2013: What Technologies To Expect

2013: What Technologies To Expect

The year 2013 will be coming in a few days, so we decided to give you an insight of what to expect this upcoming year in the field of tech. Here’s a number of highlights you might be interested to know.

5-inch 1080p Android Phones

Of course, already expected in phones like the Oppo Find and the HTC Butterfly, we’ll be seeing tons of phones with 5-inch displays touting resolutions of 1080 x 1920. The likes of these are expected to arrive in the forms of the rumored Samsung Galaxy S IV and the LG Optimus G2.

A15 Mobile Processors, Haswell and AMD

Speaking of LG, there were also reports that the company could be working on their own home-bred CPU – to match the Exynos processor of Samsung. Earlier this year, expect the industry to be going back to dual-core, and back to quad-core for the next holiday season as CPUs with A15 architectures will surely develop.

We’re also expecting to see Intel’s follow-up to their Ivy Bridge line-up. On the other hand, AMD might be unveiling some new stuff too like their Temash APU; we’ll still be waiting to see if these will be enough to elevate their position once again.

Apple iPhone 5S & The iPad Mini w/ Retina Display

While Android is pushing for the specs department, Apple might be going for something more familiar. The iPhone might not see a massive change next year. Rather, we might see an iPhone 5S. While keeping the design of the iPhone 5, we might see more color options as seen on the iPod Touch, an improved camera and some tweaks on iOS 7.

iPhone 5S Yuga

We’re also expecting the iPad Mini’s successor. Obviously, it could end up the same product – only with a faster processor and a Retina Display.

Apple TV & Ultra High Definition


There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding Apple lately, specifically their next move on the TV space. Along with that, we’ve seen pushes with flat-screen TVs from LG, Samsung and other companies, flaunting resolutions of 3840 × 2160. The question of course is, we will see it, but will there be enough content to utilize the technology?

Windows and the Touch-enabled PCs

Windows 8 was a strong statement. That signaled the death of the modern PC. For the next couple of years, we shall be transitioning to touch, so this 2013, we might see waves of touch-enabled PCs, hybrid laptops and very powerful tablets.


Additional to that, we might be seeing further updates to the Surface line, such as the rumored Surface phone.

Samsung & CES

There has been a lot of hype regarding on what Samsung will be doing this upcoming CES as they launched a trailer already. Rumors also circulated that they might be planning a rebranding, or perhaps a launch of their flexible displays. Some might even shout Galaxy S IV, but we think it’s a little bit early for that.

BlackBerry’s Fate

While BlackBerry is still flowering in the Philippines, it is an inescapable reality that they are on the decline. They have a shot left, and that is with the upcoming launch of BlackBerry 10. We have yet to see that earlier this year.

4G Connectivity

With the launch of the iPhone 5 on our carriers, it’s not long till we see them heavily pushing LTE around the Philippines. Of course, that will take time, especially with the coverage expansion and data speeds. Nevertheless, we’ll see more of 4G soon.

There’s a lot to look forward to this 2013. It looks like we will be spoiling ourselves soon. Is there anything else that we missed? What are you expecting this upcoming year?

Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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27 Responses

  1. steelicon says:

    Rooting for BB10 and Jolla! \o/

  2. anonymous says:

    Don’t expect too much for 2013, the end of the world is coming on Dec. 21, 2012.

  3. gozon says:

    Death of the pc? That statement is so overrated. The pc will never die despite what you tech bloggers say. As far I know, Apple stock price is falling, and has fallen so steep it has lost billions already.

    • x says:

      agree. bloggers always say negative things about non-apple or non-android devices or os but the reality is, windows is too far ahead. i work as an IT for an international firm and the thing is, you must be windows compliant for all the software to run properly and have access with the system. i can’t understand these bloggers making a lot of buzz about apple and android.

    • Bob Freking says:

      My statement of “the death of the modern PC” only means what it said. What I was trying to say was we will no longer see PCs as the way that we did before as touch will be pushed forward.

      Some of them will remain though like how Windows XP still thrives among few. PCs won’t die in that sense; it could simply transform through the years.

    • jacob says:

      @Bob: you’re still wrong. There is a reason why the mouse has lasted more than 20 years. It can’t be beaten in productivity use because of its precision and accuracy when pointing and clicking. Humans have fat stubby fingers. Precision is instantly lost unless you increase the size of the target box. But doing so brings us back to the age of 640×480 res displays. That is to say, a lot of wasted screen real estate.

      The fact is even the trackpad on laptops can’t compare to a handheld mouse. It’s more convenient when surfing the web, true, but not for actual work that requires a lot of moving and clicking of the pointer.

      If there comes a time when the mouse is replaced as the go-to input device, it won’t be the touch screen. Touch input augments the pc experience, I do not deny, but I don’t see it usurping the humble mouse.

      The input method that will replace the mouse has not yet arrived. But when it does, we will know it.

