Poll: Is the laptop vs. netbook battle shifting?

Poll: Is the laptop vs. netbook battle shifting?

The year 2011 has seen so many tablets invading the market. It seems like the golden age of netbooks has come and gone and tablets have replaced it as the preferred portable computing device.

Still, despite the growing popularity of tablets, I think a significant percentage of the consuming public still prefer netbooks (or, due to lack of budget, are still stuck with their old netbooks).

As such, we’re seeing netbooks being sold at under Php15k (or 30-50% cheaper than what they used to be).


So is the “laptop vs. netbook” battle shifting to “netbook vs. tablet”? For people who have multiple (at least 2) computing device, what’s your usual combination?

a) Laptop & Netbook
b) Laptop & Tablet
c) Netbook & Tablet
d) Desktop & Laptop
e) Desktop & Netbook
f) Desktop & Tablet
g) All 4

Go hit the comments section and share with us your set up.

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75 Responses

  1. Salleh says:

    I traded my netbook last week for a Galaxy Tab. never regretted.

    im using my tab for browsing the net, email, chat, and light web maintenance while heavy work remains on my desktop.

    this is my most productive setup so far.

  2. zeratul88 says:

    B. Powerful Laptop for gaming and productivity plus Tablet. Kung hindi lang ako “on-the-go” maybe better and cheaper and desktop plus tablet setup.

  3. a. I have a laptop and a netbook.

  4. Faust says:

    I go for all 3 depending of situations where their usage will be..

  5. Jan Sinlao says:

    I am consistently satisfied with my netbook and a Small-screen Tablet.

  6. doms says:

    I belong to the “due to lack of budget, are still stuck with their old netbooks” group.

    LOL! Dec 2008 pa tong Blue H1 UMPC ko eh.

    My setup is desktop + netbook.

  7. druidenergy says:

    i prefer for high specs of laptop and tablet… my laptop has core i7.. for gaming and designg… while my ipad tablet for bsic wrkon nt,

  8. arj says:

    laptop and netbook. sometimes even my mobile phone can connect to the net as alternative for netbook if i prefer a portable one

  9. Rommel A. says:

    Netbook and Laptop, my machines ages well, just feed them with new apps. My Ipod touch is also one of my portable device for wifi internet. I will still buy a tablet soon but I am happy at my current gadgets at the moment.

  10. allan says:

    laptop and netbook

  11. kael says:

    Used to be ‘G’ but my desktop died recently so now just ‘A’

  12. Iyan Sommerset says:

    Desktop for real gaming, laptop for semi-mobile gaming/fun stuff/daily utility, netbook for on-the-go stuff like writing articles, pre-fixing video editing (just resequencing, no rendering), etc.

    Tablet shmablet.

  13. Manix says:

    i believe it is not shifting, but it has already shifted. that’s why we see acer and asus dropping in their worldwide sales for netbook.

    as for the survey, i have powerful desktops and laptops for work and business, a tablet for leisure and browsing, and smartphones for mobile.

  14. fr0stbyte says:

    Is it really shifting? All of the people I know do not own tablets and I’m a middle-class kinda guy. I plan to buy a tablet but honestly the price is still kind of “up there” that it’s not really that practical. You don’t need it. You want it.

  15. daniel says:

    F <– haha… pag may desktop ka na… bakit ka pa magla-laptop or magne-netbook? shempers tablet nalang para sosyal at maiba naman!

  16. florencia says:

    It’s d as of now.. but I want them all. haha

  17. agvu says:

    well, i have a macbook hooked up to a monitor, a keyboard, mouse, and a set of speakers that transform it into a desktop while im at home. i also have an iPad with me. ill stick with B.

    when i leave home to go somewhere and ill only need internet connectivity and a few time-passers such as games and such, i use my ipad. however, when im going somewhere far and will make me leave home for more than a day or i need to do serious work, i bring my laptop.

  18. sandro says:

    in terms of sales and production, the front may have shifted a bit from netbooks/laptops to tablets. however in our country, people would still go for a cheap 25k core-i3 or i5 laptop instead of an iPad, or a 16k netbook instead of a galaxy tab. netbooks and laptops offer more in terms of performance and that “bang for your buck”. also, lets not forget wifi and 3g enabled smartphones that are flying off the shelves.

