3 best places to find a Problogging Job

3 best places to find a Problogging Job

More and more people are interested in doing some problogging gigs, even just as a sideline. Here are 3 of the best places to look for them.

1) BloggerJobs.biz – this blog is part of BlogMedia and has been posting blogging related jobs for as long as I can remember. Started July 2005.


2) Performancing Exchange – from the makers of the Performancing blog, the nifty blog stats and the FireFox blog extension, the Performacing Exchange is basically a free service where you can register and post blogging and blog-related projects which needs probloggers. You’ll see a lot of people posting ads here since it’s free and the site is moderated so you’re sure to get only the legit ones.

3) JobBoard – created by Aussie problogger Darren Rowse, the JobBoard lists job ads posted by blog networks and companies looking for professional bloggers. You can subscribe to their RSS feeds for easy reading and be sure to get high-quality ads since people are paying $100 to have these ads published.

As a note, going rates for these kind of jobs starts at around $225 a month for 5 posts/week to about $5/post for a max of 4 posts per day. Others offer profit-sharing and there might not be any immediate revenues yet. If the offer is lower, they may be undercutting you too much. Always ask for a contract.

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4 Responses

  1. How about “4. Hang out at the J Spot”?

    I’ve “recruited” four fulltime people so far, passed on projects to six others, and successfully referred about five people to other contacts. Not all pro-blogging, of course, but mostly content-related. :)

  2. yuga says:

    I guess it’s time for you to have jobs.racoma.com.ph!

  3. seth says:

    what a dammeddd..Outsourcing companies! and stupid call centers! what a life! it’s very complicated to be hired w/ an education of overqualified, wish! they pass a bill that when u apply they will considered your talent and skills or should i say capabilities! in doing the job! not being finished in reputable school, pleasig personality?, just stuff like that, unfit educational background or over qualified? this sucks! though we finish study we end up ignoring what we can do!

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