Poll: What's your all-time favorite PC game?

Poll: What’s your all-time favorite PC game?

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been spending like 4 to 6 hours on average everyday playing a couple of PC games. I only stick to one or two games though so I don’t think I’m a heavy gamer.

Last night, while playing DOTA, I realized I’ve been addicted to this game since 1996 when I first discovered it. That’s 15 years of playing Warcraft.


So I thought I’d ask my readers what their all-time favorite game. Mine if obviously Warcraft (Diablo next, then Starcraft and Civilization).

Go hit the comments and share your fave PC game too.

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108 Responses

  1. Boy_Kalabit says:

    Diablo 2!

  2. Mondeq says:

    Red Alert 2 and 3

  3. Tigrrr says:

    Lock On: Modern Air Combat

  4. Pedro says:

    Diablo II…

  5. sonic says:

    Loves playing COMMAND & CONQUER (1st)! NBA Live 96 (2nd), and Starcraft (3rd)!

  6. Frances says:

    Company of Heroes and L4D2

  7. LunaTech says:

    mass effect sequel…

  8. Oliver D says:

    Warcraft and Civilization series! Weee!

  9. Mys says:

    My pick for all-time is Heroes of Might and Magic 3

  10. mcometa says:

    King of Fighters series! KOF + Arcade emulator + Joypad = happiness!

  11. makr says:

    TES: Oblivion

  12. PC
    1st – Neverwinter Nights
    2nd – Diablo & Diablo 2
    3rd – Half-Life,Quake and Counter-Strike

    1st – Chrono Cross
    2nd – Front Mission 3
    3rd – Marvel vs. Capcom

    ^___^ LAOlz!

  13. Peej says:

    I am for Counter Strike. Since 1996 and up to present, this LAN game never fades.

  14. lilboyblue says:

    Sports: NBA 2K series, Madden NFL

    FPS: CoD

    RTS: Red Alert 2.

    RPG: Diablo 2

    Casual: Roller Coaster Tycoon

  15. My first real RTS game was also Warcraft. But as my favorite — the game that I spend most of my useful time with would be the Total War series. I started with Medieval Total War and until now I’m playing Napoleon and Shogun II. What appeals to me is the history and alternative possibilities to it. There’s also depth — assassinations, sabotage, alliances, betrayals, etc. The game also demands that you play it for a long time. One campaign lasts me almost two months. It’s not a game for impatient teens. It’s a real strategic gaming experience — for those of us who daydream of world domination while riding the FX shuttle everyday.

    • Based on categories, my favorite PC games would be:

      RPG – Elder Scrolls (Morrowind, Oblivion)
      FPS – Quake Arena, unreal tournament, Red Faction
      RTS – Starcraft 2, Red Alert
      Adventure – Bloodrayne, Freedom Fighter, GTA series
      Combat – Call of Duty: modern Warfare 2

    • Jhay says:

      Aba putangeena mo, anong pakialam namin sa mga kabaklaan mong linalaro

      Sa susunod uupakan kita ng keyboard para mabihasa ka na naman sa mani

    • baklang jhay says:



  16. sonny says:

    I play almost all the lastest PC games but the one that consumes my time the most is Guild Wars even its old

  17. nameless says:

    Jagged Alliance 2 <== can't wait for the 3D version
    NBA 2k11

  18. Pusang Kulog says:

    Need For Speed series, Final Fantasy Series, Assassin’s Creed Series, Red Alert 2

    • Pusang Kulog says:

      Forgot to mention an online game that I have been playing since 2007. It’s called Ikariam. Dun ako unang nakilala bilang Pusang Kulog. Played on the international Ny server, Alpha Philippine Server (which is now closed) and US Ny Server on which I am currently playing.

  19. asuseroako says:

    ArmA 2 / ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead

  20. jhepoyski says:

    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
    Treasure Math Storm (i was crazy about this game when i was in elementary Grade 3 ako 1995 or 1996 ata)

  21. manaka_junpei says:

    Cosmic Break, doon puwede gumawa nang Anime at Mecha characters doon.

  22. yococs says:

    Counter Strike,Warcraft,Dune,Civilizations, Red Alert and Star Craft All are PC Classics… This Blog makes me feel nostalgic haha ^_^

  23. prosopagnosia11 says:

    Diablo 2 and Snow Drop :D

  24. Jeff says:

    Modern Warfare

  25. Jay Quing says:

    First person shooters: Call of Duty, Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake and Medal of Honor…

    Real time strategies: Dune, Command and Conquer (including Red Alert and Generals plus their expansion packs), Dawn of War 1 and 2 (including their stand alone expansion packs)

    Puzzle: Monkey Island, Sam and Max, Incredible Machine series, Lemmings

    Sports: NBA Live and NHL

    Racing: Need For Speed series

  26. Calvin says:

    since when ka pa nagdodota? lam ko nun warcraft lang tayo ah. iba’t ibang klaseng tower defense.