  19. I’m going 3years with my netbook, and it took me to great lengths! convenient, easy-to-carry. Netbooks come with better specs now in cheaper and cheaper prices. tablets? so-so… I still can’t see the need for it. Laptops are still the best contender for netbook, its only downside is its weight.

  20. Noir says:

    H.??? All 4. Desktop(2)/Laptop(4)/Netbook(1)/Tablet(1)

    The only thing that is collecting dust is the tablet. No use for us. and for browsing nothing still beats having a keyboard.

  21. Jor says:

    i have a laptop and netbook. but i prefer desktop and laptop. more computing power!
    tablet? i’ll go for a smartphone, Samsumg Galaxy S II :-s

  22. wakocoke says:

    Gaming Desktop, Work Laptop and i’ll get an ASUS Transformer soon (tablet/netbook hybrid ftw!)

  23. Benchmark says:

    Right now…I only have a laptop…I am planning to have a Samsung Tab…to replace my mobile phone…as a portable communicating device. hehehehe

  24. kimkae77 says:

    I’m planning to have samsung galaxy tab, my current set up , desktop or laptop for long surfing, netbook if gamit ng mrs ko desktop, and a knock-off ipad from china(apad)w/ nice specs..

  25. Kerwin says:

    I’m in the same boat as Noir above,
    have all 4 (desktop, netbook, laptop, tablet)

    But if I had to choose two, I would pick
    d. Desktop and Laptop

    I feel that this combo best serves my needs for functionality as well as portability. The netbook is far too small for me to do any lengthy work on it while the tablet is best served for casual web browsing only.

  26. ed says:

    old capable laptop + new main laptop

  27. Kraven says:

    G… Can’t help but to be updated..desktop in my room…an acer laptop for media works…sony vaio p “netbook” for my on the go…just bought an ipad 2 for my presentations/demos… It works best…and a galaxy tab… just a treat for myself and a taste of android…bunga ng pagpupuyat sa trabaho…

  28. Name: says:

    G… Can’t help but to be updated..desktop in my room…an acer laptop for media works…sony vaio p “netbook” for my on the go…just bought an ipad 2 for my presentations/demos… It works best…and a galaxy tab… just a treat for myself and a taste of android…bunga ng pagpupuyat sa trabaho…

  29. Epstein says:

    Desktop & Laptop

  30. paulkev09 says:

    The gap between netbooks and notebooks becomes smaller and smaller because of the advances made in technology. Ever since the advent of the dual-core Atom, Nvidia ION, and the AMD Fusion APU, that gap became smaller…netbooks are getting several times faster than previous generation netbooks. What’s more is that netbooks can now play mainstream games fluidly like World of Warcraft. Not only that, daul-core netbooks today sells at a cheap price like the ASUS EEE PC 1015PEM which is only priced at around Php. 16,000. Netbooks are getting stronger and their specs are getting some serious treatment.

  31. Desktop + Tablet (though di sya talaga tablet HTC Desire HD)

  32. Joshua M says:

    I’m going F, Web dev ako kaya Tablet is Client purposes only. Desktop for gaming and work

  33. damo says:

    i have an ipad..kci upcoming 4th year highshool
    pa lng aq.nd pa masyadong gamitin
    ang laptop .pero pag nag college na ako
    i think i will prefer to buy a macbook..than netbook
    B.laptop & tablet

  34. Dayco says:

    Mac Pro (Desktop) – VIdeo Editing
    Macbook Pro 15″ (Laptop) – Photo Editing
    Macbook Air 11″ (Netbook?) – Web/Documents
    iPad 2 3G/Wifi (Tablet) – Photo Presentation/Games/GPS

  35. FROILAN says:

    i have D. shifting?? in some ways yes. knowing pinoys kahit hirap kung anu uso grab talaga :D but for me, it boils down on what you really need. ewan ko lang ah.. for me kc y buy a tablet if it may cost u a better laptop?a 20k-25k laptop is a decent one na.way better than a tablet. i’m trying to figure out.db nkakangawit un paghandle ng tablet when using it?so people buy external keyboard para mailatag na un tablet.i find this one very funny.

  36. Rojie says:

    Depending on their use. Preferred netbook where I can bring anywhere, process my documents and do gaming. 3G included so I don’t need to worry connectivity also.

  37. Robin Lim says:

    I belong to a different group… for two years I used a netbook + mid priced laptop combination. The pair would cost me less than a higher end ultraportable laptop which would be powerful enough for daily use and light enough for daily carry.

