Poll: What's your Android tablet of choice?

Poll: What’s your Android tablet of choice?

In the last 12 months, we’ve already seen a lot of Android tablets hitting the Philippines. And, a lot more are definitely coming. With so many to choose from, it’s a little daunting to make that decision when buying your first Android tablet. So let’s just put this to a vote.

With the number of Android tablets around, which one is your favorite so far? Let’s limit it to the ones officially sold in the country, shall we?


  • Asus Eee Pad Transformer
  • Acer Iconia Tab A500
  • Archos 70/101
  • Dell Streak 5
  • Cherry Mobile Superion
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Neo Edge OmiPad
  • Viewsonic ViewPad 7
  • Huawei S7

LG will also announce their own tablet (LG Optimus Pad) as well as Samsung’s 2nd-generation tablets. HTC is yet to launch their HTC Flyer tablet locally too. I doubt Motorola will be officially releasing the Xoom in the Philippines although we’re seeing units being sold in the grey market for Php34k already.

Go hit the comments and tell us which one is your pick!

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91 Responses

  1. chinitoguy says:

    My choice is Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 but its not yet available here yet. But if I’m going to buy a tablet I would prefer a Windows-powered one. I’m waiting for Windows 8 OS for tablets and Samsung, Acer or HP is my choice of tablet maker.

  2. jun says:

    pa post din po ng price para updated at kung ano maganda bilhin :)

  3. LunaTech says:

    I own Galaxy Tab

  4. Drey says:

    Samsung Galaxy Tab

  5. Ty says:

    Asus eee pad transformer FTW!

  6. Jammic says:

    Asus Eee Pad Transformer ako, so cool (^_^)

  7. yuan says:

    APAD 2.2 froyo hahahaahahhahaahha

  8. karissa says:

    i really want to have the Asus Eee Pad Transformer!

  9. Randell says:

    I got myself an Asus Eee Pad (without the dock since it doesn’t really make any sense) 2 weeks ago.

    It won over Galaxy Tab because of the price (-7k PhP) and won over Iconia because of the form factor, price, and weight.

    So far i have no complains with it as

  10. I’m undecided as to whether I should go for the ASUS Transformer or Galaxy Tab 10.1. (I’m also looking at the Nook Color since it does have Android) :p

  11. Nico says:

    Go Motorola Xoom. Motorola is known for its well-thought hardware design(and eccentricities). Though it had been into hasten development just to finish first, further firmware update will smooth-out those performance blemishes. I really do hope they release the generic versions(non-carrier ones) with open bootloader atleast.

  12. sossimo says:

    I’d say Samsung Galaxy Tab. Just got mine a few days ago and it’s awesome!

  13. Num Lock says:

    Windows 8 Tablet hehehe or MSI Windpad

  14. RickLabrador says:

    I say wait for windows 8 and buy a windows 8 tablet hehehe.. Have you seen windows 8?? You’ll be surprise.. hahaha

  15. I’m already using my Huawei S7 Ideos from globe for a month now, i love it, awesome, so far no bugs though you might to buy an extra battery if your gps user.

    just want to share the battery life based on my usage,

    talk time :
    2G: 3.5 hours
    3G: 1.5 hours

    1 day estimate

    standy time
    2 day

    3G : 3-5 hours
    2G : 5 hours
    3G with GPS 1.5 hours
    wifi : 5 Hours

    angry birds : 4 hours (lolz! addict!)

  16. Cocopako says:

    If i have my early choice i should be motorola zoom, naloko kc ako ung galaxy tab, puro lag,

  17. deuts says:

    I already have the iPad 1, so I’ll be going for the more portable 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000.

  18. jediekins says:

    kelan kaya release date ng samsung galaxy tab 10.1 dito sa pinas? excited na kasi ako bumili.:s baka bumili ako ng 7″ tapos biglang lalabas yung 10’1″ boo. any ideas kung magkano yung 10.1? thanks!!:)

  19. diyords says:

    I like the HTC Flyer… i like the pen :)

  20. Matt says:

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9″

  21. rene says:

    Archos 101 if your an ebook reader this is the tablet together with the awesome “Aldiko” the partnership is just incredible.

  22. wreek888 says:

    Now the faster gingerbread Galaxy tab 7 perfect size for dual phone/tablet .

  23. Steve Jobs says:

    I just bought them all and blend it in the blender. Yes, they blend because they are mostly made of plastic. Awesome.

  24. fboi says:

    blah… ipad2 ftw..
    loser apps ng android.. Spell boring..

  25. anson says:

    i use a 7″ GALAXY TAB advantage is it’s also a phone .

  26. Anti RH Bill says:

    Apple ipad all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. lawrence says:

    Flash has been essential to my daily living, so I go for android!

    asus or galaxy. but i think the line-ups of archos are cheapest among those who do quality built. nevermind the local OEMs.