  4. Battlefield4Ever says:

    Death of the PC? Tell that to me when Nvidia’s 700 series or AMD’s 8K Series[Whichever runs BF4 better on Ultra with Max MSAA/FXAA/TXAA] on above 60FPS levels with Haswell[Maybe AMD IS DOOMED, until Intel releases Soldered Broadwells and AMD gains some development funds that is]…

    Niche market the enthusiasts may be, but back in 2011, we suddenly increased PC part sales when BF3 players suddenly needed a whole lot of 560 Tis to replace 8800GTs… Desktop sales go up and down but it is here to stay…

    Besides, Can any laptop be used as a full fledged workstation? nothing beats the comfort of a 27″ Monitor, a Good Mouse and a Mechanical Keyboard…

    For the record, buying a Monster Desktop and a netbook/tablet/convertible FTW… Desktop Replacements suck… I owned an M17R1 and a G74SX so I know they suck…

    • ako si budoy says:

      ang dami mong sinasabi UNGAS

    • Battlefield4Ever says:

      Not My fault that Budoy guy is an Idiot… Seriously, Not commenting on the actual article…
      just bashing my comment for being “Too Long”…

      Probably did not read it in the first place…
      Please do not copy this behavior… It’s just stupid,arrogant,cocky,crass…

  5. Hoping says:

    I think 4G LTE is too early for the Philippines. Our wired plans are crap and overpriced compared to other countries, we must fix that first before heading to superfast wireless connections. Our ISPs should improve their wired plans and transition to fiber. In other countries, our Php1000 will get us a 10Mbps connection at the least but here, it’s only 1Mbps.

  6. Wow, that new Blackberry phone looks hot.

  7. batang says:

    mga tech bloggers talaga, parang tanga lang kung gumawa ng article, death to pc daw oh?

  8. makz says:

    actually papunta na talaga sa tablet pcs, ang meaning nyan laptops and netbooks are on a decline now, dumadami na ang tablet users, mapa iPad or Android, etc… that is why Microsoft is now entering (again) the mobile world, look at Win 8, and Modern UI (formerly known as Metro UI) is ONLY good for touchscreens. unless mag install ka pa ng tweak para maibalik sa win 7 style ang start and win 8 apps are coming, like the mac app store most of the apps will be there.. face it.. di pa sa ngayon ang decline ng PCs pero eto na ang start,

    • x says:

      not for business sir. you can’t say that you’ll upgrade all the system/software in this world to be compliant with apple/android devices. it’s the other way around. these devices should comply with business standards which is windows system.

  9. jonathan says:

    Death of the pc? Not to developers like me. You still need a pc for apps development especially for android. How about graphics design, video editing, animation, software development, database management, web development, etc. Ive never seen a tablet powerful enough to accomplish those task. Mysql for tablet for anyone? Pc is here to stay. I dont see myself developing software using a tablet. At least not in the near future.

  10. Bryan says:

    Death of the PC? well i think the old look of the pc will surely die. You know, Big CPU, CRT Monitors stuff like that. The new looks would be more slim, all in ones are in, those laptop hybrids.

    • Battlefield4Ever says:

      Big CPU wont die…

      2007 HAF 932
      Sometime later the HAF X came out…
      And now, the Ultra Tower Cosmos 2…

      Efficiency makes Tri/Quad GPU Rigs much more viable…

      Also, Full towers have become much more common in the enthusiast market… not exactly dying no?

      Most of these Bloggers focus on the readily built PC sales… don’t they ever wonder why Gilmore is steadily improving availability of Ultra High End parts? or the fact that Nvidia and AMD are still producing badass cards every year?

      I think that the role just changed for the desktop…

      Enthusiasts: Desktop
      Office/Above Average User: Laptop
      Light Browser: Tablet

      Death is WAAAAAAAAAAAY to vague and inappropriate.

  11. Digest says:

    Death of the PC Yugga? Yeah right, I can still use a 5110 as long as I have my own PC and an internet. I’m fixed with that. I don’t need extra features other than sending messages and calling using a cellphone. Yes you can play and use nice applications and features on your smartphone these days. But, its always on low battery, that’s the common phrase. Where do you work? Of course in front of the PC.

  12. Poi says:

    He said death of the “modern” PC. Hindi death ng PC. ^^;;

    Ibig sabihin we should expect PCs to change and evolve para mas magamit yung new features and touch controls ng Windows 8.

    • Digest says:

      Define Modern?

      Simple lang naman yan eh. Yung mga mobile devices lang naman kino consider ditong modern by typical user. Yada yada, dual core, quad core na mga smartphones, tablets, pero kaya ba nyan gawin ang work mo sa office or mga games like battlefield 3?


  13. unggoy says:

    ibig sabihin ung hindi modern na pc mas mabubuhay kaysa sa “modern pc”?

  14. Carlcabs says:

    A better and more stable 3G speed perhaps from Globe and Smart before they start bragging about their 4G/LTE service….their 3G is just plain horrible right now esp. this holiday season. What good will all these 4G/LTE gadget will do if the infrastructure for such doesn’t support or has a crappy, unstable support system to it?

  15. PaoloConcepcion says:

    Just an additional info of what might be release on next year. I am also seeing new to the laptop communities that they’re also releasing the next generation of netbooks that has a Dual-Core Celeron processors like Acer and has 4Gb of RAM with thin dimension like an ultrabook, which I call myself it is a Ultranetbook. hehehe!

  16. charli3 says:

    i miss those days when abe himself would write this kind of articles. the guy has a knack for technology. the other guys not so much.

  17. Rene says:

    I see cheaper and cheaper phones – those in the usual midrange categories will be priced like entry-level ones. Cherry Mobile Flare and Titan are paving the way, with ZTE Blade III V889M and Grand X not far behind. So those with 2011 models should sell their phones the soonest….

  18. Boffill says:

    More and more touch screen laptops for Windows 8.

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