    In 2010, when laptop prices went down in general… I opted for just a single laptop. A 13-inch MacBook Air (which cost half as much as it did when originally released) meets both needs for sufficient power and portability.

  38. Jay says:

    Netbook samsung for basic excel and statistical analysis (work related). Ginagamit din siya while doing field work. An Asus i3 laptop for heavy duty computation. A macbook (2006) na ginagamit paminsan minsan. sa bahay, i hook up the netbook or laptop sa monitor and keyboard

  39. EdwinC says:

    Laptop and netbook ang preference. Kasi ‘yang mga tablets na ‘yan laruan lang ‘yan, eh. Pero kung may magbigay sa akin ng tablet, ah, ‘yun na.

  40. I prefer Desktop and Laptop. I already have desktop but it stays in our photo shop because I do not have internet connection in our house. Now I am planning to buy laptop to continue my blogging even at house ^_^

  41. fr0stbyte says:

    Just to add some more.. Are we under the illusion that majority of us can buy tablets? A large part of our society can not afford to buy those things. It makes MORE sense for the public to buy netbooks as they are getting cheaper. A little more money then you’d be able to buy a decent laptop. Students and young professionals alike NEED these. Tablets are for those who can afford them. They’re like bling for the typical netizen.

  42. I go for letter A, it is more practical for me. http://youshudno.blogspot.com/

  43. Desktop for home use and Laptop for mobility.

  44. Tristan says:

    D here. I use desktop for work and laptop for entertainment. Maybe if I can save some, then I’ll buy a tablet soon. :D

  45. wacko says:

    Desktop for gaming
    Laptop for Mobility
    Ipad for browsing (lalo na pag nasa bed )

  46. bariles says:

    D. MacMini at the office and a Macbook which I bring anywhere, even on my recent trips to HK and Singapore.
    At the airport though, I get to see a lot of people using their tablets. Di naman ako masyadong naiinggit. Parang gusto ko lang silang tapunan ng sapatos ko.

  47. Elder Mangyan says:

    I have a desktop, 2 laptop and 1 netbook.

    Still contemplating if I am going to buy a tablet.

    So far my set-up with my existing gadgets are in order.

  48. paul says:

    laptop & netbook combination for me… the former’s my desktop replacement while the latter’s my “leisure” gadget.

  49. McTechieGuy says:

    Smartphone (iPhone 4)
    and netbook (HP Mini 110) for me.
    iPhone for social networking and fun.
    And the netbook for work. :)

  50. McTechieGuy says:

    Smartphone (iPhone 4)
    and netbook (HP Mini 110) for me.
    iPhone for social networking and fun.
    And the netbook for work! :)

  51. tfcnow02 says:

    all 4, simple lang ang dahilan, bawat gamit eh para sa specific na task, alangan namang dalhin ko desktop ko kahit saan, ano ko sira? me nagagawa ang desktop ko na di magagawa ng laptop ko lalo na’t bihira ma upgrade or expand ang laptop di gaya ng desktop. tapos heto ang tablet, maaring me magawa ang tablet na kaya ng laptop ganon pa man, di pa rin lahat. minsan me mga engot na ikukumpara ang iba’t ibang gamit tapos magtatanong kailangan pa ba to or hindi na hindi naman naiintindihan kung bakit ginawa yung gamit at para sa kung ano. at marami akong nakitang komento dito na nagpapakita na nakakaintindi. ganon pa man, nasa tao rin ang kompromiso kung ok na sa kanya ang gamit o hindi, gaya na lang ng mga taong ginagamit ang flat screwdriver dahil alang paet sa paglilok, o kutsilyo dahil alang screwdriver pag me gustog tanggalin na turnilyo. at siyempre, kung meron lang perang pambili, kung marami, alang kinalaman kung ano ang ano dahil oks lang dahil no probs sa budget

  52. jologs says:

    It’s now B for me since I just recently purchased an iPad. Laptops for work and playing facebook games (addicted to this). My iPhone and iPad are for light web browsing, tracking things (like expenses, blood pressure, period, hehehe), and reading books.

  53. dan_md says:

    Price and function still commands the market share of laptops, netbooks, and tablets. At present, tablets haven’t progressed yet to the point of having the core functions of a PC/MAC. The price of tablets are also prohibitive so their penetration is for the niche market, at best. My current setup is: laptop + netbook. Still haven’t found a necessity to go for a tablet.

