Poll: What's the most expensive gadget you ever bought?

Poll: What’s the most expensive gadget you ever bought?

Noticed that there are two kinds of gadget buyers — one that frequently buys stuff but on a small scale and the ones who seldom buys one but spends top dollar on an item.

The second type tends to have a long-term plan for their purchases — maybe a 17-inch souped-up Macbook Pro worth Php200k that will last them in the next 3 to 5 years.

The first type tends to settle for the entry-level Macbook (~Php50k) because they’re already thinking of getting a refresh or upgrade in the next 12 to 18 months.

The first type looks at resale value more while the second type looks at extended warranty.


Was wondering if this classification works for the majority of consumers. Maybe if I asked them what’s the most expensive gadget they bought, it would us a better insight.

Let’s try that, shall we? What’s the most expensive gadget you bought and when did you got it?

Mine’s the Canon EOS 7D I bought back in February 2010 so I’m not very sure if I’m type 1 or type 2.

Go hit the comments and share yours.

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115 Responses

  1. iForgot says:

    macbook pro 13″ mid 2010 for me :D

  2. JDA says:

    My recent HTC flyer. I’m type 1 :p

  3. Digest says:

    IMHO Camera is not a Gadget.

    Mine is iTouch.

  4. Name: says:

    Nokia 3310 way back year 2000 @10k :D

  5. bryan_mmx says:

    I’m both, depends on the gadget too. my most expensive combined purchase is a Canon 600D plus Tamron 28-75mm lenses plus some accessories for a total of less than 52k I got just start of july. My most expensive single item is Toshiba E205 for a flat 50k. This are type 2.

    For type one, I went through a 2nd hand china Apad. played with it for a while then sold it. Also had an iPod classic which I sold it for a 2nd hand 5th gen Nano. Also had a 2nd hand netbook which I use when I travel to places not convenient for a 14 incher laptop. Hm… other stuffs would be CDR King items, the kind of stuffs that you use now and then eventually you don’t use anymore, ok na CDR King.

  6. patrick says:


  7. icanbe23 says:

    type 1 maybe because in my 4 years of college i had used 5 laptops.. the old samsung sens x15, an emachine dual core notebook, an acer aspire gaming laptop, a monster sized 2nd hand sony vaio and now im graduating college with my lenovo new z470..

  8. Leo says:

    my acer aspire 5536 laptop, which i bought almost 2 years ago, and i am planning to have this laptop for as long as it is working.

  9. kev says:

    Canon 7D with L lens =.=

  10. jm says:

    my latest

    for laptop : Sony Vaio VPCSB26FG/Silver(2011) (SRP 69,999 but they give me 10% dicount for cash payment so nabili ko sya for only 62,999) upgraded from Sony Vaio VPCEB15FG/White(2010) (SRP 64,499 less 10% discount for cash payment so nakuha ko sya for only 58,050)

    for mobile phone : sony ericsson xperia arc(2011) from smart (2500 per month for 24 months) upgraded from iPhone 4 16GB from globe(2010) (1799 per month for 24 months plus cash out of 11698 including 1 month advance for MSF)

  11. Nokia 5110 says:

    Gotta be the Nokia 5110! Classic!

  12. rhk111 says:

    My most expensive gadget to date was my Sony KLV-32W550A 32″ LCD TV, bought early last year on a sale for P39k. Anything over P40k for gadgets, and I get uncomfortable …

  13. sylv3rblade says:

    2011 15″ MBP

  14. SpiderHam says:

    My Nikon D3000 and I consider DSLR as a gadget :D!

  15. Pusang Kulog says:

    Mine would be ny MSI EX460 which was priced at 34,999 almost 2 years ago. Still works great and functions as a desktop replacement today although I can still bring it to wherever I go as it’s battery still has 95% charging capacity compared to when it was brand new. It’s just that I prefer my Asus Eee 1215T when I am mobile as it is lighter.

    Bought a 500watts solar set for the amount of 160k but I guess that is not considered a gadget no? ;-)

    • Pusang Kulog says:

      Not to confuse Yuga’s would be statistics but I also once bought a Generic aPad Android Tablet for Php3.050. I was thinking that it will only be a cheap toy but was amazed that my wife started using it to authenticate car insurances online as that’s her field of work.

