Off to Indonesia

Off to Indonesia

Another week out of country, this time to Jakarta. Still lucky that the free wifi internet here at the NAIA is still working though a bit sluggish. AirborneAccess has strong signal but doesn’t seem to have any internet connectivity thru it.

We’re off to Jakarta via Singapore Airlines in an hour but will have an hour stop-over at Singapore.


Must have spent a fortune on new shoes, clothes and stuff. Hopefully, my luggage won’t get lost in translation this time. :D

I can’t make it to the Philippine Web Awards but my fellow bloggers at PinoyTechBlog and PinoyTravelBlog will be there, just in case we win an award (and solidify that lifetime PR7 link). *heh* If anyone is going to the PWA, you can hook up with Migs, JAngelo, Jolo, Anton, Karla or Arnold.

Again, you can reach me via SMS (international roaming) but if it’s not urgent, an email would do. ;) That is, if I get some internet in my hotel room.

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2 Responses

  1. rnoldz says:

    Alright, Have a safe trip!
    But wait, where’s the ticket to the PWA? :-)

  2. karla says:

    na kay migz daw hehe

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