Poll: What's your ideal 2nd phone/handset?

Poll: What’s your ideal 2nd phone/handset?

The title for best primary phone or handset is being constantly disputed by so many manufacturers — there’s the iPhone, then the best of Android, Nokia’s selection and RIM’s BlackBerry bet. In a country where multiple SIM is very common, the title for most-wanted secondary handset is still up for grabs.

Back in the days, most people I see that uses a second phone prefer the simple and cheap candybar phones.


I reckon the most important factors that determine a secondary phone would include – battery life, affordability and size or form factor.

That could change though depending on the case-use. Let’s go do a survey among those of you who owns a second or third phone. Do hit the comments and answer this — what’s your ideal secondary phone or handset and why?

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124 Responses

  1. Dean says:

    Main Phone: SGS
    Secondary Phone: Nokia X3

  2. Justine says:

    Main Phone: SGS II
    Secondary Phone: SE Walkman

  3. Winziph says:

    cherry phones or any dual sim phones.

  4. MyMaria says:

    Secondary phone is a MyPhone QT7. It’s functional with a good battery life and dual sim active. What more could I ask for? :)

  5. Juan says:

    Main Phone: Samsung Galaxy S2

  6. giogagz says:

    primary phone: se xperia x10 for browsing and games
    secondary phone: blackberry 9300 for texting and call

  7. gian says:

    Nokia n95 and sometimes the nokia 6280.

  8. sinister says:

    Primary: htc desire z
    Secondary: nokia c1-01

  9. zeratul says:

    main: iPhone 4

    2nd: nokia c3

    well, the c3 was my old phone so its kinda automatic. i like it coz its easy to use and is just simple

  10. erizol says:

    Torque D20 dual active SIM
    5 to 7 days battery power even with constant calling/texting!

  11. raul21 says:

    same set up for me as zeratul,,

    panalo battery life ng c3, kaya yung ang back up ko sa ip4

  12. nise says:

    main phone: NOKIA N97
    second phone: NOKIA X2-01
    third phone: nokia 2630
    fourth phone: nokia 1680-c2

  13. go15 says:

    primary: sony ericsson xperia 10 mini pro
    seconday: sony ericsson w660i

    w660i was my phone from college (2007), I like it because of the color, battery life and it is thin. I used to have k700i as my secondary phone before until it retired. nothing beats the good quality of s.e. :-)

  14. go15 says:

    primary: sony ericsson xperia 10 mini pro
    seconday: sony ericsson w660i

    w660i was my phone from college (2007), I like it because of the color, battery life and it is thin.

  15. Glenn Ong says:

    Main: BlackBery 9700
    2nd: Nokia E51

    My Nokia E51 was my previous phone before I switched to BlackBerry. I still love it because it’s very sturdy, thin, and handy.

  16. 1001 says:

    Samsung champ duos it’s my screen phone for anonymous numbers

  17. Anjo says:

    Primary: SE Xperia x10
    Secondary: Nokia 6120c

    I already had the 6120c for more than 5 years. Still using it and have no plans of letting it go. Di pa napaparepair or nasisira. Very ideal for texting and calls. Excellent battery life as well. And also, excellent HSDPA connectivity. Ito pa ang gamit ko na modem dati nung hindi pa uso ang mga USB Broadband sticks.

  18. nameless says:

    I’ll give it to Samsung GT-E2121B. You’ve got everything plus a 1 week of battery life.

  19. Joenel says:

    Main Phone: Nokia 5530 expressmusic

    2nd Phone: Nokia 1280

    Nokia 1280 is cheap and even though its Monochrome, its UI is faster compared to Nokia 1616 and it is readable under the ray of sun.n_n
    my previous Phone was Samsung Jet but I sold it because the User Interface and Battery life Sucks triple time.

  20. leon says:

    no need for second phone, only using 1 postpaid line.

    one phone for all, HTC Desire Z.

  21. chinitoguy says:

    My main phone is Samsung Galaxy S.
    My second phone is Samsung Punch dual sim.

  22. JKisaragi says:

    Primary: Galaxy S
    Secondary: BB Curve 8520

  23. tebenets says:

    main phone – LG optimus gt 540 (will let it go by end of the year for an iPhone)

    2nd phone – Acer betouch e130. used it for work (threaded sms). a keeper because it does not crash unlike the LG.

