get free load. http://www.rechargemobilephones.com/philippine/free-philippine-load/

  135. armaine says:

    pls load me..


    i’m new hir..


  136. mR.kiRe says:

    pano ba magkaroon ng free load?? :)

  137. hon says:

    goSh! expire na ang auction free load?! hahai

  138. reggs says:

    pno ba toh? gulo kc ng instruction kung pno e

  139. xing says:

    how can we avail this kind of auction? can you help us..thanks!

  140. xing says:

    please answer me… we want to avail this free load if this is really true.

  141. shadow says:

    how to get a load??

  142. Berna says:

    How to get a load? =))

  143. Berna says:

    It’s hard to get a load. :))

  144. Berna says:

    Please give me a load. :))

  145. Erwin says:

    turuan n yo poh ako, nkalimot na kc ako magregister..iba na kc ang auction ngayon…ito # ko 09128931353….

  146. Erwin says:

    hoy tabangi ko ninyo para makasali ako, at magkaload… 09128931353 # ko….

  147. gracee21 says:

    pano mag-register para makakuha ng load? san ako pupunta? ai T_T

  148. gracee21 says:

    by the way…this is my #… 0918 246 2810

    please help…


  149. Ran-Ran says:

    pa sali ito # ko 09091358945

  150. nelson says:

    paano po mag regsiter di2? plz toruna.an po ninyo ako.

  151. ?>? says:

    free load..dats wut i heard…hehe…

  152. ?>? says:

    pano mag sign up d2…..???..plssssss…

  153. mjville515 says:

    panu signup d2

  154. mitch says:

    pano po mag reg.. or text me nalang kung pano.. here’s my number 09359589931 tm and 09236897392 sun

  155. jeffrey says:

    panu po mg send ng load? o mgkaroon ng load?.. ito po number ko 09293879882 09054587057
    pa confirm naman po kung alam nyo! share naman po tanx!

  156. mztymigz says:

    plz..plz.. plz.. pano po ba ito gawin ang free load plz toruan niyo naman ako. ito # q. 09057216820 TM

  157. rico says:

    guys load nyo naman ako oh.. here is my number 09057315948.. guys panu ba mag reg dito..turo nyo naman oh..plis.plis.plis

  158. love says:

    how do i get in to the barkada txt2?

  159. ixhstar says:

    pano po mag karoon ng free load d2 ? turuan nyu naman po ako !

  160. kevin says:

    hai plss load mi nman oh..huhu
    kailan mgkno lng

  161. jaseann says:

    hIng-An nG lOad???

    dIz iZ mY dIgItZ’z
    LOLx’ (09109595421)

  162. jaseann says:

    tagal naman ng lOad..hmmmp’ kkkhit GA10 lng.,,, plzzz

    LOLx’ (09109595421)

  163. dangkikong says:

    penge din load:) ge na pls..eto no. ko 0918660075..gawin nyong referal ah?thnks

  164. dangkikong says:

    09186640075 pal:)

  165. adel says:

    09166814740 ako din pasali nmn!!

  166. jics says:


  167. beth says:

    bat gnun?. register nq. pero dq lam kun pnu pagkuha ng lod.

  168. sweetlea says:

    lodan na po me e2 number q 09306276222 nkaregstr na po me

  169. Nakaka Awa says:

    iw, yuck… mga wala ba kayong pera at hanggang libre na lng kayo…


  170. jun_06 says:

    plz load me poh plz e2 no 09067489808!!!!!!!!!! tnx

  171. eranio says:

    pwede pa po ba? pa refer bago lang po ako d2…


  172. biel says:

    panu ba makakuha ng load dito paturo namn

  173. biel says:

    gawin nyo kong referal bago lng pu ako dito??

  174. biel says:

    loadan nyo ko eTO NUMBER KO 09161441815

  175. vegen says:

    ang ganda ng website nyo my free load…loadan nyo ako ito pala 09104668473

  176. kath07 says:

    pwede po bang free load nyo ako 09128129581

  177. joemark says:

    pingi po ako load eto poh #
    ko 09068872618

  178. AksharShah says:

    Please load this #’s

  179. kath07 says:

    ako po hindi ako banned bago pa ako. 09128129581

  180. Maria says:

    pls po ako po gwin nyu pong referral pls? 09186090513

  181. Maria says:

    gwin nyu po me referral pls? 09186090513 pls po uhuhu hndi p po yan banned pls po

  182. milewin says:

    ano pong ilalagay sa primary phone #? wanna try it out to

  183. _^rYan^_ says:

    sana makaload ako ito number ko. 09239437129

  184. jerome_15 says:

    newbie aqu hir .. gwin nyo aqu referral .. ito pu number qu 09103926159. tnx

  185. reign16 says:

    akoh din.. refer nioh akoh.. newbie din poh akoh… etoh no. koh 09087044975 en 09159610064

  186. augusto alcaraz says:


  187. joyce says:

    pa load naman din ako,, 09068548827

  188. rein says:

    this is my number; 0905-807-16-31…and my recruit:09157705013…thank you

  189. Mark rhudenn becaldo says:

    hi this is my number 09394668086,,

  190. jm says:

    i cant find wer 2 put my mobile no.refer nyo n lng ako 639214358967

  191. monmon says:

    nid a referral . hust txt me oh 09359134043

  192. Barbie says:

    Howdy!!!i’m new hir po…can anyone tell me how to get a free load po…plssss…thanks po…I don’t really know the how-to’s…naliligaw ako..pls help..

  193. Barbie says:

    2lungan nio po aq mgkaload please…eto po #s ko: 09177362528 and 09165188077

  194. rotche says:

    load me plz..09122054053

  195. ainelorr says:

    pls lod nyo dn po aq .. e2 number ko 09995984306

  196. Rasiel Maturan says:

    Ito po number ko:


    Ito po number ng friends ko who wants to join:


  197. edgar aniñon says:

    isali nyo ako jan
    ito po yung # ko


  198. pleas load me.. 09208004507

  199. riarose says:

    please load nyo po ako.. 09208004507

  200. riarose says:

    need ko po kc yung load ngayon eh. please

  201. jean says:

    pahingi po ng load khit po 200, i2 po # ku 09089123381,sna po pg bigyan nio po aku s request ku,

  202. kahit magkano. first time ko dto! try ko lng if totoo. salamat…. +639173405388

  203. gelo padua says:

    ako dn po,paloadan nyo. 09309433011

  204. Sansen says:

    ey!!!good day everyone….
    praise be Jesus and Mary!!
    load lang po…
    pagpail kayu ng panginoong dios.

  205. russelchuyy says:

    bRo nka register napo ako sa auction.ph
    paNO po ba ako makakuha ng load..
    ito po number ko.. 09067877869
    thanks alot brO..and god bless.

  206. ding-adz says:

    akin din..09169205224

  207. earl-stef 4ever says:

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    100 lang po !

  445. henry says:

    pa load bhoz 100 lang po 09480246993

  446. Jeson says:

    Pwede po ba ako humingi ng load! 20 lang po ? Please!

  447. carlo almeda says:

    penge load 50 lang

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