Poll: What's your blog's typical CPM level?

Poll: What’s your blog’s typical CPM level?

I previously wrote about how to compute your effective page CPM. Our new poll is about the blog’s average CPM level.

Since CPM is basically “cost per thousand” impressions, a rough computation for that would be to divide your blog’s monthly revenue by your total pageviews, counted in the thousands (i.e. minus the 3 trailing zeros).


Total Revenue: $100
Monthly Pageviews: 20,000
CPM = $100 / 20 000

CPM = $5


That means for every 1,000 pageviews you blog generates, you expect $5 in revenue. Here’s another example:

Total Revenue: $25
Monthly Pageviews: 3,000
CPM = $25 / 3 000

CPM = $8.3

This poll will give us a good overview of the typical CPM values generated by Pinoy blogs. Please send in your votes via our Polls section on the bottom right corner. If you have multiple blogs, please take the one with the highest traffic.

P.S. If you’re done with that, maybe you can also answer this quick 60-second survey on blog readership.

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  1. nina says:

    Revenue from all advertisements or just one? If it’s all, then mine’s $14.

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