    3rd phone – Nokia 6500 classic. one of the slimmest phone around.

  24. John Carl says:

    Main: iPhone 4 (Globe postpaid)

    Secondary: Nokia 5800 (Globe prepaid)

  25. eRvN says:

    main phone: nokia e72
    2nd phone: lg ku250, it was my previous phone used for 3 years, okay pa rin medyo madali na nga lang mag-low batt.

  26. Fleeb says:

    The question asks about the ideal SECOND phone. So I will only answer my ideal SECOND phone handset. C1. Why? Backup phone. The first one acts as an organizer beyond being just a phone.

  27. heckiboi says:

    Primary: SAMSUNG WAVE 1 S8500GT
    Secondary: Nokia 5730XM and Nokia 1100

  28. Yui says:

    Primary: Iphone 4
    Secondary: Blackberry 9800

  29. asherbee says:

    primary phone: blackberry torch
    secondary phone: nokia n95 8gb

  30. HAHAman says:

    Just the CM P1. I need a secondary phone cause i text in class. I can’t afford if my main phone gets confiscated by the prof.

  31. [punkmeister] says:

    Nokia 2730. Sulit na cheapest 3G phone/music/fm player.

  32. al says:

    blackberries for me, with bbm as an added bonus still rocking my old 9700 the best battery life my galaxy s wont get me through a day without turning everything off

  33. xtian_paolo says:

    Primary Phone : BB9700
    Secondary Phone : Nokia X3 – Price is affordable, nice screen, long battery life and has Wi-Fi (since I always want to be connected to the internet)

  34. jaypee says:

    Main: HTC Desire HD
    Secondary: Samsung Galaxy Spica

    Ok ang 2 android phones synchronized ang account email calendar phone contacts VIA google

  35. paul says:

    My secondary phone’s a Sony Ericsson W910. I mostly use it as my music player. Actually I can do that as well with my main phone but it quickly drains the battery. At least with this setup, I have no worries re: draining my phone/missed calls. :)

  36. marvin says:

    Secondary phone: samsung galaxy tab

    Yep, you heard it right. My secondary.phone is a tablet. Love my tab. Ipad can’t do that. :p

  37. Jin says:

    Primary: Xperia Arc
    Secondary: X10
    Backup Phone: Desire

  38. Rainluvs says:

    Main phone: iphone4
    Secondary phone: iphone3g

  39. Steve Jobs says:

    Main Phone: iPhone 4
    Secondary Phone: iPhone 4

  40. Ronskie says:

    Main phone: Dell Streak
    Secondary phone: iphone3g

  41. migz says:

    main phone : htc desire hd
    secondary phone : apple iphone 4
    third phone : nokia c3

  42. Bill Gates says:

    Phone 1: iPhone 4
    Phone 2: HTC Desire HD

    Maximum radiation in my pants. Yeah!

  43. Nathy says:

    Main phone: white ip4
    Secondary phone: white bb 9780

    It’s called the virgin collection

  44. jake says:

    main phone: Blackberry 9700
    secondary phone: Nokia 1280

    my secondary phone is the one i often use in public places since i commute a lot & it has a LONG battery life & most importantly hindi takaw-mata sa snatchers *baka ibalik pa sa akin nung snatcher* hahaha :))

  45. ice says:

    hmmmm just noticed, maybe mr yuga should change the question to “what is your main phone and secondary phone” hahaha…

  46. raph says:

    still waiting for nokia c2-00… yugs, mare-release pa ba yun?

  47. deuts says:

    My secondary/backup phone is the very same phone in the picture above, the Nokia C1-00. It’s simple, long battery life and dual-sim.

  48. dr marklijay says:

    primary phone iphone 3gs
    secondary phone nokia e51

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  49. sam says:

    primary phone: nokia 8800 arte
    secondary: iphone4
    extra phone from my college years: nokia n92, n91 & e90.
    Favorite ko n91.

  50. The K says:

    Secondary phone which I’m using as the primary phone because I use it more often: Nokia 1280.
    No smartphone OS can beat its UI in terms of “fastness”. Perfectly legible under direct sunlight. Favorite: tactile keypad, so nice to text with. And most importantly: ayaw ng mga snatchers.