      I guess a majority of us would tend to spend a not-so-small amount of money if we are sure of the gadget’s longevity of life and benefits but also tend to buy the not-so-costly ones just to please ourselves with the fruits of our labor.

      Of course that is not entirely true among those who have the privilege of buying whatever they want whenever they want it… ;-P

  16. Wakocoke says:

    my beloved Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 II

  17. Cicco says:

    Type 1 for cameras and laptops. My decked-out SLR and Thinkpad cost me a lot of money 2 years ago, and I still use them. I have no intention of replacing them for the next 1-2 years.

    Type 2 for mobile phones. Bought an HTC 9 months ago. Now I have a SGSII. I change phones often.

  18. Noir says:

    SOmehow I dont think buying an Apple Product classifies you as type 1.

    I mean. I dont think 50K is “Cheap” i would already classify that as type 2.

    I am more of type 1 guy BTW

  19. Mine is Motorola Xoom last March, 2011

  20. Gene says:

    2010 MBP 13″

  21. Windmill says:

    PC: My i7 Rig, around 70k+ :)

  22. jojo says:

    My toshiba satellite L20-101 which my sister bought for me (which i eventually paid) at 4440 dirhams @ 12.5 pesos, around P55,500 sometime in March 2005.

  23. yuga sucks says:

    ako? i bought 2 ipads, 1 MSI GT660 and 1 HTC Sensation this year.

  24. garz says:

    2009: I bought a Wacom Intuos3 and a Nokia 5530
    2010: an i5 PC which cost me around 30k+
    2011: At the end of this year I’m gonna buy something worth 30k too..

  25. Iyan Sommerset says:

    Toshiba Satellite 2435-S255 bought second-hand sometime in 2003. Funny, as that Pentium IV machine actually cost more than the Core 2 Duo machine I’m using now.

    Phonewise, I dunno. I don’t think I’ve ever actually bought a cellular phone. I subsist entirely on gifts and hand-me-downs for that.

    I’d say I’m Type III. Very stingy, always looking for the best bang-for-the-buck item that will last me 5+ years or so.

  26. razorous says:

    So far, MSI Wind U100 nung bago bago pa mga netbooks, I think around 2008-09… Got it for 26K, it had 2GB RAM and 320GB HDD… Ngayon, 9K nalang ata to! LOL!

  27. Steve Jobs says:

    I dont buy for my gadgets, i get them for FREE.

  28. supertoblerone says:

    iPhone 4 for 44k. And It is the most expensive phone I ever had. Happy and not regreting buying it…

  29. neil says:

    i bought a nikon D3001 and a laptop last month and spent 90k… what good is a DSLR when you cant process the images on a laptop…

  30. Alex says:

    MSI U135dx bought it for 22 k

  31. JonZ says:

    A core2duo 2.0Ghz laptop bought almost 5 years ago that cost me over 90k.

  32. quake says:

    desktop pc from hp worth 50k dec of last year and a samsung 40 inches lcd tv series 5 for 49k last april…..sarap maging callcenter employee…hehehehe

  33. Anthony says:

    MacBook Air 2010 in November for P67,990. Quite expensive but I really got what I needed – a light and thin laptop easy to carry around with battery life that can last me the whole day and screen size enough to keep many windows open.

  34. Kai says:

    I bought a 64gb 4th generation iPod touch as soon as it was released in the US for about 36k, I think. It was a replacement and super-upgrade for my old 10 years old iPod Photo which died on me!

    That’s pretty much the description of my purchasing habit. I don’t replace something unless I can’t use it anymore. ^^

  35. ty says:

    i bought mt laptop asus k42j-vx108 for 37k last jan..! and so far its my most expensive gadget,,
    and will be getting a NIKON d3100 late this sept or oct perhaps,

    am the 2nd type.. i guess so..

  36. LunaTech says:

    i bought Alienware m11x last year for $850 including shipping and tax… its around 36k+ that time then replaced the hdd with ssd for php6200.

  37. goodha says:

    most expensive electronic gadget ive bought?
    HP 100 LX palmtop computer. circa 1994. php 26,000.00. the cost was well worth it since the unit lasted for 8 years before its hinge/flex conked out. no repairs, no reprogramming and never was opened.

