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TLA Link Ad Price Hike

Not sure if anyone else noticed this but it looks like Text Link Ads has recently updated the list prices for link ads. The price updates could have been made early January as I see newer ads priced differently than the old recurring ones.

The ones that were affected are mostly blogs that have had their Page Ranks increased in last quarter’s update or the ones with site wide links. I’ve had blogs which used to rate $15 a pop but now gets $45 and another one jumped from $25/ad to $75 (although I have a link ad from a static site that was also upgraded from $20 to $70 even if it wasn’t a site-wide link). I believe this has got to do with the existing number of ads already in inventory. The ones that got the upgrade had all 10/10 spots filled up for at least a month or two so I guess the rate hike for them was made to balance the supply & demand chain.

This is not all good actually:

  • Higher ad prices means higher total revenue for the blogger.
  • Since inventory listing in TLA is usually from highest rate to the lowest, it gets your blog listed first and be noticed more in the marketplace.
  • A higher ad rate appraisal means the marketplace getting great value for the ad in the inventory.

Why? A higher ad rate will more likely turn away a lot of potential new advertisers.

However, it looks like the old recurring ads had their rates protected, meaning, they still pay the old rate despite the hike (which is better since I’m sure they’ll stick to it and won’t let go).

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