  51. Jologs says:

    Main Phone: Iphone 4 (Globe postpaid)
    Business Phone: BB 8520 (Globe postpaid)
    Secondary phone: MyPhone Q19i (Smart postpaid and Sun prepaid), bought for its cheapness, long battery life, simple UI, QWERTY keypad, dual sim features, and overall simplicity. I love this phone kahet 1899php lang sya.

  52. jepoiski says:

    Main Phone : Google Nexus S – my Smart Gold line is on it
    Secondary Phone : Blackberry Bold 9780 – my Globe line is on it
    Office Phone : Nokia E5 – office issued

  53. dan says:

    Main Phone: Nokia E63
    Secondary Phone: my 9 year old Nokia 6610, and still kicking.

  54. mikey says:

    main: iphone 4, upgrading to iphone 5/4s when it comes out
    2nd: samsung gs2

    no explanation needed. might get htc sensation bc of all the hype. i also have a nokia x6 that i only use for worst case scenarios.

  55. AJL says:

    Main Phone: BlackBerry Torch 9800
    Secondary Phone: Nokia E63 (Roaming)

  56. abubu says:

    Primary: iphone
    Secondary: cherry orbit
    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  57. Raymond says:

    Primary: SGT-P1000
    Secondary: N5800XM

  58. Cliff Rosario says:

    Main: iPhone 4 (Globe Post)
    & a HTC Desire HD (Globe Post)
    Secondary:Nokia 2730 Classic.. (Globe Pre)

  59. mine is nokia 6300. :)

  60. Hermie says:

    A cherry mobile phone with built in TV and dual SIM. The portable TV concept has been with me since childhood from those portable black and white Casio TV to the TV Tuner of Sega Gamegear to phones.

  61. Kiko Manalo says:

    W750i! music player, 2mp camera, sleek design and very easy to text :) I have this 2nd/alt phone for 3 years already.

  62. NJ says:

    primary: Optimus One – a smartphone!
    secondary: a china phone!


  63. ads says:

    Primary is HTC Desire Z with unlimited data plan which is perfect for its mobile hotspot capability
    Secondary is BB 9700 for push emails and instant messaging

    I am really into phones with qwerty keypads

  64. Francis says:

    Primary: sgs i9000 smart prepaid
    Secondar: iphone globe prepaid

  65. Raymond says:

    Main Phone: Iphone 4
    Personal Phone: Iphone 3GS
    Spare: Nokia N868mp,Samsung Omniai9000
    If I am to consider another: An evolved, android tablet phone

  66. ledor toru says:

    before samsung e1080 and nokia 1202 now cherry mobile q5i i need dual sim (3 network in total) for my work as a purchaser

  67. Bored Bored says:

    Primary: HTC Desire, Rooted of course.
    Secondary: Samsung E2120. Was already sent to manufacturers once for warranty purposes (the one with the bad board issue where it can’t turn itself on).

  68. Iyan Sommerset says:

    Primary: Nokia 2330
    Secondary: none (don’t need a second sim)

  69. Jay Quing says:

    Primary: a smartphone (iphone, galaxy mini’s, nokia)
    Secondary: an ultrabasic phone (call and text, add some radio fm or mp3 player for a little entertainment)

  70. supernaut says:

    Pri: Huawei u8500
    Sec: Dual sim phone. (before) Cherry M35 (Now) Samsung Punch

  71. Samsung-Apache says:

    A perfect cellphone Nokia 1280 walang ka talo sa iba? Aangal ka

    Lets Test your Courage
    kaya mong hulog iPhone 4 mo?
    Pag na holdap ka nawala iPhone 4 mo kaya mong kalimutan?
    Pinaka malupit na tanong kaya mo bang bumili ulit?

  72. Blue says:

    Primary Phone: SE xperia X8(Globe)
    Secondary phone: Nokia- C1 (Smart

  73. jojo says:

    my secondary phone-nokia e51 due to its simplicity, sturdy design, thinness, and with symbian i have all the apps/games that i need and of course, fast wifi and 3g. I just hope that nokia will make a dual sim dual standby phone in the mold of the e51 with all its functions/capabilities so that i won’t have the need to carry a 2nd phone.

