I'm a DigiPrint Pro

I’m a DigiPrint Pro

All of my digital printing jobs go straight to DigiPrint. They’re a subsidiary of LBC so if you reach the 100 print quota for every job order, you’ll receive your prints the following day via courier for free — anywhere in the Philippines.

The prints cost Php6.50 each for size 4R. I always get mine in matte with white borders.


DigiPrint Pro

One of the sales person asked me to join their free DigiPrint membership so I got this in the mail yesterday — a discount card for 10-25% on all their products and services. Not bad, huh? And to think I’ve only had about 300 prints thru them so far.

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8 Responses

  1. Sasha says:

    Yea, the photos you gave me were not that bad, in fact, they’re actually good prints! Good on you for getting that deal! All I need to do now is to look for the nearest digiprint.. or perhaps you can have all my photos printed instead? Hehe. ;)

    Kidding. :lol:

  2. joseph says:

    Would be really great if you can just upload your photos, pay via the internet or cellphone, and have them delivered at your doorstep.

  3. DyPao says:

    How’s the print quality? I always have my prints done at Fuji in Megamall, they’re terrific at getting your colors right, but Megamall’s really not in the usual circuit of places I visit anymore…

  4. markku says:

    joseph, I think digiprint offers the online upload option for their customers, though I haven’t tried it.

    Digiprint use inkjets for their prints, while pro labs use something else. There are merits to these different technologies, though for general use I’d say digiprint’s service is a good value.

    Still, I’d want a photo printer at home that can produce prints affordably.

  5. Pinky Bondoc says:

    How’s the print quality? i heard they use inkjets…

  6. DyPao says:

    best quality for home printing is the dye-sublimation type printer like Canon’s SELPHY line. Great colors, and the prints are waterproof! I got mine along with the point-and-shoot I got for my gf :) Comes out at around P12 per 4×6″ print, almost twice what you’d pay at Fuji or Kodak, but very convenient for those times that you just can’t go to the mall to have a couple of prints done.

  7. baratmode says:

    We use to have our pictures printed by digiprint, but ever since we discovered fuji’s shop in sto. domingo qc, its has become our favorite print shop. 4R prints are at Php 4.50 only. :)

  8. Miguel says:

    Just a comment. Min for free delivery is 200 pesos (35 prints)

    For prints delivered we use Fuji technolgy and machines (Frontier) in our central lab in pasay.

    If you are a pro member, you get added benfts aside from discounts like no minimum fee for free delivery.

    We have an online site where you can upload and order and we deliver in 48 hours (www.digiprint.com.ph)


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