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Lease out your Blog to CW

Now, this is a really tempting offer from blog network CW (Creative Weblogging). If you think your blog needs some massive marketing and infrastructure support, check out what CW has to offer when you join their network.

Does your blog fit the following description?

– 50k+ pageviews/month (via Google Analytics) from the United States, Germany or France

– well written blog in English or German

What CW offer you in return:

– We’ll integrate your site into the existing network of 135+ blogs.

– We plug you into the group of editors and give you help from the team on how to build your site further

– Pitch your site to our audience and advertisers

– We pay per article (around $7 per post) or depending on your blog, could be more

– A pageview bonus of $1 per 1,000 page views (as reported in Google Analytics).

– Fully redundant hosting, nice layout and structure of your blog plus some great extras like email newsletters and ratings.

– We pay for all marketing and guest bloggers if you wish to bring them on

The lease term is for a minimum of 36 months but could extend. You will then regain full ownership after that and it’s up to you if you sell it or take it back.

I have to say this is a really nice and tempting offer. If you post 100 entries a month and getting 50k pageviews, you could be earning $750 from them. And no expenses from your end. Haven’t seen any blog network that can match that. Tempting huh?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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14 Responses

  1. Hi po kuya abe!

    There was once when i visited your blog and i saw you bought a car from blogging and from that, you gave me inspiration na mag sikap sa blogging. Im very happy to tell you po na naka bili ako ng PSP from my blogging money! hehehe


    Thanks for the inspiration kuya abe!

    Sana mas marami pang pinoy teens ang maka blog. Me idea po ba kayo pano ma spread and word? Ill be sure to help. ;)

    Merry Christmas!

    The pinoy teen blogger

  2. Nice article. I’m a bit skeptical of the idea of leasing your blog. What I haven’t read or understood from your post is what’s Creative Weblogging getting out of leasing your blog. The post could have been cooler if that was explained. Filipinos are naturally skeptical and it’s hard to believe that Creative Weblogging ain’t going to get something out of the deal.

    Personally, I think blogging on your own can get you more than the creative weblogging deal. Within the first 3 months of problogging, I will get at least $1000 from doing what I do in my free hosted blog. And I don’t even have that much traffic. Just a decent pagerank.

  3. yuga says:

    CW will monetize your blog. Regardless of how much they’d earn from it, they will pay you $7 per post. All ads will be brokered by them. That mean you remove your AdSense, and whatever other ads you have.

  4. Ordnacin says:

    If your strength is more on the creative/writing side then this is definitely worth looking at but if you have a clear cut monetization strategy then you might be better off on your own. Who knows how much your blog might be worth after 3 years… If you have multiple blogs it might be worthwhile to enroll one of them with the network, the knowledge you gain from joining them might be quite useful. Plus you might be able to redirect some of the traffic they generate to your other blogs (wonder what their policy is on this ?)

  5. RickTheTruth says:

    Whatever happend to blog about your passion and not all about making money?

  6. BrianB says:

    Yes tempting. Most sites offer $5 or below per post and that page views bonus is terrific. A lot of money will be flowing my way if I actually own the blogs I write for. The only problem is sometimes I me and my writers get lazy and write a could of sentences and call it a “post.” Is there a fine print of any kind?

  7. BrianB says:


    is $1000 just for the one blog?

  8. Ordnacin says:

    @RickTheTruth it went the way of Christmas and Valentines Day – it’s all commercialized…

  9. yuga says:

    Times have changed. basketball players onced played with passion; now they play with multi-million talent fees. Photographers shoot because they have passion for the visual arts; now they take pictures to sell to ad agencies. Painters draw art because of inspiration; now they hawk them at Greenhills for a dime a dozen.

  10. jhay says:

    Very tempting indeed. But I think my blog wouldn’t make the cut. Besides, I’m still under contract with Mad Crowd Media. Though it’s been quite a long while since I last heard from them. ;)

  11. @BrianB

    It’s actually from 2 blogspot blogs I started just 5 months ago.


  12. Dark Knight says:

    The $750 computation is tempting alright, but like what others have said here, I think this lease program by CW is mainly for the creative writer who already has a blog and an audience but is having a hard time monetizing his/her website(for some reason).

    And how many legit Philippine blogs actually get 50,000 page views a month? I can only think of a few, and I know most of them earn a lot more than $750. :)

  13. lady says:

    the idea is tempting but only big time bloggers are likely to meet the criteria.. http://spaceofinfluence.blogspot.com

  14. I would have to say I don’t agree with the notion that you would have to be a bigtime blogger to get blogging gigs that pay you $7 per post.

    As a matter of fact, I was recently contacted by a Australian call center website editor who offered me to write 250-word posts for AUS$35 (around US$30) per article. And the good thing about it is I don’t need to lease out my blog. I just need to write articles for them and I can continue blogging about the call centers the way I always have on my own blog. We’re currently talking about the terms. and prospects are looking good.

    I think there good writing can get bloggers better paying gigs in the long run.

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