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Corporate Blogging Gig Update

To all those who responded to the “wanted ad” for a Corporate Blogger last week, here are some updates:

  • To those who sent me an email, I have forwarded them to the client. They are currently reviewing your applications and I’m sure they’re reading your blogs as well.
  • To those who left a comment in the blog entry, I sent the link to the client so expect them reading your blogs too. They will be in the look out for a certain style of writing here.
  • The client will be contacting you and get your monthly rates. It will be a remote job but it will require you to do regular blogging and researching on specific industries. There’s no strict employee-employer relationship here as you will be hired on a per-project basis. You can then call yourself a blog consultant. ;)
  • There’s only one position open at the moment and the coverage will be about “business books”. Hence, those with good familiarity with terminologies like ROI, net sales, cash flow, etc will be highly considered (so you must be a little business savvy to be able to effectively do this). There will be other blogging projects coming as well which could include copywriting, etc.

For those still interested but would rather eat raw liver than blog about “boring” business stuff, you can still send in your letter of interest and specifying the areas or subjects you are more comfortable to write about. They will just get your contact information and your blog URLs for other future projects.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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