  27. Jay Quing says:

    I forgot… Starcraft 1 and 2 with their expansions… Diablo 1 and 2 for RPG… and some online games like Cosmicbreak, Blackshot, RAN online, Ragnarok online and Freestyle Online Street Basketball…

  28. sweetscrazy says:

    When computers were slow, strategy games were the best: Civilization, Xcom-Enemy Unknown, Panzer General. When computers became faster, real-time strategy and first-person shooters were the best: C&C, Starcraft/Warcraft, CounterStrike. When DSL became available, World of Warcraft was the best. But for me, the game that made the most impact was Deus Ex because it was so immersive and had a good story. I don’t play real-time strategy games nowadays because younger kids have better multitasking capabilities (higher APM) and will beat slower, older players (V_V)

  29. jeric says:

    in stone age i used to play Counter strike ,Red alert. and latest was DIRT3 AND MEDAL OF HONOR 2010.

  30. Jonas says:

    How the heck that Valve games aren’t here? They have the best PC games in my opinion.

  31. Dan says:

    Counterstrike 1.6 :D Classic!

    • cram says:

      yeah counter strike! it’s my all time favorite, i still play it sometimes. first time i played that game was when it was still in beta, beta 5.1 i think

    • cram says:

      yeah counter strike! it’s my all time favorite, i still play it sometimes hindi yan nawawala sa mga installed games ko kahit may bago ako. first time i played that game was when it was still in beta, beta 5.1 i think.

  32. cocopako says:

    warcraft na ka iinstall ko lang. maganda kc mga kung ano ano tower.

  33. Sa Red Alert at Counter Strike ako nagsimula. I dig RTS and First Person shooters (MOH, COD), pero frankly speaking, hindi bumenta sakin yung DOTA (although I tried my best to “like” it haha, para makasama ako sa mga LAN games ng tropa nung college, sawa na sila sa CS e :D)
    Recently, I dig COD Modern Warfare, yung online multiplayer mode; nakakatuwa ung pag may kalaro kang totoong tao, tas may sense of “teamwork” na nangyayari sa game (although some don’t want to cooperate, mga lone wolves kumbaga :D)
    Nga pla, I play in the “Athos Domination” Server (Domination), Fox04 ang name ko. mga weekends ako naglalaro depende sa sched :D Modern Warfare 1 ung nilalaro ko, hindi yung Modern Warfare 2 haha :D Or maganda, tell me your servers that you usually play on, I’ll check it out :D

  34. dan says:

    CRYSIS 1 or nothing…

  35. mr. bogus says:

    starcraft.. classic!!

  36. Sonofa says:

    Gothic I, II & III buggy nga lang…
    Fallout Series… except yung pinaka bago…

  37. The SIMS series is very much dynamic and improving!

  38. JM says:

    first would be, DOTA
    second, Red Alert (from Red Alert 2 to RA3 Uprising)
    last would be Diablo II and expansions.

    I almost forgot, I played MU Online Philippines since 2004? can remember, but that the time when there are servers Maya, Bahr and Wiggle :)

    • jong says:

      same here:

      DOTA – dti played until 5am tps work in 8am LOL
      – bad for health, bad for career,. ha3,.

      Red Alert -plyed 7am-3pm w/o lunch //school 5pm
      – bad for studies,.he3,.

      Starcraft – played while making school yerbok.,
      – no output. ha3,.

      conclusion: games have no positive effect., ha3
      however, i’l kep playin,.LoL

  39. Used to be a hardcore PC gamer.

    My all time favorite game is Lineage 2 (L2Extreme privy server)

    Now, I just play Heroes of Newerth and DotA.

    I wanna learn how to play Leage of Legends (LOL) :D

  40. Kwisatz Haderach says:

    I’m an old-school gamer who was hooked on PC gaming during the ’90s. Which meant being hooked on Dune, Civilization, Colonization, Master of Orion. Then came Diablo and Diablo II, WarCraft, the CnC series (excepting Generals and the fourth installment), and — of course! — StarCraft. Lately I got to try out CnC 3, Red Alert 3, and StarCraft 2. Never got around to trying out MMORPGs, I guess I’m a little too wizened and old for them.

  41. Vatch says:

    Fallout Series
    Bioshock Series
    Dragon Age Series

    These games made me download the fake version at first,
    Then made me purchased original without opening them for collection.

