Very low Kontera Ad eCPM

Very low Kontera Ad eCPM

A few months back, I reported here that we’re trying out Kontera for about a month or two. I actually stopped the campaign sometime early in September because we were getting very low eCPM from it. There were occassions that we only get some $.01 or $0.02 per click. The Motorcycle Philippines forums actually got hundreds of clicks per day but the returns are really small.

What I failed to statistically measured/compared though was how much it affected the CTR for Adsense if ever it did. Hence, I can’t really say if Adsense clickers were Kontera clickers or the two are exclusive and would add up in terms of daily revenue.


All in all, we got about $260 in a month on all blogs, sites and forums I run. If you look at it on the month-end, it’s attributes to a marginally significant amount of total revenues (~10%) but because the eCPM was just terrible, I decided to cut short the campaign.

I have yet to receive the payment though.

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