  28. vinz says:

    no polldaddy survey? how are we going to know which one is the best seller?

  29. MRU says:

    Got a Samsung Galaxy Tab wifi.
    Kids use iPad 1

  30. JJ says:

    I enjoy the 7″ galaxy tab, but im also still waiting for the eee transformer pad

  31. Benchmark says:

    I still don’t have Samsung Tab P1000 yet… >sigh<

  32. mlh says:

    HTC Flyer has the looks… perfect size… though not the latest honeycomb… but it has a pen and i bet if you lost it replacement would be expensive and o’ yeah same as the tablet.
    I was kinda of hoping for Slates.

  33. kesterbt says:

    Samsung GalaxyTab (3G)

  34. Aaron says:

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ Android Gingerbread (2.3.3)

    I just realize that the new update Sharing Internet just got fast tried it with Globe and Sun shared gadget still get 1mbps speed Even Apple Product. Haha to bad Apple cant share its 3G Connectivity.

  35. makr says:

    I’m using the acer iconia tab now & using it to post this… Really needs the Honeycomb 3.1 update badly as it might fix some issues…

  36. Zo says:

    hoping more tab users and owners share their views, kudos to Yuga for this post. I’m thinking of buying a tab myself just for the heck of it.

    Haven’t decided on one yet but I’m eyeing the HP touchpad with HP’s own WebOS. Looks like a really nifty gadget. Sadly it’ll be months till it comes to our shores. But hey, more time to look around :)

  37. EdwinC says:

    Mine is Archos 101 because this is the only tablet I know that has plenty of video codecs and extensions that can play almost all types of video format. I would have wanted the iPad 2 but its video codecs is limited to MP4, MOV, and H.264. Same with the overly design Transformer – it has got some missing video codecs as well. Forget the Acer Iconia Tab A500 – that thing plays just one type of video file. I don’t know much about the Galaxy but I remember watching my PSP MP4 movie Hellboy II:The Golden Army in my sister’s Galaxy Tab and it worked just fine. My Archos 101 has no rear cam but I realized that watching movie and browsing the web are more important to me than playing with the rear camera.

  38. Delecroix says:

    Asus EEE Pad FTW! I’ll just wait for it in the market since it will be released as Android 3.1 ON THE BOX!

    That’s why I didn’t get interenst when the Iconia got into the market cause they are the 1st Honeycomb but no unit to actually compare. So I guess its a pro / con thingy.

    For me better safe than sorry

  39. ralphy says:

    How much is the Archos 101???

  40. Raymond says:

    I think it is a toss between Asus Transformer Tab and Apple Ipad 2

  41. I want a tablet but I want it to be android so it is similar with my small 3.2 screen android phone. And I want it with a big screen because if I get a one with a small screen like 7 inches then there is redundancy of function with my phone. I want it to function more like a netbook replacement than a celfon replacement. So it should be the biggest at 10 inch screen.

    A small 3.2 inch android smartphone complements a 10.1 inch android tablet. But I want a fully functional tablet that works just like a windows laptop with full USB functionality, so I can connect keyboard, mouse, gamepad, USB 3G/HSPA+/wimax dongles, so I can connect external hard drives, flash drives and so on.

    And that is none other than ACER ICONIA!

    • Edwin C says:

      Acer Iconia Tab A500 is the Sherman tank of tablets. It is fat and heavy. The one thing nice about this tablet is its rear camera. It can handle speed and is not choppy unlike that of the Transformer.

    • exactly. When I buy a tablet, it should do a lot of things that my mobile phone can’t do. It should be big, and it should have full usb, and lotsa storage, something closer to a full-sized computer. I already have a smartphone, why get something without external USB ports like the asus transformer or galaxy tab?

    • Edwin C says:

      I used to like the Transformer, too when it was still being promoted. But when I learned that the usb port is not part of the main unit itself but on the keyboard it turned me off. I think the Transformer is overly designed. They just want to name it like that probably with the movie in mind. Well, I don’t like it. I already have a laptop. I don’t need to be lugging an extra keyboard with me. That is not cool.

  42. adam says:

    Given a chance I’ll buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

  43. boboy says:

    Watch out for the ASUS EEE MEMO PAD due last quarter of 2011. With all the features it is supposed to offer (7-inch screen, honeycomb OS, phone function, 5MP rear camera, stylus, bluetooth headset) it is definitely worth waiting for!

  44. i am comfortable with Dell’s 5incher tablet if only they have local support, e.g., post sale, value added, and accessory support.

  45. nivla says:

    Im also waiting for samsung galaxy tab 10.1 to come.. sino may idea kung kailan kaya dadating ito sa atin??

