Filipino is first SEO World Champion

Filipino is first SEO World Champion

Fellow Pinoy blogger and SEO specialist Benj Arriola won the recently concluded SEO World Championship (blogged about it more than 3 months ago) sponsored by GetUpdated/EastPoint.

Not only does Benj gets the bragging rights as a kick-ass SEO champ, he also gets to take home a brand new car — a Citroen C2. Read all about Benj’s thank you speech here. *hehe* The complete list of contest winners can be found here.

And that kick-ass Citroen C2 prize is not a brand of bottled ice tea but a car.


Citroen C2

Benj has these 3 tips to share:

1. Content is still king! Good content keep people stay, comeback and spread the news in a natural manner.
2. Design is still important, not that is has to be really superb, but at least it does not look bad that people will not trust you nor the content of your website. Make it clean and presentable to help drive more traffic, world-of-mouth and more effective website link baiting.
3. And SEO is a pay-it-forward type of industry. The more help you give out to other people, the more help you receive when you need it.

Congratulations to Benj for uplifting the name of Philippines in the world of SEO. Hat tip to Abel for emailing me. :)

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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14 Responses

  1. Andrew says:

    Congrats to Benj. I’m proud to be Pinoy right now. :)

  2. marhgil says:

    Ang galing talaga! He’s the SEO King! Congrats to Benj!

  3. markku says:

    Cool! Congrats Benj!

  4. SELaplana says:

    wow! i just dream of that car :-) anyway congrats…. sino kaya ang susunod… sana ako na….

  5. jhay says:

    Astig! Congrats kay Benj! :D

  6. Iloilo SEO says:

    Yan ang pinoy! IDOL!

  7. Good posting.Do u want to see Auto Forum and Community ? u can visit my blog friend :D.ow yeah your blog has alread bookmarked by me

  8. Wow! That is so kewl.. Makes me proud to be a Filipino… and an SEO professional.

    I wonder if the SEO World Championships this year has been completed.

  9. I love the sentence in the second point. “Make it clean and presentable”. This shooting lo of website wish too much informative or words that make me cannot stay long in the webpages that will make me upside down when study on webpages.
    “The more help you give out to other people, the more help you receive when you need it.”I hope this make sense…wish not the more we give up, and at the end we get nothing. :)

  10. adam says:

    Lupettt. I’ll keep in mind to keep my blog clean.

  11. Congratulation Benj Arriola…
    @JerrickYeoh-I second that notion.

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