  38. gismoz says:

    Toshiba qosmio x500, 18.4in screen, for P96k, bought last may 17, 2011.

  39. MarcII says:

    my Canon 5D Mark II @ P105k
    and my first generation iPad wifi only 16 GB @ premium price of P45k, got it 2 days after its official launch in the US, no regrets, felt really good to be one of the first owners in the world

  40. peacenik says:

    A 20 inch iMac 20007 model which was about P60k. I got an iMac because it has good resale value but a week ago a green vertical line appeared on the screen. Apple will not pay for the fix as the warranty had expired. I don’t think I will get a good price for this computer. Lesson learned: I’m not going to buy an iMac anymore.

  41. melvs says:

    mine is the borderless lcd tv and home theater system from lg. its 150k but they gave me a cash discount of 20k. happy with it kasi last ko na yun. hehe

  42. John says:

    since 2009..

    Acer Laptop – 33k
    iPhone 3GS – 35k
    SE Satio – 30k
    HTC Hero – 27k
    SE x10 – 25k
    HTC Nexus One – 20k (2nd hand)
    HTC Desire HD – 25k
    HTC HD7 – 25k
    iPhone 4 – 22k (2nd hand)

    so, its the iphone 3gs.. and yes, binili ko sila nung unang labas nila.. except the N1 and my current phone which is iphone 4.

  43. gino says:

    LCD series 5 samsung tv which i bought last decemeber at a price of 28,500 pesos and recently bought a canon s95 at a price of 27,950

  44. jbon says:

    Effin latest macbook pro…3 payments to go

  45. Dapzuel says:

    HTC desire HD. Bought it for 29k during its first release.

  46. odnid says:

    I bought MBP 13 & Nikon D7000.. last month..
    almost 120k

  47. wreek888 says:

    Macbook air, iphone4, ipad and touch 4g bought all together at the same time, dec 2010 total p153k

  48. jtreyes says:

    my canon eos 550d @ 45k back in June 2011. next would be my ipod touch 4g.

  49. Jeric says:

    MSI S420 Laptop – Core2Duo – 55k way back 2006. Hindi pa uso yung mga netbooks nung time na yun.

  50. qute says:

    Funny–back when laptops were quite expensive, I had a Compaq laptop that cost Ph80k! For a cellphone, when Nokia N73 came out–cost Php27.5k. now, I’ll never spend more than 25k for a laptop or a cellphone.. ;-)

  51. quobetah says:

    So far my video editing built up PC, which I got for 38k. Have spent for an 11k 1080p monitor too, so that will total to almost 50k. Planning to splurge for a 2012 MBP next year..or an iPad HD incase its released and it runs FCPX.

  52. My most expensive gadget ever was my Apple iBook G4. Do not even ask what year it was, since I’ve forgotten already. That little baby was the reason I fell for a credit card’s easy-terms loan offer: it cost something like 70K (unit and a few accessories).

    Sold it in 2010 after discovering I could do the same stuff just as easily with Linux, so the Apple’s specs were overkill for me. It was still working like a charm when it went off to its new home. :)

  53. angel says:

    i got my ipod touch 4 for 16500 from pmc

  54. Kenth says:

    So far a Laptop … next would be speakers … and then mobile phones … :(

    But that was in the past … I’ve wised up on my electronics purchase lately … :) Have to save for the kids …

  55. mousey says:

    my dslr nikon d3100 + lenses one of the digitals+simplify things from old school slr camera… so its a gadget

  56. rafcore181 says:

    My most expensive gadget that i have brought that would be my HP mininote. It was last 2010.

  57. sam says:

    probably the most expensive was my sony vaio z 2009 i gotit for $3,999. it was the latest and greatest that time..

  58. francis says:

    i got my xda o2 for 50K at that time… my first qwerty touch phone.

  59. jerick carlos says:

    my most expensive gadget was my ipad1 32gb wifi/[email protected] it was last 2010.

  60. My Asus netbook that I bought last 2009. Still using it and quite happy with the spec. Not really much of a techie. D

  61. Belle C says:

    My Fujitsu Lifebook laptop worth 74k something back in 2007. I could say it’s a great investment since it’s still in great shape and I’ve noticed it outlasted my friends’ more recent ones. :D

  62. eRvN says:

    acer travelmate laptop which i bought last year for around 24k

  63. Ram says:

    iPhone 4 32GB – Php 43,699 a Pre-paid kit from Globe last year.

