Poll: What's your preferred tablet size?

Poll: What’s your preferred tablet size?

Was writing down my review of the Dell Streak 5 but had a hard time calling it a tablet considering its size. So the thought came up that I should do a poll and ask readers what they think is the most ideal size for a tablet.

Currently, there are a number of form factors and sizes — you have the 10.1″ which is represented by the iPad 2, Asus Transformer, Acer Iconia Tab A500, Motorola Xoom as well as the upcoming Galaxy Tab 10.1.

There’s also the odd 8.9″ size which is represented by the LG Optimus Pad and the Galaxy Tab 3G 8.9.

The 7-inch is a very popular size as well with the original Galaxy Tab P1000, BlackBerry Playbook, HTC Flyer, ViewSonic ViewPad 7, Archos 70, Huawei Ideos S7 and the Cherry Mobile Superion.

Then, there’s the lonesome Dell Streak 5 at the 5-inch range.

So, why don’t we just put this to a vote, shall we?


What’s your ideal tablet size?

a) 10.1″

b) 8.9″

c) 7″

d) 5″

e) others

Go hit the comments to register your answer and also tell us why.

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36 Responses

  1. Daniel says:

    b. 8.9″

    much better for portability and viewing.

  2. xx says:

    Biogesic 500mg?

    Can’t see myself carrying tablets for now. Big screened (4.3″) android phones (or other similar smart phones) are already fine for me.

  3. mike says:

    10.1 inch. A tablet is a netbook or laptop replacement not a smartphone replacement. Go get the biggest size.

  4. Loki says:

    i prefer 5″ or 7″

  5. anon says:

    sabi ko na nga ba may sasagot ng tabletang gamot.

  6. rogs says:

    “mike says:
    Sat, July 30 at 7:30 pm

    “10.1 inch. A tablet is a netbook or laptop replacement not a smartphone replacement. Go get the biggest size.”

    –> Tablets cannot replace laptops for now. A tablet is more like a fragmented laptop. Specs are definitely lower so it is less capable than laptops. Try using a tablet in video editing or even in word processing. It’ll take you hours to finish 3 pages of work.

    –> I prefer the 10.1 inch tablet because I’m more of a movie guy. A tablet of that size would be suitable for movie viewing.

  7. javalite says:

    I go for the 8.9″ tablets. 10.1″ tabs are just too big for me and anything 7″ below is just a mobile phone on steroids for me. Then again, this is just my preference. :)

  8. jun isip says:

    14″ who said tablets needs to be ultra light and portable?

  9. lulu says:

    A. The bigger the screen the better esp since the main reason I’d want a tablet is for viewing (I’d like to buy one for my piano-playing sister). But then, maybe my preference would change when I actually have a tablet with me. Saka kahit 10.1 sya, light-weighted sana.

  10. lunatech says:

    c. Loving my galaxy tab, easy to carry with phone capabilities!

  11. jums says:

    right now im using a 7″ tablet for personal PMP use. easy to hold, just right for personal viewing.. but im eyeing to get a 10.1″ tablet for table business presentation.

  12. kebbot says:

    c for me….. i like 7 inch tablet…. just what I need, its comfortable when using qwerty keyboard in portrait or landscape…

  13. 5 inches or 7 inches if the tablet can do phone calls, if not ill go with the 10.1

  14. Disrupjon says:

    waiting for an ipad 8″ or 7.5″

  15. JO says:

    I’m using HTC Flyer, 7 inch & it’s just right. The perfect size in my opinon

  16. Dewed says:

    7 inch …. easy to hold and fits in a pocket. But still big enough to see stuff.

  17. Apache says:

    A.) 10.1 – But i like it Wide screen and not the iPad Like screen

  18. Mamaorong says:

    Tried a 10-incher tablet, wasn’t satisfied with the portability so I switched to a 7-inch tab which is just right to be a camera, phone, netbook, ipod gadget that you can carry around anywhere.

  19. 21 says:

    5! 6+ is too much,

  20. D says:

    love my Dell Streak 7

  21. wreek888 says:

    7 Inch galaxy tab perfect size.

  22. NongN says:

    10.1 Acer Iconia A500, love it

  23. Jojo says:

    My 7 inch archos IT fits me perfectly … and at that note, as expected, CDR-King comes out with its own ehehehhe http://www.cdrking.com/?mod=products&type=view&sid=10327&main=85

  24. Cocopako says:


  25. Jay Quing says:

    7″. Perfect size. Perfect portability. Perfect for the people on the go.

  26. Iyan Sommerset says:

    While I’d probably love a 9″ or a 10″, it’s 7″ for me on account of me being a walking GPS junkie.

  27. Grooveless says:

    10.1″ for me.

    I have a Coby Kyros MID7015 that I got as a gift and based on my experience with it, I would prefer a tablet with a larger screen size.

    Reason is I would probably use it mostly for the following:

    Reading Comics – 10.1″ is closest to natural size of comics. 7″ just makes me zoom a lot; Especially for splash pages.

    Reading books – more screen real-estate less page flips. :)

    Playing casual games – bigger is often times better when it comes to display size for games.

    As for portability, I put my 7-incher in a bag when I travel anyway so a 10-incher is not much difference.

  28. jhoravi says:

    Where is the POLL so i can vote?

  29. Rich says:

    I own a 10.1 inch windows tablet,
    I chose it coz there’s no other windows tablet smaller than 10.1 in the Philippines.

    But If I can have things my way, I would probably choose 8.9 coz its not too big, and the screen would be large enough for me to read Ebooks, comics, forums, watch movies, without having to always zoom in.

    And yes, I prefer a Windows OS on a tablet, coz an aOS or iOS has limited capabilities, especially when installing apps that I need on the go.

    So, 8.9 inch display with nice graphics, plus Windows OS and longer battery life.. that would be a good combination for a tablet.

  30. I go for letter “C”

  31. ARL says:

    id go for a 10.1″ tab, its more comfortable to type in a keyboard using your both hands rather than struggling yourself with the small keys with you big thumb! and as for webpage rendering, having a wide screen is more comfortable to the eye…

  32. mr. bogus says:

    10.1 for apps

    8.9 and 7 for e book reading

  33. Marco says:

    7″. Perfect for playing Temple Run!

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