    They are just epic

  42. Nick says:


  43. Noir says:

    Starcraft Series

    Battlefield/DICE Games

    COD 4


    Right now would be DICE and Starcraft.

    Cant wait for BF3 :D

    Although right now PS3 games :D

  44. erickk says:

    All-time favourite would be Half-life 1/Team Fortress/Counter-strike 1.6. I can still find good playmates over steam on this :)

  45. goodha says:

    command and conquer generals zero hour + its mods like contra007.

  46. leemar says:

    dota, diablo & sims

  47. sting says:

    RA2 and Emulators for NES, SNES and N64 :)

  48. wulffrith says:

    kane’s wrath

    left for dead 2

    sim city rush hour

    RF Online – Allods PH –

  49. Iyan Sommerset says:

    My favorite/most memorable PC game of all time…hard decision to make, so many choices. Top spot still has to be Ultima VII: The Black Gate.

    Hardcore, old school RPG player over here so my top ten is actually filled with games from the same genre/era. Martian Dreams, Savage Empire, Might & Magic IV & V, etc. Oh, add in Tropico, Master of Magic, Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries and SimCity 2000 :P.

  50. Marck says:

    Battle Realms (hanggang ngaun adik pa rin ako) and Call of Duty :)

  51. eRvN says:

    Doom shareware, baldur’s gate, diablo 2, x-com UFO defense and civilization. Usually 90s games lang hirap kasi kami magupgrade ng pc then I switched to consoles

  52. Elbert says:

    diablo 2 LOD
    World of warcraft
    Red alert C&C

  53. Elbert says:

    Diablo 2 LOD – battle net days dial-up pa gamit @[email protected]
    World of warcraft – so time consuming -_-
    Red alert C&C – love this game. go tanya

  54. ledor says:

    nothing beats the old school starcraft, all Red Alert version, Counter Strike all version

  55. AJ Intia says:

    CRYSIS 2! So addicted to it! The best graphics ever!

  56. danz gonzales says:

    Battle Realms, Diablo 2, warcraft upto dota days., counter strike, game of the generals, red alert and starcraft. these are all classic games.

  57. Jin says:

    Diablo 2 <– addictive
    Plants Vs. Zombies <– sleepless nights! Yay!
    The Sims <– fun to build
    old NFS Series <– fav. racing game.

    Dirt 3 and HoN =)

  58. Messie says:

    Nice poll! Will there be a chance that we get to see the result for this boss yuga? Anyway, to answer your poll, let met classify my all-time faves per genre:

    RTS: Starcraft (BW and SC2)
    FPS: Counterstrike 1.6
    RPG: Diablo 2 LOD
    MMORPG: RF online

    I’m not a big fan of driving, sports, and fighting games, so I limited it to the above game types. There are also some honorable mentions such as Red Alert 2, Warcraft 3 (not DOTA), Battle Realms, COD MW2, Titan Quest, and MU Online, but for me, nothing gets better than the ones I posted above. :)

    • Messie says:

      Currently I’m playing Team Fortress 2 with my friends, and on the down times, I try to catch a match or two in the ladders in Starcraft 2. Ang tagal na namin naghihintay for Diablo 3, grabe, 2nd year high school pa lang ata ako nung lumabas iyung Diablo 2 e. haha.

  59. RedSimba says:

    Warcraft 3 (DOTA)

    MMORPG: RF Online

  60. Mark says:

    Warcraft III – DOTA

  61. dulfo says:

    I’ll go for Master of Orion and Warcraft for DOS-based. Then, Warcraft 2-3 and Civilization for Windows-based PC games. After years of endless nights of gaming, I’ve decided to call it quits. Then, just to satisfy the urge to play, sometimes I play arcade pc games the likes of Plants vs Zombies Endless Survival.

  62. Jeff says:

    For me Dota. At first(learning to play the game), It was fun. Pero habang tumatagal ma a appreciate mo kung gaano kaganda yung game. Balanced yung mga hero (except for the new ones in new released versions, hehe….).

    I Remember back in highschool(4th year,2006). Tuwing uwian alam na kung san didirecho,
    After nung activity namin sa CAT pag Sat. alam na kung san pupunta. Hehe….

    May Dota 2 na ata Rep. natin ang Mineski.
    Kelangan na bumili ng bagong PC! ;D

  63. Kai says:

    Diablo series
    Dungeon Keeper
    Septerra Core
    Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?

  64. Chan says:

    since were talking about all time, StartCraft. that would be for me

  65. Charismatic Enigma says:

    All time has to be probably Doom.