  64. dans says:

    I used to be a tech savvy geek, computer has been my life since the 80′ and I buy whatever new technology is out there, but as I get older and technology changes a lot faster (in a matter of several months), I find myself to have a huge storage of very expensive old gadgets that are totally unusable for today’s standard, (9.6k modem anyone??) I might as well make my own museum of new and old technology!

    is it really worth to buy a 50k worth of laptop? in my opinion, it is not, because in a year or so, new OS will come out and a new specifications for that OS will be set out and your 50k worth laptop will no longer be usable since most of them are not even upgradable, have you noticed? the OS and applications is what forces us to buy faster/high-end systems? and i begin to wonder, are they conniving to get the market going?? its an endless and unnecessary buying cycle.

    what a 50k laptop can do that a 20k laptop cannot? in today’s world, to spend tons of money for a technology that can change in a matter of few month is not practical anymore.

    • jo says:

      True. Gadgets depreciate too soon. Be careful when buying them or you will end up on debts you can no longer pay. Buy only if you have extra extra money to throw away. LIVE BELOW YOUR MEANS and never buy them just to show off. :)

  65. otott says:

    my cherry mobile p1

  66. Ed canlas says:

    Mine was a laptop that my uncle bought for mein the usa valued at 55t pesos then, its top of the line then in terms of laptop, a celeron 17 inches monitor with 80gig and a memmory of 1 gig, still working today pero namamatay na sya after using 30 mins.

  67. xyber says:

    MacBook Pro i7 w/ 8GB RAM and SSD – P135,000
    Apple Cinema Display 27-inch – P43,000

  68. rhyantiangco says:

    my 2008 entry level macbook pro. next would be my Canon 550D.

  69. Before iPhone ever came, my most expensive gadget was a Dopod pocket PC which costs 45k. I didn’t think about the purchase, I just want it. That was during the time I was single and have no family to worry about. This year, my most expensive gadget purchase is my new 2011 11 inch 128gb macbook air. I’m still a mobile phone addict but thank God the prices of smartphone got cheaper that I’m able to change phones every 3-6 months.

  70. Glen says:

    My Hyundai Tucson, My Gaming Rig (self assembled), My Asus K43SV laptop, My Archos 5 IT, My HTC Desire Z, My Canon 1000D

  71. nwel says:

    my most expensive gadget is this HP-540 laptop which i bought for 27K as a computer loan on my company, which fyi i paid for three years, heheheee….

  72. berk0s0das says:

    nokia 7650 way back 2003

  73. Jowill says:

    the most expensive gadget that I’ve bough was the SE p900 when i was in second year highschool, circa 2003-2004 around 40k php

  74. jhonas015 says:

    mine is the ipad wifi 1st gen. 23k php and iphone 3g but i already sold it and bought a ps3 80gb.

  75. loadex says:

    Nikon d90

  76. loadex says:

    I replied, and a pop up told me.. my comment was filtered by the anti-spam thingy of this site?..

    Anyway my answer is Nikon D90

  77. brent256 says:

    Mine, I used up my savings from my allowance and from selling my other gadgets, would have to be iPhone 4 16GB.

  78. thepaper says:

    2011 – lenovo ideapad z470 (1st)
    2010 – tokina at-x pro 12-24 f/4 lens (3rd)
    2009 – nikon d3000 (2nd)

  79. gherhald says:

    I never bought gadgets for my self… but I have 2 Nokia N8 , My beautiful Desktop Computer and this week , the iPad2 :)

  80. Jeff says:

    type 1
    most expensive proc – intel i5
    most expensive vcard – HD 4870 (during that time)
    hmmm.. my psp perhaps? hahaha
    usually my most expenses (re: gadget) goes to my computer for upgrades and changes.

  81. loadex says:

    Nokia d90..

  82. migz says:

    the most expensive gadget i bought was a nikon d700 dslr camera back in september 2010

  83. Teovin says:

    the most expensive gadget that someone bought for me was Dell Inspiron 1764 $1400 that was last year.