  74. SteveJobs' Secretary says:

    Primary: White iPhone4
    Secondary: Black iPhone4
    Backup: 64GB iPad2 3G

  75. Primary: Iphone 3G
    Secondary: HTC HD2 (Gingerbread)
    Backup: Huawei Ideos

  76. Jan Brane says:

    Primary: Blackberry Curve 3G (Globe Postpaid)
    Secondary: Nokia 2330c (Sun Cellular / Globe Prepaid)
    Back-up: Sony Ericsson K800i

  77. dan says:

    do you people have to brag you primary phones and post paid lines?

  78. xxxxx says:

    iPhone4 (postGlobe)
    BB 9700 (postSun)

    @dan: i think the primary phone kinda gives you an idea how people pick their secondary phones. it’s a survey the more info the better IMO

  79. Arnel says:

    my secondary phone is a myphone B15 Duo…
    my primary phone is a Galaxy Mini…

  80. Benchmark says:

    Primary: Samsung Star 1st Generation (10 years Globe Prepaid)

    Secondary: None (But I got another Globe Prepaid sim for my Tatoo ~ won it here in Yugatech)

    IMO it will cost me alot if I maintain 2 different sim. I can SMS/Call anybody even if he/she has different network. Also there are alot of promos regarding free text to other networks.

    BTW I only bought a sim for my Tatoo for reason I accidentally left my phone at the office and I have to contact somebody that day. :)

    Just my opinion. :)

  81. neojohan says:

    Tingin ko di nila naunawaan yung tanong ni maestro yuga. Tatagalugin ko na lang.
    Ano ang pithayang ikalawang telepono o “handset” at bakit?
    Ako po 3310, matibay and mabilis akong magtext dun kahit hindi nakatingin sa screen.

  82. michael says:

    Main Phone: Lg optimus 2x
    secondary phone: Nexus S
    Back-up Phone: iphone 4
    tablet: samsung galaxy tab

    Love collecting gadgets…. <3

  83. E says:

    Primary: N8
    Secondary: Samsung (I don’t know the model)

  84. mars says:

    primary phone: motorola aura
    2nd: xperia arc

  85. raymondp says:

    main phone: sgs i9000
    secondary phone: myphone q19i

    i use my secondary phone when going to unsecured or public places where there are large number of hoodlums then use my main phone in secured places like malls.

  86. Matthew says:

    Main Phone: Nokia N8
    Secondary: Samsung E1080F

  87. Matthew says:

    Main Phone: Nokia N8
    Secondary Phone: Samsung E1080F

  88. Dean says:

    Primary Phone: Samsung GS
    Secondary Phone: Nokia X3 touch and type

  89. Rato says:

    Primary Phone: Blackberry Torch 9800
    Secondary Phone: Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670

    Choice of the Torch for my primary phone is because Blackberry’s the bomb! But I’d like to try what Android can offer too, so i also got a Galaxy. Am waiting for the gingerbread update.

  90. kenneth pattinson says:

    1st phone:WALKIE TALKIE
    2nd phone:PAGER
    3rd phone:TELEPHONE

    hahahaha puro nman pla pyabangan dto ee! khit ndi nman totoo! hahaha

  91. will says:

    my primary phone: N70 (still A OK)
    2nd phone: 6101 & 6103 (these phones are with me when I’m away from home so snatchers won’t have their day.

  92. adam says:

    Secondary Phone with Sun Sim Nokia 6610. Primary Nokia 6300.

  93. Obed says:

    Primary Phone: BlackBerry Torch 9800
    Second Phone: HTC HD7 16GB
    Backup Phone: Nokia E90 Communicator

    • Obed says:

      Forgot to put my reason.

      Anyway, since my primary phone is BlackBerry Torch 9800 for my business phone and it’s a prepaid, basically I really don’t need a backup phone, I just don’t want to give up my number that I’m holding for 7 years (postpaid).

      Though the problem with the BlackBerry Torch is sometimes I cannot access the internet or the browser’s UI is sometimes slow.

