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Jayvee lands KMM gig

Was just chatting with Jayvee at GTalk a while ago when he mentioned to me he got into Know More Media. He’s now assigned to blog for two sites — Smart Tech Writing and BizToolbelt.

He’s also celebrating his 1st year in problogging.


I have high regards with KMM and glad that they got Jayvee in their talent pool. That’s on top of a couple fo other blogs he’s handling over the B5Media.com. I’ve been reading before that KMM is paying their bloggers on a per post basis so the more you post in a month, the higher your take home pay. Real big motivation if you’re planning to buy the new MacBook! :D

Anyway, if any of you are still interested in becoming probloggers for these networks, you can check out my earlier post here for Creative Weblogging.

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