Poll Results: AdSense Revenues Report

Poll Results: AdSense Revenues Report

Last week, I started a poll asking people to share their monthly AdSense earnings. Here is a more comprehensive report on that survey.

The poll was conducted for one week using a plugin that tracks IP and cookies of each participant. This is to minimize (if not totally avoid) multiple votes from visitors. There were a total of 90 respondents who voted and here’s the breakdown:

Range of Monthly AdSense Income
Less than $10: 17 (19%)
Less than $50: 29 (32%)
Between $50 – $100: 10 (11%)
Between $100 – $200: 7 (8%)
Between $200 – $500: 9 (10%)
Between $500 – $1,000: 2 (2%)
$1,000 and above: 16 (18%)

To give you a better overview of the breakdown, here’s a pie chart to illustrate that.

Adsense Earnings Chart


About half of the respondents (51%) earns $50 or below per month while a fifth (18%) gets a fairly good income of $100 to $500. What I failed to determine in this poll was the number of blogs maintained by the respondents (we will do that on another time). However, these figures alone do show a good picture of bloggers’ income earning potential from Google AdSense.

AdSense Income

If we put those figures and chart them out into a bar graph, you’ll see a somewhat parabolic trend with concentrations on both ends rather than the middle. What’s most surprising is the number of respondents who claim earns more than $1,000 a month — 16 or 18% — a huge percentage in my opinion. On the top of my head, I can name around 10 of them at the maximum but six more is surely a good surprise.

Overall, I think we got a good number of responses in the last poll and I hope to get the same in the next ones.

P.S.: Our next poll for this week is on TLA revenues. Feel free to submit your votes on the main page of the blog and invite other bloggers to join as well.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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17 Responses

  1. marhgil says:

    sana, kasama na ako nung 16 next year para makapagresign na. :D

  2. BrianB says:

    Marhgil. Yeah, but do they pay taxes? Anyway, I’ve been asking around for someone who knows how to monetize a blog. One blog I write for gets about 4k unique visitors a day. I need to get more money flowing in for this traffic. Know anyone and how much will it cost?

  3. Miguel says:

    Who are the 16? Speak up and show us your blogs!

  4. Jazzy says:

    They may not show them to us. Baka niche yung blog at gayahin.

    “Gaya-gaya Mentality” :)

  5. Michael says:

    If we’re talking about Filipino bloggers, I think I might have an idea of who those 16 are.

    For a rough list here’s an old guide (not updated) which might give you an idea on some of them:

    The Top Pinoy Probloggers.

  6. Michael says:

    Community sites such as tsikot.com, also earns substantial income from Adsense.

    Again, for those who are curious, here’s a podcast of Jedi Dancel:

    Noypi podcast, episode 2.

    Keep in mind that no Adsense top earner will divulge their income. The reason for this is the same in any human endeavor.

    Human nature and economics dictate that the upper strata don’t divulge their class. In other words, the rich don’t need to tell you he’s rich, he doesn’t need to prove to you that he is, because he is secure of his position.

  7. BrianB says:

    Blogs aren’t really good internet business models, are they. They bring in traffic but usually they can’t maximize on it. Take malls for example. Lots of traffic and lots of conversion, i.e. lots money going into the stores. Blogs don’t have this earning power. And you can’t really sell blogs.

    Any thoughts about this?

  8. yuga says:

    Brian, got $15,500 offer for 2 of my blogs. Declined it.

  9. Eugene says:

    It would be interesting to learn whether some of those who earn on adsense are blogging full-time, part-time or as a hobby.

  10. BrianB says:

    Yuga, if you mean one of those blogs is Yugatech, then I’m right. None of the blogs I write for have your alexa ranking and the owners are expecting at least 6 figures for each. But, I suppose you’re just high on Alexa and real unique traffic is quite low… based on your page views. The only blog I know who sold well was Ensight, and the owner get to continue writing it. which makes it a case of selling your cake for a fortune and getting to eat it too.

  11. yuga says:

    Brian, it’s actually for PTB and PTraB. This blog will never be for sale. ;)

    So many other blogs that sold well too – BlogHerald.com, JOAB, Wisdump, BusinessLogs, to name a few. That doesn’t count Engadget and all of WeblogsInc’s network for $25M.

  12. yuga says:

    Eugene, it’s a little hard to categorize the bloggers because of several mix or configuration. Here’s an example:

    Full time blogger : All owned blogs

    Full time blogger : All network blogs

    Full time blogger : Small owned blogs + lots of network blogs

    Full time blogger : A lot of owned blogs + few of network blogs

    Do that for part-time bloggers and hobbyist too…

  13. Dexter says:

    I just hope i was included in those 16.. Sometime it is hard even to get $2 a day..

  14. BrianB says:

    Yuga, that gives me an idea on how much I should ask for my writing services. Thanks (actually, I’m a little overpaid. Tee-hee).

  15. jozzua says:

    Dexter, we all started somewhere. $2 a day is a good start. I wonder if these numbers are still the same after the last Google Update.

  16. Tom OKeefe says:

    Great post! Of all the startups/websites that use Google Adsense as their main revenue model (according to Bizak.com) their earnings per visitor (EPV) is just $0.06. That’s not what they earn per click but rather based on the number of visitors they have. In order to make $1,000/month they need over 16,000 monthly visitors – not an easy feat. Better to monetize with services ($1.67 EPV) and/or subscriptions ($1.02 EPV).

    Even with these poor earnings 22% of startups/websites rely on Adsense as their main revenue source. 17% services and 8% subscriptions. Source: Bizak.com

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