  46. whatif says:

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9″ for the size :)

  47. juan says:

    Asus EEE pad Transformer and dock. I want all day (and the next day) computing. :)

  48. chuchu says:

    :) Transformer! Best Tablet Ever!

  49. Leiagh says:

    Asus EEEPad Transformer!! Win Win!! when I feel like blogging I can use the mobile dock, then when i fell like using apps and being on the go..then have it as a tablet..:D

  50. ben says:

    I like the Asus Transformer and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, But both are not yet available in the country.
    And there are reports that iPad3 will be released soon (4th Quarter of this year).
    If Ipad3 will be released just a few months after Asus transformer or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is released in the country, I’ll go for Ipad3. Ipads are normally released simultaneously in the USA and the Philippines

    • yumax_phl says:

      I don’t think iPad 3 will be released anytime this year. They just released the iPad2 last April, 3rd Gen of the Apple tablet will probably be released either March or April next year. Only the iOS 5 will be released later this year, most likely together with the iPhone 5.

  51. oclefite says:

    Eee Pad Transformer! dock. period.

  52. suzuki bandit says:

    Asus Eee Pad Transformer cyempre! 16 hours battery life!!!

  53. John says:

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 for portability. =)

  54. John says:

    BTW,Meron ng XOOM sa SM North, cant remember the store.. basta meron dun. HAHA

  55. Manny says:

    I’d pick the Asus Transformer hands down.

  56. daniel says:

    asus eee pad nalang. mas mura at maganda naman tatak at quality.

  57. Jeff says:

    I’d go for the Asus transformer and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Quality and feature – wise. great performance too

  58. rain says:

    notice nyo puro asus transformer? ako rin, syempre.

  59. alain says:

    Can I vote for something I already have? Asus Transformer is really awesome. :)

  60. Ed says:

    Asus eee pad ako medyo awkward lang yung “eee” Sana Asus transformer nalang.

  61. fr0stbyte says:

    I’m browsing the site with my Galaxy Tab. Got it for $299 in Australia last month during the lenten sale. Definitely the best bang for buck ratio purchase that I’ve done. As for future tablets.. Eee Transformer gets my vote too. I saw a demo model in Harvey Norman Singapore yesterday. It’s thin, light and has a gorgeous IPS display.. Will get one as soon as a 3G model comes out.

  62. pdeleonce says:

    very nice motorola xoom ….ive seen it …launching nya sa sm mega sa june 23 to june 30 bldg b upperground floor ..no joke

  63. pdeleonce says:

    check it motorola xoom wifi and 3g available ….3g can upgrade into 4g sm megamall bldg b upperground floor near in swatch store fronting dept store ….june 23 to june 30

  64. It is the first time I am going to buy android tablet. I have no complete knowledge about android tablet. I am here wondering for help. Please recommend me can I buy android tablet for sale. Thanks.

  65. LEE says:

    Asus Transformer!!! darn. meron ang classmate ko, nakaka inggit! haha. plus the dock is very cool. nothing is more innovative than it. hands down ASUS transformer. :D

  66. kiko says:

    saan availble yung asus transformer and how much?

    • Ry says:

      Launched already here in the country but not yet available to retail stores (maybe end of june or 1st week of July) This will be for P29,995 complete with the keyboard dock

  67. Kimisha says:

    I have the Archos 70-8GB and I’m happy with it. Good battery life, nice video player, internet browser and e-book reader, and perfect for playing games. Screen size is just right, portable. Tethers with 3g phone.

    Good value for money.

  68. Ry says:

    I bought the Galaxy Tab wifi yesterday becoz i got fed up with waiting for the transformer and gt 10.1. So far, i really love it! Now, i know that 7″ is for me.

  69. Gelo says:

    Hi everyone, im looking for an affordable tablet PC for my dad. He primarily uses it to play games lang (not hardcore gaming, fyi. Just the simple ones – his favorite is solitaire) and surf the net from time to time. I’m going to Singapore in 2 days so I’d appreciate some tips on what brands to look out for and specs. Thanks!

  70. roel says:

    I’ll go for the Galaxy Tab

  71. yumax_phl says:

    I’d go for the Asus Transformer!

    Battery life is second only to iPad, tablet only, and 16 hours if with Dock! Price for the 32Gb is very affordable! Superior and very bright IPS display! USB connectivity, keyboard dock, etc! Asus Transformer for the win!

  72. geogetski says:

    hope samsung makes a 7″ model of the dual core again with the gsm phone functions really loving my SGT 7″ will probably upgrade only if they release a newer version with phone functions hehe para all in one ulit :)

  73. mooonsterx says:

    toshiba thrive for me. pero wala sa list kaya iconia. :P

  74. kaye13 says:

    um…hi guys,if anybody know what is at the lower left please reply to me coz’ um……I REALLY REALLY WANT IT….please guys…..if anyone ever replied to me this is my answer to you:thanks!=)

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