  54. Cheftonio says:

    Mine is “B”

    Laptop + Tablet


  55. pol says:

    my setup is desktop for gaming because it’s cheaper to upgrade.

    my laptop for my online work because it saves electricity even if it is turned on all day.

    my windows mobile phone for everything else. i’m still on the hedge with tablets. maybe if the prices become cheaper.

  56. JC says:

    All 4.
    1. I leave my powerhouse at home.
    2. My netbook provides decent PC performance with great portability.
    3. My laptop for when I go out on conventions out of town for at least a day or two, provides more power than the netbook. And let’s face it, netbooks don’t really say “I’m here on business.”
    4. My iPad makes for good quick RSS feed, news and updates reading and facebooking while I cross my hands waiting for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 or the Blackberry Playbook to hit the market. Sure I can do that with my iPhone, but I’m not really fond of small screens.

  57. Cxian says:

    its desktop+laptop+tablet for me before but I prefer desktop+laptop+netbook now, there is something that a physical keyboard that no touch interface can suffice.

  58. Cxian says:

    ^ *correction.. ‘something on a..’

  59. Arvin says:

    Upgraded Core i5 8GbRAM 160GbSSD Laptop (Vaio) + Smartphone (iPhone)
    but am torn between waiting for the iPad 2 and buying the Samsung Galaxy Tab so I can ditch the laptop while on travel…

  60. E says:

    Desktop+Laptop for me…
    hell no for useless girls toy netbook and tablet…


  61. myke says:

    g) all 4
    hp desktop
    acer laptop
    lenovo netbook
    ipad 16 gb wifi

  62. damnvixen says:

    Desktop & Netbook

    its been like this for all of us in the house for the past 2 years. we are all skeptical with the tablet technology, we feel its a kids toy.

  63. rhk111 says:

    Laptop (Acer Aspire 1830T Timeline X) and Tablet (Apple iPad 1) for me.

  64. grace says:

    it’s all about easy access and practicality. i’d have to go with laptop and tablet.

  65. SpunkyGlitzes says:

    Laptop and Desktop.

    Desktop doesnt age much as the laptop, price consciouswise din

    Laptop, Id prefer ultrathin btw, to get more out of my mobile needs. Netbook is too slow for me and quite impractical for my needs and same goes to tablet, kulang na kulang ako sa functions, eye candy lang nga.

  66. Daman says:

    i’d prefer for Desktop and laptop for heavy usage.
    Desktop can be upgraded parts by parts which will turn out to be more economical and durable.

    Laptop on the other for multiple usage including dvd movie watching annd game loading.

  67. chacha says:

    …sige nga mag office 2007/2010 ka nga sa Tablet?
    …kakasoldout lng ng Asus 1015 PEM netbook sa VIllman

    at mas mura netbook sa tablet, besides pwede ka rin mag angry birds sa netbook ^^, san ka pa.

    • tfcnow01 says:

      @chacha, sino ba nagsabi na di puedeng mag office 2007/2010 sa tablet? kasi me windows7 na tablet na merong ms office, hehehe…

  68. mike says:

    you guys are burning money. sayang ang pera. Just buy a 12 inch netbook/subnotebook and you are good with just 1 device. You don’t need a desktop PC. Desktop PC is provided to you at work.

  69. stagnant says:

    The Asus EeePC Transformer just came out, a 10.1″ tablet that can dock into a keyboard for extra battery and lots of different ports. Tas + desktop ok na suguro needs mo.

  70. nah says:

    TabTop for me. Ang dami namang anti-tablet people dito. Pakialam ninyo.

  71. nel says:

    sa huli depende parin yan sa kung ano ba ang kailagan nyong gadget sa kung ano mang gagawin nyo,kung saan kau comfortable e di un ang gamitin… wala nalang pakialaman hehe PEACE to U all

  72. niknok says:

    nahihirapan pa kasi ngaung makapasok sa regular household ung tablet, syempre kasi mas mahal kesa sa netbooks,

  73. Jim Trent says:

    It’s hard to say, everyone says that the netbook will be killed off by the tablet, but I think the old school amongst us can get something new from a netbook (increased portability & battery life) and the fact that they are a lot cheaper than laptops! My biggest problem when trying to get a decent computer before was always finding reputable laptop suppliers!

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