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World Pyro Olympics Pictures

I guess everyone already knows about the World Pyro Olympics being held the whole week beside the Mall of Asia. It’s practically all over the TV, radio and the newspapers.

World Pyro Olympics

I didn’t really took special notice of this a few months back when they asked us at plogHost to be one of their sponsors/benefactors. Since we’re already hosting their site, I didn’t mind giving them loads of additional bandwidth and space for the pictures and videos. Had I known it would be this big, I could have asked for those tickets as well. :D

World Pyro Olympics

Anyway, due to heavy traffic and all at Pasay I only manage to get a spot beside the Blue Wave where a couple professional photographers where preparing to take some shots from as far a 1km away (I think it was that far from the venue).

World Pyro Olympics

Not prepared and didn’t know what best settings to use with my Canon Ixus 30, I fired away almost a hundred shots where more than half of them are blurred and out of focus.

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8 Responses

  1. sylver says:

    what did you use? continous shots? teka at bat di ka pala nagyaya?!!!!

  2. jong says:

    haha kelan ka nagpunta? nandun ako last night. hehe it was really fun. May ticket booth sila dun sa may labas eh.. hehe astig ung kuha mo. Ako cguro tsaka na lang mag lalagay ng pic hehe…

  3. Jaypee says:

    nice..i wish i could go and watch the fireworks..kaya lang malabo..busy and mejo malayo..hehe

  4. eric says:


    andun ako nung monday at kagabi, thursday. monday’s show was the best..

    di ko pa natatapos ipa process films ko. dami eh. eniweys na post ko na yung sa china-aus na show yung usa-ZA di pa kasi out of town na naman ako today =)

    sana nang hingi ka ng madaming tickets.. bigay sa sa amin! eheheheh

    cheers! happy new year!!!


  5. yuga says:

    grabeh, i went to WPO last dec 30 but i was too late. traffic is so heavy i had to walk from Taft MRT to Blue Wave. No new pictures.

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