      So I bought this HTC HD7 just to try out the new Windows 7 (using this for my personal number, postpaid), the reason why I’m trying to keep this despite of everything (especially the Zune market place not being available in the Philippines) is it’s touch capacitive when using mobile internet, which I’m enjoy the most.

      Sometimes instead of opening an link from an email through my BlackBerry, I open the link in my HTC HD7, well expect if the link is long I’ll just open it in my BlackBerry.

      For the Nokia E90, I always bring this inchase one of my phone got drain and I need to text or call someone and a nice weapon too =p

  94. Michael says:

    Primary Phone: Blackberry Curve 3G (Globe Postpaid)
    Secondary Phone: Wala pa :)

    “Kaya ko nagpost dito is to ask you guys any suggestions if ano magandang secondary phone. Mainly for Sun/Smart Sim. I like qwerty phones sana kasi mas mabilis akong magtext dun! hehehe. sana you can suggest. I don’t like any china made phones ah kasi I don’t trust their durability. :) Thanks Guys! :)

  95. J says:

    Primary: Sony Ericsson S312
    Secondary: Cherry Mobile Q7i

    Reason: I am not much familiar with my cherry mobile and its a bit bigger than my S312.

  96. Eason says:

    Primary : Samsung Wave S8500
    Secondary : Kingcom Music 801 (Mainly for music)

  97. Kazuo says:

    N8 is my primary phone.

    A secondary phone for me dapat long battery life, hot-swapppable yung sim and microSD card, may wifi connectivity.

    Hmm nag iisip pa rin ako kung anong magandang secondary phone. XD

    Any suggestions?

  98. Tsarli says:

    I frequently switch phones:

    Primary phone(s)- Samsung Spica or iPod Touch 4th Gen with Peel T188.

    Secondary phone(s)- Nokia X2-00 or Nokia 1280

  99. vince says:

    primary phone: htc desire
    secondary phone: nokia 5630d

  100. 16:) says:

    Primary phone: Samsung Galaxy S i9000

    Secondary phone: Samsung Corby

  101. keibiem5 says:

    ideal secondary phone/handset?

    nokia c2-00 or lg a165

    reason: user-friendly, long battery life, pocket-sized.. good enough for basic calls & texts :-)

  102. nico says:

    i was gonna go for nokia c2-00, but its the x1 and the x1-01 for me now

  103. jdcrose217 says:

    primary phone: iPhone 3GS 16gb
    secondary phone: Torque Thrice [triple sim for my loading business – for extra income :-) ]

  104. dax says:

    primary phone: BlackBerry 9300

    secondary phone: Nokia 1280

  105. haydsil says:

    nokia 1208.. wid flashlight.. ok p ang battery life nya.. in addition, d ka pa ma- low morale pag accidentally n mahulog mo ang cp :)

  106. ceasar says:

    primary phone; nokia c7-00

    secodary phone; nokia 1280

    fan kc ako ng nokia..hehe

    1280 is durable. sulit yung money…

  107. ipinoy says:

    Primary: BlackBerry Bold 9700
    Secondary: iPhone 3G

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  108. kev says:

    primary- iphone 4

    sec- nokia 6300, Till I sold it. :)) haha I want one of those calculator looking phones right now:))

  109. Chris says:

    Primary – Samsung Galaxy S II i9100
    Secondary: LG Optimus One

  110. gary says:

    my Primary Phone : iPhone 3GS – Globe
    my secondary : Nokia 2303 – Sun

  111. Allan says:

    Primary: any Touchscreen phone like Samsung or Apple

    Secondary: any Physical keyboard phone like Blackberry or Nokia…

  112. labuyo says:

    Prime: HTC
    2nd: Cherry Mobile S80

  113. Red says:

    Primary Phone = iPhone 4
    Secondary Phone = Blackberry 9700

    Thinking of replacing the secondary phone though. :)

  114. babes says:

    primary: samsung corby 2
    secondary: my phone x2, gonna try a triple sim next.

  115. Prangka says:

    Primary= Nokia E7
    2ndary= Nokia C2-00

  116. babes says:

    just want to know whether huawei s7 is good enough for a guy who can’t afford the galaxy tab or ipad? how good would it be compared to my samsung corby2? mejo naliliitan pa ko sa screen kasi ng corby2. thanx to anyone who would know.

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