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Measuring Blog Growth

How does one measure blog growth? I notice that most bloggers would post their end of the month blog stats as some sort of metrics for blog growth. I’d like to point out some more considerations I use to measure my blog’s growth:

  • Total pageviews – this is the number one figure that’s being looked at by most bloggers.
  • Unique visitors – this is a better metrics compared to pageviews, IMO.
  • Repeat visitors – this should indicate how many regular readers you have.
  • Per visitor pageviews – this is the average pageview a single visitor contributes to your site.
  • Links in – this is the number of other sites/blogs that link back to your blog. Technorati does that quite nicely.
  • Number of comments – consider the total number of comments and the average comment per post.
  • Number of posts made – I sometimes look at my total posts for the month and compare that to the figure from the previous month to see if I’m blogging a little more frequently.
  • Feeds – Feedburner has that cute little counter to track subscribers to your feeds.
  • Ad revenues – most other probloggers use AdSense revenues as a measure for their blog growth.

In one way or the other these factors affect your blogs growth to some extent. So next time you check your month-end’s stats, consider inlcuding these items. If you have other metrics, share them here as well.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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