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Poll: Which UMPC you’ll likely buy?

At least half a dozen ultraportable laptops are now available for sale in the Philippines. As supply increases demand will likely go down. Asus is no longer the only player in the UMPC niche but it has successfully manage to grab the most exposure — all the rest becomes just another “Asus EeePC-killer”.

I’ve listed down 7 of them in our new poll for the week:
laptop philippines

Some of the prices have gone down since we first covered them here. Likewise, Asus is set to launch the Eee PC 1000 this month but it’s not final yet. Send us your vote in the Polls section.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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21 Responses

  1. Reggie says:

    isn’t the HP Mini-Note 8.9″?

    i’m caught in between the HP and Asus EEE PC 900. it’s a tie for these two.

    if i were to choose a “real” UMPC with tablet features, i’ll settle for an Everun Raon which is one of my original choices before i picked my current workhorse, a Kohjinsha SH6.

  2. Andre says:

    Its 8.9 for the eeePC 900 but its just rounded up. Asus is releasing the eeePC 901, better processor and some extra costs, this month, haven’t heard of a 10inch release date yet

  3. Erin says:

    I did not vote because my choices are limited to Asus Eee 901 and MSI Wind, both of which are going to be (press) released at Computex tomorrow.

    Video streaming is blocked at work but the pre-release review of the Wind says its screen is stunning and not too sharp like the HP mini-note’s.

    If the Eee 900 is at 23K, the 901 might pull in at around 25K due to the atom processor (said to be a US$10 increase) and the bluetooth module. The Wind is expected to be cheaper even for the XP configuration.


  4. I will have to wait for the MSI Wind or the new red colored UMPC that’s coming from Dell… A few months from now, maybe prices for UMPCs will be somehow cheaper than today. How about saving cash for December?

  5. reah says:

    HP 2133 Mini-Notebook ….but a mini dell inspiron is rumored to be released…michael dell was proud to show it to brian lam of gizmodo…i might wait for that one..:D

  6. Kali Kalache says:

    I was wondering… how come you are not on Facebook????? Miss you!!!!

  7. sylv3rblade says:

    MSI Wind PC for me. I’d go with the Atom till the Isaiah cuts down on it’s power consumption

  8. Lyle, RN says:

    I voted for Asus but I’m really holding my breath for the MSI Wind or the Dell Mini-Inspiron.

  9. Still waiting for the HP Mini-note refresh with the VIA Nano processor here. :-)… Either that or Asus EEE PC 901.

  10. Jeffrey says:

    IMO, I better buy a regular but portable laptop than a UMPC laptops, the former has better features, more useful, it can play games and saves me money.

  11. monkeynote says:

    astone is what i really really want…

    but when i saw acer aspire one… i fell in love instantly with this device… oh lalahh…


  12. Kiven says:


  13. sylv3rblade says:

    oh yeah.. Acer is about to release a UMPC as well.

  14. Zerone says:

    I’ve read some post from another Filipino in one of our forums here in NZ. He says that the newly released EEEPC 901 is now available in the Philippines? Can anyone please confirm this as I’ll be headed there soon and if the price is $600 US as has been rumored then I might just pick up a few when i come home.

  15. noiskee says:

    i’ll go for acer aspire one.it rocks!

  16. jo says:

    i’ll have the msi wind, but i want to have eee pc 1000.

  17. Jon says:

    sana may reseller or distributor ng Kohjinsha sa pinas…

    I like their new one, Kohjinsha SX series…

  18. hukares says:

    I think this poll should be revived, since prices have changed.

    This way, people like me :P , can easily pick the best one based on “penny-wise”-people’s votes.

  19. JYKim says:

    Dear. Sir.

    I know you handle various brand of UMPC, but all of them using Atom CPU, So if some one want to better performance, they have no choice.

    The market will not be so big but some one must want better performance compare with Atom CPU.

    We are using AMD Turion CPU, so our CPU is about 3times better than Atom.

    If you have a plan to handle special UMPC, plz try our Everun Note.

    Following is brief spec of our Everun Note. OEM biz also welcome.

    If you have any question plz do not hesitate to contact me at any time.


    Raon digital is the 1st manufacturer of UMPC in Korea.

    We are specialized with UMPC, now we have 7” Dual core CPU using net book name is Everun Note.

    We have 1.8” HDD 60GB / SSD24GB(8G-SLC, 16G-MLC) / SSD16GB(MLC)

    Soon or later we will have cheaper model AMD SEMPRON 3600 CPU adapted.

    – CPU : AMD Turion 64×2 Dual Core 1.2GHz, 1MB L2 Cache

    – Graphic : ATI RS690E + 64MB DDR2 Side port Memory, Full DirectX 9.0 support, Dual Monitor Support(DB15)

    – Memory : 1GB DDR2

    – Operating system : Microsoft Windows XP Home

    – Display : 7” Wide SVGA 1,024 x 600 TFT LCD with Touch screen, 4-mode rotating function for eBook,

    – Dual monitor : supporting external display up to 1920×1200

    – Storage choices : 60G 1.8 inch HDD/UDMA100

    – Input devices : full QWERTY keyboard (16mm key-pitch), optical mouse, touch-screen

    – Wireless connectivity : 802.11b/g WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR

    – Camera : 1.3M pixel CMOS

    – Media Card : SD/MMC Slot

    – Audio : ALC262 HD Audio, Internal 0.6Wx2 stereo speakers and microphone

    – Expansion slot : 2xUSB host(A-type), 1xUSB device(miniB-type), 1xminiPCIExpress slot, USIM card slot

    – Battery life : 2.5 hours for web-surfing, 2~2.5 hours for HD video play (large size battery Life is 3.5hours for HD video play)

    – Size : 200(W) x 118(H) x 27.5(D) mm

    – Weight : 742g

    Best regards

    JYKim/Senior manager of Purchasing team

    RAON Digital Co.,Ltd.

    18th Floor,KINS Tower,25-1 Jeongja-Dong,Bundang-Gu,


    E-mail:[email protected]

    Msn:[email protected]


  20. Gregory Divino says:

    Why don’t you have a distributor in the Philippines? What are our options if we want a unit to be delivered my residence in Philippines?

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