Poll: Do you use the GPS in your phone?

Poll: Do you use the GPS in your phone?

A lot of middle to high-end phones being sold nowadays come with GPS and/or A-GPS support and I wondered if people really use them at all.


Our poll this time is for phone users — if they use the built-in GPS in their phones. Most of my experience with using GPS is while driving to places I’m not familiar with. Instead of the physical maps (I have one of those EazyMaps), I often Google Maps and GPS to give me some sense of direction.

How about you? Is the GPS in your phone an unused feature or have you found some good use for it? Let me know by leaving a comment and adding your vote in the poll section.

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24 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    GPS? Can we track our cellphones by this feature?
    e.g. Stolen, Lost, etc.

  2. jhay says:

    My phone doesn’t have GPS and to be honest, I see no practical use for it as of now. Perhaps when Google Maps has a more extensive coverage of the Philippines I’ll get a phone with GPS.

  3. BigBird says:

    CP Products lack demonstrations. People are just darn so excited with cool new gadgets.

    If you where to buy a Car or a wireless electric fan you want to see the demo first before getting 1, similar to SM deptstore demo.

    But now, more on the “WOW factor” or this gatget have it all and not use it.

  4. taksan says:

    i agree, most people prefer buying phones that are talked about, expensive, and just the “in” thing.

    i bet some doesn’t even know their phone has GPS!

  5. rogerd says:

    we used the GPS to win a contest.

  6. BigBird says:


    Congratulations! Winning the most difficult category in 2times in a row. Wow

  7. Tina says:

    I agree GPS in other countries would be very useful but I don’t think pinoys would be comfortable using it. I have one but I don’t Use it. :(



  8. ralph says:

    when i start gps it says “would you like to turn on bluetooth….?” then pag press ko ng on walang nangyari pano ba to..

    unit ko 6120 classic

  9. Bon says:

    GPS has real-world uses when you’re in real estate development such as myself. It’s a dead-easy way to measure distances when doing site inspections of large parcels. All you have to do is mark points along the boundary of the parcel and measure the distance traveled.

  10. Gerald says:

    Actually, I want a GPS device of my own (either on a phone or an actual GPS deviice attached on the dash o just somewhere in the car). But from what I’ve heard, the Phiilippines/Metro Manila isn’t actually accurately mapped out on GPS. And I’m not sure if they update the information there often as we usually have changed in traffic routes here. So, GPS.. maybe in the future. Right now, no.

  11. iko says:

    my phone has GPS and it has the Garmin software for Windows mobile 6. at home it works, like it can detect satellite signal easily, etc, but why would I use it at home right? so last weekend my family got lost driving inside subic coming from ocean adventure and i got excited to finally use my phone’s GPS. i turned it on, and darn, it took 20 minutes before it found our location! nahanap na namin yung exit hindi pa rin siya gumana! plus it drained my battery like i made a 1hour phone call.

    i think the standalone GPS devices are better, but they dont have support for PH maps yet i think.

    sana bumili na lang ako nung EZMap at compass.

  12. terence says:

    yes i do!

  13. Mrpinoy says:

    Can we use Philippines google mapmaker for GPS? Accurate na kc map dun check it out pwede pa mag edit

    vote: Non user here

  14. bj says:

    i recently had a trip from manila to pagudpud (by land)
    i’ve tried using garmin on my verzio envii and bought an external bluetooth gps unit overseas.

    the gps unit lasted more than 15 hours without charging.
    but, using external bluetooth gps will eat up the battery of your phone in less than 3.5 hours. i remedied it by buying a car cradle for my wm6 ppc and a power inverter for the charger to the 12v cigar input.

    very useful for out of town trips. it locks with the satellite in less than a minute.

  15. Robert says:

    it is quite useful to have gprs on a mobile phone while using google maps or sth else. but i dont use it that often.mostly when i look for the next coffee shop ;)

  16. berryboy says:

    I have a blackberry bold 9000. it has a gps feature but i can’t make it work. it just displays my coordinates as 0,0 and it says it cant find satellites. im here in metro manila.

  17. Alona Sanglay-Balancio says:

    Actually im new in this site…and i learn a lot from those hu post their coments&reaxtns.tnx!

  18. hi there.

    my company is selling a GPS MAP Application for GPS-enabled mobile phones. we have tested it already to a GPS-enabled mobile phone, even with MYPHONE T33 and its working.

    it has a very wide LUZON MAP, complete and updated.

    u can avail it if u dont want to buy a GPS Car Navigator.

    the SD card is worth P3,800. just visit our office and we’ll make it works with ur phone.

    please message me for more info or call me at 09088601518.

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  20. edupacric says:

    Yes, I frequently use the GPS of my Nokia phone. I always find any place where I want to go because of the built-in GPS, Google Maps and Ovi Maps.

  21. Hermie says:

    Yes, I use the GPS in my phone. It’s a Nokia touchscreen phone loaded with the latest Nokia Maps firmware, a 30MB free roadmap of the whole philippines with tons of points of interests, and a UK female voice for voice navigation. I use another Nokia app to record my route then later upload it to Openstreetmap to enhance the online Philippine roadmap or to drive uncharted routes that you can back track later to get home using the recorded tracks. I blogged about it if you’re interested of details. Nokia has good maps because years ago they bought Navteq.

  22. KeeWee says:

    Would love to be able to use GPS on my BB 9800 … but it just wont work at all … can sometimes find 1 satellite, but that is all … still can’t find out where I am :))

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