Poll: How much portable storage do you have?

Poll: How much portable storage do you have?

Long gone are the days when we carry around 3.5″ floppy disks for copies of important documents and files. Even CDRWs are seldom used as well. It’s now mostly flash drives and portable HDDs.

Our poll this time asks how much portable storage do you carry around. USB flash drives are very cheap nowadays and have become a staple giveaway.


There are other types of micro media too like SD cards, CF, Memory Sticks and such. I have a total 7GB (4+2+1) of USB flash disk, 8GB (4+2+1+1) of Compact Flash and 2GB of miniSD. That does not even include iPods and other portable music/media players that double as a portable hard drives.

So, how much portable storage do you carry around? Send in your answers in our poll.

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36 Responses

  1. jhay says:

    I have a 512MB flash drive/mp3 player + a 2GB Sony M2. To be honest though, the 512MB flash drive is more than enough for a college student like me. :P

  2. jamie says:

    i don’t know what’s the problem pero hindi pumapasok yung vote ko.

    I use a 2GB flash drive.

  3. Dyimz says:

    I got 4 GB flash drive, 1 GB SD, and an extra 512 MB SD for emergency purposes…=]

    Hindi rin pumapasok yung vote ko..=[

  4. Tina says:

    I have a 2GB flash drive, a 64MB MicroSD in my phone and my 30GB ipod that words as an emergency external hard drive. I’m planning to buy a 250GB external hard drive for my Mac so I can finally upgrade to Leopard and try out Time Machine :D

  5. nina says:

    That’s odd, I haven’t voted yet, but the poll is already showing me the results O_o

    Back to the topic, I have a 250GB external hard drive, 1GB USB flashdrive, 1GB SD, 64MB SD, 256 CF, 64MB CF, and a 16MB CF.

  6. I have 2 – 80 GB portable hard disk

  7. MrValdez says:

    60GB on my laptop. Since all I do is programming, 60GB is a lot. Most of the space is taken by youtube videos. :P

  8. yuga says:

    Oops, sorry about the polls. Upgrade WP and the old poll wasn’t compatible.

    Fixed it now. Thanks Nina for the tip.

  9. blozoom! says:

    1gb flash and 80gb portable hard drive. 1gb I carry around, the 80gb containing my deepest secret its buried deep in the basement.

  10. Bob Reyes says:

    I always have my PQI 2GB Flash Disk with me. During class days, I have a 40GB portable HDD (partitioned to 20/20) at hand.

  11. Noemi Dado says:

    I have a 2GB flash drive and a digital recorder with 1GB space.

  12. I have a Western Digital 320GB External HD, 1GB USB stick and 1GB SD.

  13. Kenneth says:

    I have a 1GB USB Flash Drive which I bought at CD-R King last three months.. ;-)

  14. Miguel says:

    No option for “None?” I don’t have any portable storage. I’m living in the Cloud :)

  15. boddah says:

    just 1 usb flash drive(1 gig)

  16. orgl says:

    Consistently using with my 1gb sony flash drive and 1gb SD card for cam :)

  17. djoching says:

    i have 1 GB usb and 120GB external hard drive always with me

  18. Jim says:

    2 GB Compact flash, 1GB mini SD, 2GB thumbdrive and 120 GB external hard disk. :)

  19. Joie says:

    i have a 256 USB Flash.

  20. zippy do da says:

    I have a 100 mb zip drive… am i the only one that still uses a zip drive?

  21. minor says:

    4GB flash drive for my files and 2 500GB external hard drive for CCTV video backup

  22. 1x 1gb USB Flash
    1x 4gb USB Flash (very cheap ;) want one? :p )

    I lost 1x 1gb USB Flash a few months ago.
    Planning on opening another 4gb USB Flash hehe :p

    Doesn’t include my Motorola phone and Vid Camera. Planning on buying a new motorola phone this month or next too, so that’s another 1gb portable storage.

    How about online services? In a way those are portable too :p hehe j/k

  23. Mark says:

    I have a portable 160 GB WD Passport that I carry around with my laptop especially when I have to go out of state. It has all my website files, design files, and media. It’s the best!

    Since I designed Sheryn Regis’ and Christian Bautista’s websites, I ALWAYS have to keep the hard drive close to me lalo pag kailangan i-update yung website nung dalawa. :)

    Look it up:

    I also have a 4GB Sandisk Cruzer Mini that I pretty much have on my keychain. I use it in school lalo na pag walang Firefox. U3 is great for those portable apps so you won’t miss them when you’re in another computer.

  24. I use my phone’s storage capability. Its about 1 gig.

  25. Alex says:

    I always carry the ff. items/devices with portable storage:

    1.) 80gb Maxtor Portable HDD
    2.) 4gb FlashDrive/FlashDisk
    3.) Nokia N82 w/ 4gb MicroSD
    4.) Nokia N91 4gb

    -Alex of MP3-Codes.com

  26. I have a 2gb flash drive but don’t use it that much, 512mb-1gb would be enough for my very basic needs. I burn a lot of dvdr’s though.

    I remember buying a 256MB MMC for 2k+ back in 2005!

  27. jerald guillermo says:

    I have a 120GB portable HDD that I carry with me always when I got to work. :)

  28. ChrisMo says:

    Just the same as Mark Above. Since we’re on the same field. Although I don’t cater to Celebrities yet (I hope Mark outsources some to me he he he) Anyways as for the poll I voted more than 8GB of portable storage, I carry around most of the time about 20GB at least and 350Gig at most. Not on my list are the default storage of my computers which amount to about 1Tera.

    In my wallet I have two 2 Gig SD Cards. In my camera pouch I have another two, on my neck a 2gig Imation thumbdrive, and on my car a modified laptop HDD hot plug which is about 80gig. Add to that when I go for a long trip I bring along my Seagate 300Gig portable external.

    Now i feel like a portable storage myself. I am just too paranoid losing data, I still keep all my college HDD’s when it got full.
    Maybe it depends on a persons job and needs…

  29. i always carry this
    1 256MB usb drive
    1 1gb usb drive
    apple ipod 20gb

  30. talksmart says:

    Seagate 500 GB capacity, Axiom USB 8GB…

  31. catswalks says:

    500 GB external drive, 2X 1 GB memory stick, 2GB on my phone…

  32. james braseltojn says:

    hi there wow 256 megabyte memory stick thats nothing if you add all my flash storage you will get a whoping 222 gegabytes lets see 4 gd sd card in ps3 wii has 4 gb sd card too dsi has 4 gb sd card also 8 gb iphone a 64 gb ipod toiuch a 32 gb ipod touch 2 hp netbooks with ssd a 16 gb and a 32 gb ssd psp go has 16 gb plus a 16 gb micro m2 memory stick a psp 2000 with a 1 gb memory stick plus a 2 gb micro sd card in my cellphone camcorder with 8 gb micro memory stick and a comadore 64 with 64 kb and probaly some stuff i missed and the new nintendo 3ds roumers have anouther 2 gb of flash memory on board soo when i get that it brings me up too 224 gegabytes of flash memory and you say 160 gb hard drives are big

  33. RLA says:

    4gb kingston usb flash
    16gb, 4gb, and 1gb cf cards for my camera
    320gb wd port drive, 1tb iomega port drive, 1tb wd port drive, 500gb mybook

  34. Harry says:

    You can probably check dito… may mga nagbebenta mura http://www.librengads.com

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