Poll Results: Text Link Ads Revenue Report

Poll Results: Text Link Ads Revenue Report

Here’s a more detailed report on our previous poll for monthly TLA income (aff) from bloggers. The total number of respondents is just 46. This is about half of the number of previous respondents for AdSense which could indicate that fewer people are using TLA to monetize their blogs or not everyone is accepted on TLA compared to Google AdSense.

The break down of bloggers and their monthly online income from TLA is as follows:

Zero : 14 (30%)
Less than $20 : 8 (17%)
Less then $50 : 9 (20%)
$50 – $100 : 3 (7%)
$100 – $200 : 4 (9%)
$200 – $500 : 2 (4%
$500 – $1,000 : 2 (4%)
$1,000 and up : 4 (9%)

Here are some nice graphs to illustrate that further. Lets see if there’s a trend:



Majority of the respondents do not earn significantly from TLA, with one in every 3 not earning anything despite their acceptance in the affiliate program. About 67% of 2 in every 3 respondent only earns less than $50 a month.


On the other hand, the other 20% of the respondents say they earn between $50-$500 a month which I think is a pretty significant amount already. The upper bracket consists of 6 respondents which comprises 13% of those who voted indicated a monthly recurring income from TLA of $500 and above. That figure is a good sign that TLA is becoming an alternative if not a complete replacement for AdSense.

If you’ve not been following our weekly polls, please don’t forget to send in your votes for this week: How many blogs do you run?

P.S. If you’re one of those who aren’t getting in link ad placements from TLA, you might want to check out my 5 Tips to get more TLA Ad Placements

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  1. Miguel says:

    As you said in your advice article… TLA is more work. i guess most people answering your poll are just casual advertisers (like I am.)

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