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Photo Project: Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Just woke up from deep slumber. We all came home back from the 11th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta at Clark in Pampanga in the afternoon after a long drive and no sleep from the other night.

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Realme Philippines

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta
An old officemate and her friends tagging along after they read about the trip over at Pinoy.Travel.Blog.

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta
From left: Markku, Jobarclix, Sasha, Marc, Gail, Jayvee, me, Alet, Trisha, Minnie (Rico, missing in picture)

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta
Experimenting with red/orange filters.

Didn’t get any good pictures, partly because I was too busy cleaning off that dirt off of the lens (or was it the sensor? *waahhh*)

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14 years ago

hey,i love the pictures, look im a year 11 student, doing a photography course, i was just wondering if you would give me permission to use your 1st image (hot-air-balloon05.jpg) in a piece of work that i am doing for surreal art, its exactly what im looking for, please get back to me ASAP

15 years ago

ei guys me and my group of volkswagen enthusiasts where also there. sayang sana nagkita tayo. :)

15 years ago

Abe, that wasn’t sensor dust, believe me. If you can see it through the viewfinder, then it’s just on the viewfinder. You don’t get to see the sensor anyway unless you have the shutter open with no lens mounted. ;)

Next time may press pass na dapat tayo ha! :)

15 years ago

just get a lens cleaner :D
sana lang hindi sensor yun abe :D

i just keep on missing the hot air balloon fiesta. all because of work lolz.

15 years ago

sama ko sa next lakad! Sana may digital SLR na din ako by then :-)

15 years ago

I’ve learned to let go and ignore the sensor dusts while shooting. The stress is just not worth it.

Haha pero last Saturday, I noticed there was a strand of hair inside the sensor chamber after shooting aerial photos. Was I pissed!

karlo de leon
15 years ago

I wish i also had friends inside. Ako lang sa loob nagshshoot. I hope they give away more press passes, especially to photographer bloggers.

15 years ago

nice blog by the way. with that i mean the content. it’s rich and very informative. i loike the last picture, filters are so much fun! however, the rendered light coming from the sun can be blinding haha! as you’ve said, your experimenting. im not a photographer, don’t get me wrong! that was not an insult or criticism. :D

15 years ago

Too bad for you not to be able to take more pictures. Here’s hoping your lens is working fine now. I was also there yesterday. Enjoy naman pero nakakapagod lang.

15 years ago

Hahaha. Pansin ko din na madumi na sensor ko, syet. Nothing that the spot healing tool sa cs2 cannot quickly take out :p Ako din nag-experiment sa filter! Godsend ang polarizing filter for bluer backgrounds :)

15 years ago

looks like you had a great time…. The balloons look amazing…

15 years ago

Lol, salamat sa mention, even though I was just sleeping in the car.

Next year, video project na yan!

15 years ago

abe! just woke up. next time ulit. sakay na tayo sa balloon.

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