  84. 2e[L]9 says:

    LG Cookie worth 11k. It’s way back 2009.

    As for last year, that would be my MSI CX420 laptop worth 35k.

  85. Earl says:

    So, how do we classify someone, who buys top of the line, but also upgrades regularly (1-2years cycle)?

    Anyway, if we’re talking bout computing/mobile only, that would be the latest iMac, with additional options.

    But if we consider including media, that would be the Bose entertainment system for me.

  86. AJ says:

    mine was a sager 5973 last 2008

    and an alienware m15x last year

  87. mysterio says:

    My most expensive purchase was for a desktop PC worth 50K. Wasn’t really looking at long term usage or to replace it in the near term. I just wanted to maximize my company’s computer loan availment. Hehehe

  88. wiz says:

    my core2quad pc. uhmm 29k way back october 2009.

  89. jlapitan says:

    1. Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 35k+? – next week? or by september 2011.. haha
    2. my Desktop PC with core i5 – 35K – Year 2010
    3. my Htc desire last november 2010 – 24K

  90. arlene says:

    Macbook Pro worth 62k almost 2 years ago

  91. charina razon says:

    mine are:

    400d/28-135mm 2007/40d 2009 /tamron 17-50mm with vc 2011/macbook 2008 / desktop pc corei5 – 40k 2011 / wildfire s july 2011

  92. Jacob says:

    Canon 7D with 24-105mm f/4L lens and 430EXII flash all rolled into one package. It was a P150k pesos bundle; plus the Acer laptop I use to process its pictures with, worth P50k, this was in early 2010.

  93. Harley Mah Son says:

    my blackberry bold last year,
    my sony ericsson arc lt15i lately, and
    my 45k laptop 2 years ago…

  94. hmmnp says:

    -89xx series acer(loppy) bought it n singa around S$3k last 2yrs when 45nm come up, now planing again buy new… trinity or 22nm of intel come up.
    -xperia x10 last year, planing to buy nxt year f 28nm role out.
    -d90 last 3yrs, nxt year i replace new

  95. Kikokix says:

    2009- Acer Laptop
    2010- iPod Touch 3rd Gen
    2011- will be getting an iPod Touch 5th gen when it comes out as my 3rd gen overheated in my pocket.

  96. Nforcr says:

    60D + 18-135mm – 55k
    Portege R705 – $800 + tax

  97. Jomar says:

    ang yayaman nyo, sana kasing yaman ko kayo para mabili ko din ang mga yan. :)

    in my 1.5 years of work, i just bought itouch 3rd gen and asus 1201T.

  98. The only gadget that I bought 25k, a Samsung Camera.

  99. Mark says:

    Mumura din ang mga umuusong gadjet ngaun,

  100. Ajcalderonmd says:

    50inch plasma tv, 32 inch led tv, iphone 4 16gb, htc hd7, ipad 1 and ipad 2, lenovo na laptop core 2 duo, xbox and ps3, di ko kse nabili yung mga yun nung bata ako hehe

  101. cha says:

    i’m the type 2 spender. as long as it works, ok ako. hindi ako sunod sa uso.

    2007- sony vaio fz series 100k, ipod 30gb 10k
    2009 – se g900 15k, sony digicam 15k
    2011- samsung galaxy sl 18.7k (na nawala after 3 months)

    so far, my laptop is pending for repair, pero the ipod and g900, digicam in good cond. and still using.

  102. jong says:

    yaman mga pipol d2,.
    i bought a chery mobile phone (ha3), when i lost my Touch screen LG cp (6mos lng) grrr,. wheeWW,. !!

  103. Earl says:

    hi Abe,
    have been seeing a lot of polls in yugatech lately, and some topics are indeed interesting to know the results.
    may you kindly share/publish them?

  104. jb says:

    Acer Laptop 21k
    New desktop – 40k (new upgrade after 5 years)
    Nikon P&S – 8K
    Audioegine computer speakers A5 18K

  105. Angz t says:

    I bought ipad 2 and dell streak 5 at the same time.

    I bought black iphone 4 32g and white iphone 4 16g last year.

    I bought a Sony DSLR last year.

    Delll purple 14.1 inch laptop also last year.

    Sometimes I buy gadget just to test if I its easy to use but if its not I usually sell it after a few weeks.

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