    That and the first Starcraft

  66. Mat says:

    XCOM2: Terror of the Deep.

  67. red_climax says:

    Assassins Creed
    Assassins Creed II
    Assassins Creed Brotherhood

  68. mark S. L. says:

    Diablo 1 & 2
    Starcraft 1 & 2
    Heroes of Newerth
    Rising Force Online

    Iba talaga ang blizzard pag gumawa ng laro! hahah!

  69. rye says:

    Diablo II LOD

    Old school pero sarap pa rin laruin. :)

  70. Carl says:

    MMORPG: Ran Online PH!
    Ang game na talagang sineryoso, ginastusan at pinagkaadikan ko ng todo. since when I was in 4th year highschool -> graduated college -> till now that I have my work as a programmer.

  71. Kenth says:

    Civilization 1,2, ….n
    Master of Orion …
    Ultima Underworld …
    XCOM 1 and 2 …
    Darklands (though it had some bugs so was not able to finish it)
    Mech Commander …
    Diablo …
    Starcraft …
    … can’t recall the others … usually old school as I haven’t upgraded my rig for some time now …

  72. rotero says:

    Red Alert C&C lang during 2000 ang kina hiligan ko… grabe 8 hrs gaming… and need for speed.. hehehehhhehe nahihihlo kc me sa ibang RPG games….

  73. mAdden says:

    cabal and waiting for cabal2 soon

  74. superboink says:

    all time The SIMS fan..!

  75. ruel says:

    red alert2 and company of heroes, the best! and of course plants vs. zombie, perfect game playing with my family

  76. juicyjor says:

    NBA 2K11, Civ V, Assassins Creed Series, old school Counter Strike 1.3, StarCraft BW, Red Alert (until Yuri’s Revenge), WarCraft III

    Online: Cabal, Ragnarok and RF

    sarap ng buhay estudyante, ngayong may trabaho na madalang nalang mag-adik.

  77. john rey says:

    crysis II, COD, any FPS! also strategy games like yuris revenge, RAII etc.. wooo ^__^

  78. Keeto says:

    nba 2k franchise..

  79. pabs says:

    DOTA pa rin

  80. rod says:


  81. Yikes... says:

    Max Payne!

  82. radioactive_balut says:

    Heroes of Might and Magic
    RA 1 & 2

  83. mokies says:

    11 years playing the Counter-Strike Game (Goldsrc & Source).

  84. Lezure2010 says:

    Half Life Series
    Doom Series
    Oblivion Series
    Fall Out Series
    Plants vs Zombies
    Angry Birds


  85. tobynatividad says:

    All “SCUMM” games!!!

    Monkey Island Series.

  86. nico says:

    NBA 2K, Civilization, Red Alert, Command and Conquer, Left 4 Dead, The Sims… and the list goes on :D

  87. Myka says:

    15 years? But warcraft 3 was released around 2003…
    during my elementary days favorite ko ung lemmings (eto ata ung first game nah ginamitan namin ng mouse), tapos ung mga interactive games like lion king and cool spot, tapos mortal kombat series, then dumating yung monkey island (buhay pa ung cd ko), then ung ultima series, tapos syndicate, blackthorne, vikings, warcraft and warcraft 2, tapos ung command and conquer at ung tiberian sun, diable…
    then nung high school diablo2 and counter strike, age of empires, red alert 2…

    sa mga games naman ngaun favorite ko ung mass effect, dragon age origins, and neverwinter nights

  88. ivanicci says:

    minesweeper :)

  89. Eric says:

    Any game from the Total War family.
    I have all of ’em!

  90. jdlc says:

    Back in high school, my favorite was the old D&D goldbox games (pool of radiance, curse of the azure bonds,etc) I spent a lot of sleepless summer nights playing those over and over again.

    Then came fallout (1&2), Baldur’s Gate series, and the best cRPG of all time, Planescape: Torment.

    Since then, the only game I keep coming back to is Europa universalis 3 and its expansions. Recently, I bought the guildwars trilogy + expansion during the steam summer sale. It’s quite entertaining, and I like the lore. I’m actually looking forward to its sequel.

  91. jong says:

    Super Mario LoL,.

  92. drwily95 says:

    Contra… All time favorite.
    Been playing it since 1988, when my dad bought a NES (Family Computer to most of us).
    Last time I played this was half a year ago, just before I gave my N-Gage away.

  93. boracay says:

    There’s a lot to mention: Starcraft, Diablo, GTA3 & Vice City & Beach Life. Those were the days. Can’t play new games right now because of the their heavy system requirements.

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  95. RedSimba says:

    Red Alert 2 back in the day.

    Now.. Dota 2

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